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July 2009

PLANET REPORT: July will be an unusual month because we have three eclipses occurring between now and early August as well as pairings of planets that blend well together to promote harmony. On one side of the fence, eclipses generally stir up changes that seemingly arrive without warning and therefore put us out of our comfort zone, particularly when they directly connect to points in our personal charts. They indicate that life will be erratic and unpredictable and are seen as omens that something is at a turning point. Because they are so much stronger than the usual new or full moons the effects can last for up to six months. There is subtle difference with this season of eclipses though because they are now shifting to a new series of signs – from mutable to cardinal – signs that are very active, immediate, physical and outwardly obvious. Life will happen quickly and suddenly during these periods. This shift to cardinal will mean that Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra will feel the effects more strongly when they occur over the next two years. Breaking it down even further, for July’s eclipses people born between the 4th to the 8th and the 21st to the 24th of these signs will experience them even more directly. Having said that, Saturn and Uranus will give a huge helping hand to get through this period without too much stress; Saturn in particular will provide stability. There is a harmony in the way change happens and it’s almost as if we know that what is happening is actually good for us so we go with the flow of events. Also here to smooth things over are Venus and Mars in verbal Gemini from the 5th (Venus) and then the 12th (Mars) - this coupling will help to disperse the emotional build-up by bringing plenty of opportunity to talk in close relationships. In cerebral Gemini, their energy will be more intellectual than passionate making this is a great time to negotiate, share ideas or brainstorm with others. Two heads are definitely better than one now. Somehow, we understand things so much more than at other times and this helps to get the message across without too much drama (except around the 22nd when inhibitions take over.) The end of the month will be action-packed with lots of interesting events and people colouring the otherwise emotional month – with the eclipses occurring in the Moon’s own sign, Cancer, feelings will always be just below the surface. The Full Moon occurs on July 7th at 9:23pm in Capricorn (NZT)(lunar eclipse). Here we discover that emotions will tend to come from a calculated and strategic angle so we need to be careful with other people’s needs and feelings. We may reign in our reactions or mask our real feelings but by the New Moon of the 22nd at 2:26pm in Cancer (NZT) there will be an exciting set of events that allow expression and action. Busy Mercury will precede the Full Moon by moving through Cancer and setting the groundwork. This will incline our thinking patterns to lean towards emotions and feelings rather than logic. Take care to formulate words carefully. Jupiter and Neptune continue to move together creating an idealistic pair that will look for the good in any situation or relationships and it would be wise to double check everything you are involved in or with.

ARIES: Lunar activity this month turns the wheel of fortune between the realms of home, family, property, parents and your past on one side and your career, trade, profession, parents or public standing on the other. There is a balancing act between these segments of your life this month. The lunar eclipse at Full Moon on the 7th will occur on the career side of the wheel bringing changes that have been building up for quite some time. Life will seem to happen suddenly but in reality you will probably be very aware that things were always likely to reach a head. Look back to late March for clues on what might transpire now. Rest assured that there is plenty of support from the rest of the cosmos that, while bringing lots of meetings or correspondence, will also give you a new structure to work with. The New Moon on the 22nd brings an unusual sense of freedom and fresh ways to express yourself. Around the 7th an opportunity will also appear to increase your earnings, savings or assets.

TAURUS: Make the most of Venus and Mars in your sign to put as much energy into personal endeavours as possible. From the 5th, Venus shifts into Gemini and Mars follows suit on the 12th. It’s quite rare but very sexy to have these two planets travelling together and when it is in one’s own sign, it signifies a time when things are more likely to work out when due diligence is applied. Miracles may not happen but certainly this is a good time to ground your life and make it authentic. After the 5th, the emphasis will be on money, security, earnings, possessions and your ability or capacity to save or increase your net worth so that life is more comfortable in the long run. There may be special letters or meetings now and it could be that a particular man or woman is central to your financial life and that discussions are already under way. The eclipses this month offer long term stability if you are willing to put in the effort.

GEMINI: Mercury moved into Cancer and into your financial sphere on the 4th so all those ideas that were floating around in June can now take root. You will certainly be filled with passion once Venus and Mars move into your sign from the 5th. Avoid doing anything that is spurred on by emotional attachment unless all the figures add up as the lunar activity is particularly turbulent. You will receive clues or signs of how viable a project is around the Full Moon of the 7th when a joint venture reaches a conclusion and by the New Moon it should be all systems go. There will be a sudden rush of events or energy to propel you into a new phase then. Change is in the air and you will discover the long term benefits of what takes place now over the next six months. July will be a very active, exciting month where you focus on personal issues such as your health and wellbeing or your immediate environment.

CANCER: Your ruler, the Moon, is involved in a series of eclipses this month making your feelings swell so that they lie just below the surface of your everyday interactions. Everything you do now will be tempered by how you feel and your reactions are likely to be quicker than usual. Try to count to ten and remember that Saturn offers very real avenues and connections that will help you to structure your thinking into constructive patterns with definite outcomes – patience is the name of the game. You may even enjoy the ideas or criticisms that an older person or someone who is born around December/January suggests. It is all about following the guidelines and testing and measuring. In about six months you will begin to see the fruits of what is taking place now.

