Sunday, September 30, 2007

Horary Astrology: Where is Dad's Phone

Where is Dad’s mobile phone?

26 September 2007 7:40pm
Paraparaumu, Wellington, New Zealand
40S55 175E01

After already losing one of a pair of mobile phones purchased by her parents in a double discount offer, a 13-year old girl lost the second. Her father was very upset at her continued carelessness and especially so since it was his phone and contained his photos and contact numbers. The phones were not cheap and were identical apart from colour – the first one she lost was silver and the second was black. Upon searching high and low in the house and contacting her friend to no avail, she asked me to set up a horary chart.

The family had not noticed that the phone was missing until three days later as it had become a spare phone for the children to use when away from the parents. Unsure of where she had last used it, they retraced the events of that day and deduced that she had visited horses in the paddock behind the family home and later visited a friend. The young lady was convinced that she hadn’t lost it in the paddock because she remembered using it at her friend’s home. Her friend is ruled by Saturn which sits in the turned chart’s second house of the father. Did the friend have the father’s phone? Upon discovering that the phone was missing, she rang this friend who had not seen it but promised to search for it. Our young lady asked her to look in their car as well as her house because the friend’s mother had dropped her back at home after dark and it could have fallen out of her pocket and nobody would have noticed. The friend reported back that she couldn’t find it in the house or the car but would keep an eye out for it.

There are no considerations and the chart is radical, especially so because the Ascendant, Aries, falls in the hour of Venus, which corresponds to the distraught girl’s ascendant, Libra. Aries describes this 13-year exactly as she is extremely physical, always on the move and sporty by nature. Along with the separating square from the Sun to Mars and applying square from the Moon to Mars and the opposition to the Sun, it also shows that she is in a state of agitation and arguing with her father. This chart shows she has good reason to find the phone: her father!

Venus is in Mutual Reception with the Sun, the ruler of the phone, but even though there is no aspect between them: according to Lily, this affords “protection” so we can tentatively deduce the phone is safe. Venus is in Leo, the same sign as this girl’s Venus and is just outside of the five degrees required to place Venus in the turned Second House of her father’s possessions (Olivia Barclay, Horary Astrology Rediscovered, Pg 181). Mars, the girl’s significator, is in Gemini in the Third House of communication devices showing clearly the nature of what she was asking about and searching for. The Third House also rules cars and short journeys so, having been dropped off, we might deduce that she was in a car at the time of losing the phone.

With Cancer on the cusp, her father is represented by the Fourth House, the same sign as his Ascendant, Moon and Mars sign. The Moon, ruling her father but also co-significator of the question, is in Pisces right on the cusp of the Twelfth/Eleventh Houses. The Moon perfects the square to Mars within less than three degrees and the opposition to the Sun in seven after changing signs.

Since the phone belonged to her father, it is signified by the Sun, in its Fall in Libra, as the ruler of the father’s Second House of moveable possessions – the radical Fifth. Saturn is also in this house in Virgo and describes the colour of the phone: black. The Sun is in the father’s Third House of communication devices and short journeys, again drawing us back to the friend’s car and the daughter’s short journey home.

Within a day of asking the horary and four days after losing the phone, on the Thursday the same friend invited our young lady to stay the night. In the early afternoon she rang me to say they had found the mobile phone in her friend’s family car and that since they had two cars the friend had forgetfully looked in the wrong car.

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