LEO: Since your ruler the Sun is always involved with the New and Full Moon each month, July will be an exceptional month due to the lunar and solar eclipses that occur on the 7th and 22nd respectively. The Full Moon of the 7th falls in your sphere of work and health and indicates that changes that began about six months ago will come to a conclusion that will put you on a solid financial footing. The New Moon of the 22nd will illuminate a private part of yourself that will continue to grow over the next six months and you may find that you develop interests or relationships that you prefer to conduct in private. On the other hand, secrets may come to light now and what transpires will lead to new dreams that involve expanding your consciousness or gathering more experience.

VIRGO: With your ruler Mercury shifting into Cancer on the 4th, the focus shifts to friends from the past and your emotional attachments to groups, teams, bands and social networks. There is a great sense of camaraderie and feeling of belonging but it won’t be until the 22nd that you can move ahead with common goals or personal hopes and wishes. Events then may suddenly take off and you could be surprised at the unusual twists that occur. In the meantime, there are good times to be had with children, lovers or projects that require an element of luck or taking a punt. And something that began six months ago may reach a conclusion that brings personal stability and a greater sense of ease and confidence about what you are doing.

LIBRA: The Full Moon on the 7th brings to a conclusion projects, setups and events that began about six months ago in your life direction sphere. The New Moon of the 22nd will see something begin that will take six months to come to fruition in this area. Despite the lunar activity, your ruler, Venus, travels side by side with Mars so that any disruptions will be minimised and change can be followed through with ease. In your sphere of joint finances, assets and business, sudden breakthroughs will come early in the month leading to a lighter set of activities that involve travel, education, your philosophies and beliefs, or publishing by the end. A time when you feel curious about the world, you can learn so much from others who enter your sphere who have the knowledge, expertise or experience. Behind the scenes, there is good support, perhaps from benefactor or someone you have not been aware until now.

SCORPIO: Your ruler Mars has been moving with sexy Venus through your area of relationships bringing passion and strong feelings over the past month but now Venus moves ahead of Mars into Gemini and into your sphere of shared finances and property. In Gemini, delicate discussions that have been locked in a stalemate will begin to manifest in a physical way with payments coming through or agreements being reached with other people over loans or property. Taxes, insurance, claims or settlements are all part of this picture. The Full Moon of the 7th results in an ending to a situation that began six months ago within your travel, educational or philosophical area and some of you may find that the world of publishing or publicity will be in focus.

SAGITTARIUS: Your home, family and domestic life will be shaken up in a nice way towards the end of the month and what transpires then may hold subtle clues to the new 12-year cycle that will begin next January. This is a good time to set realistic goals in light of what financial issues arise with the Full Moon of the 7th, which will paint a very realistic picture of what you can work with in the coming months. This is a great time to develop new dreams for the future but try to keep them in context. A health issue may come to an end now and once Venus and then Mars move into your relationship zone, you will be more than willing to team up or cuddle up with someone who is intellectually alluring.

CAPRICORN: With the Full Moon falling in your sign and forming an eclipse on the 7th, this is an unusual month where abrupt change leads to stronger foundations. You may feel as if events are moving too fast but try to go with the flow by bringing a long-standing situation to a close – this is likely anyway. Stability and knowing which direction you are finally heading in will be the result. Saturn in your house of travel, education, dreams and beliefs gives you a clue as to what to look for in the larger picture of your life. Around the Full Moon there will be a sudden opportunity to move forward in a situation involving your home and family and this will require thinking and acting in a new way. In the second half of July work, health and your day to day routine will look brighter and be much more fun.

AQUARIUS: It won’t be until the Full Moon in August that a complete picture will form that will allow you to move forward in a personal situation that will bring intense interactions with others. The outcome will likely be a new set of structures if you are willing to conform to other people’s ideas, especially with regard to shared finances, property or business matters. By the New Moon of the 22nd this matter will be at the tail end of its current format and on the brink of change. There may be a surprising financial twist of events that could come out of sudden discussions or a turn in negotiations, but double check facts and figures to ensure that everything tallies up. There is room for error early in the month with oversights that lead to a false sense of security.

PISCES: You have reason to feel optimistic deep down inside with the lovely Jupiter/Neptune conjunction falling very close to your own sign. A new cycle of activity begins in January and with only six months left of a twelve-year era, you will certainly be aware that something is on the brink of change. Clues begin to emerge this month but you will need to be very aware of your inner life or what may be taking place behind the scenes; you may also encounter people or places from the past that put events into perspective so that you can put memories to rest. Lunar activity this month triggers off your hopes and dreams sector as well as highlighting friendships and your social activities and/or child-centred activities or situations. Despite changes that catch you off-guard there is a sense of stability underlying the unexpected behaviour or decisions.

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