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September 2011

PLANET REPORT: The wheels of industry go clickety-clack with busy Mercury en-route to its own sign, Virgo, on the 9th. September is the month to spring-clean the home, sort out the desk, prepare the garden, cleanse the body or boost the mind – all this despite energy levels and activities being all over the place!

The strong cosmic desire for order and to start over makes it easy to attend to the mental and physical house-keeping that has built up. Our tools are sharp, our reflexes are quick and our brainpower boosted. From the 9th-26th the devil is in the details, and in the fine-print, so cross-check, punctuate and use proper grammar in all dealings. By the Libran New Moon of the 27th there will some gnarly issues to contend with as we move into the next seasonal quarter but these can be easily overcome with foresight and determination.

Mars continues to play havoc with life’s timetables and itineraries until he moves into Leo on the 20th; however, station-master Mercury, accompanied by the Sun and Venus in Virgo, over-ride this chaos by being in strict control of schedules and of the organisation and planning of projects, plans and setups. With the Equinox coming up, and Venus, Moon and Mercury also at zero degrees south, begin at the beginning and systematically work into the middle of the metaphorical room. By the end of the month, we will be glad, and proud, of what we have sorted, avoided or achieved amidst the chaos!

Making the most of the analytical nature of Virgo to file, sort, analyse, discuss and calculate means that instead of being thrown for a loop, we will be prepared in situations that require lateral and logical thinking, correct information and an accurate assessment. This is especially true around the 1st-2nd and the 18th-20th when an effort to consider the broader context of life will pay dividends.

Jupiter, the planet of the larger social complexities that govern the world, turned to retrograde direction on August 30th suggesting that complex social and economical issues will go through a period of incubation as we reassess the financial implications that have arisen since early June. Pluto, by contrast, stations direct on the 17th and from then the roots will be exposed in situations that have been hidden from view. How any restructuring has taken place, both in the corporate world and in our own private enterprises, will now become evident. Let’s hope it’s for the better because these roots have well and truly taken root.

Even-handed Venus in her own sign Libra from the 15th seeks balance and redress and might become a bit of a control freak around the 18th-20th. This is because she is passionate - but level headed - about what she wants in relationships. She is very concerned about the fairness and rightness of situations that have become unbalanced. Needless to say, we should focus on the important issues that can make or break our interactions.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 12th at 9:28pm (NZT +12hrs GMT)is highly idealistic and special. Free from interference from other planets, we can take our hands off the steering wheel and simply enjoy life for a short time. The New Moon in Libra on the 27th at 11:10pm on the other hand, suggests we trust in the decisions we make that can lead to opportunities as long as we avoid pushing our own agendas on other people.

ARIES: After the 20th, your vitality, health, drive and energy should resume to the levels you are famous for. Your ruler Mars has been playing havoc with your life since it entered Cancer on August 3rd making this a particularly difficult time both in your home life and general wellbeing. It’s a good thing you have a steely willpower and can withstand the knocks and challenges. Once Mars reaches Leo on the 20th there will be plenty of room for fun and games as well as more time to spend with the people you love to spoil – or who love to spoil you! A major lifestyle or career change is on the cards once Pluto turns direct on the 17th. No surprises, these changes have been brewing since April. Address relationships as you head into the halfway point of your solar year.

TAURUS: Hold on to that determination to take your life to the next level. With Jupiter’s u-turn on August 30th, you may feel as if the reins of control are slipping out of your hands. Stand to one side of the road rather than returning to the place in the past that you are moving away from. The period between now and late-December will be a testing time only if you lose sight of the big picture and the fact that it’s time to review your life from a philosophical standpoint. By January, you will be propelled into the next chapter so continue to plough the fields without expecting instant results. Mars moves into your domestic zone on the 20th and this suggests some friction with flatmates, family or people who are important to your living arrangements. You may feel indignant but it’s best to keep calm under the circumstances.

GEMINI: Now that your ruler Mercury is back on track, your timetable can also return to normal. Disruptions that have been out of the ordinary made life exciting over the past month and perhaps you can head into a new season in a fresh new way now. If you are a Gemini on a learning curve, tests and assignments can now be completed and may be very creative indeed. And whether you are going for your licence or are a fully fledged driver, cars, short journeys or a lot more running around than usual made August a busy month. From the 9th, your attention will turn to home and domestic matters. As a new season takes hold this is a great month to review living arrangements, make plans to either move or refresh your home, or simply clear the cobwebs. Spend time reviewing your private life as you move into a new financial stage.

CANCER: With Mars in your sign until the 20th, there is some way to go before your direction is known and the chaos subsides into great ways to earn, save or invest hard-earned cash. Until then it might be difficult to wind the emotional threads of your life back into place. You might as well go with the flow of events and feelings which lead to a lovely Full Moon on the 12th in sister-sign Pisces. Conditions are ideal to get away from it all, spend time with someone special or bring a special dream or ideal to a conclusion, especially if it involves people or places at a distance. The Equinox on the 23rd shifts your life into the new quarter and you may find that this brings some serious considerations to mull over in October. An intense relationship, possibly with a Scorpio, also moves into another phase while a friendship needs space to grow.

LEO: Despite the inner turmoil you may have experienced over August and will continue to do so in the first three weeks of September, you will feel your zest for life returning to full power once Mars moves into your very own sign on the 20th. How the mighty lion will roar then! Up until then, it would be best to prepare for a new two-year stage in your life to begin. Beginning with finances, this may be the month to analyse what you truly value in life and to draw up a plan to wipe the slate clean and set new goals. The analytical power that is available to all of us right now may not be particularly fun but it will help in powering up your levels of enthusiasm simply because you are looking at life from a new angle. The goalposts in your career or life direction sector may seem to move this month but if you are patient, by next January you will be amazed at how much you can achieve with determination.

VIRGO: Happy birthday Virgo! From the 9th your new year truly gains ground and the power of positive thinking will be remarkable. The good news is that there is plenty going on that will stimulate the old brain cells. A conversation, article or letter may provide a turning point as valuable information surfaces that you can turn into an opportunity. This is definitely the month to network and circulate. The Pisces Full Moon of the 12th is indeed magical so be sure to take up invitations around this time. Something that began six months ago may also come full circle. Travel and educational plans as well as a rekindled interest in spiritual or religious subjects may need to be digested and mulled over before resurfacing again with a lot more certainty next January. On the other hand, you will see how the power of love can move mountains with a child that you have been working with over the past few months.

LIBRA: As your birthday year comes into view on the calendar, as early as the 15th you will sense that something new is just around the corner. That’s when sweet Venus moves into your own sign paving the way for the Sun on the 23rd (9:26pm). The second half of September is your own special time and you may find that pre-celebration celebrations are in order. There are two hotspots of intense passion though where you feel very strongly about what’s at stake. Between the 18-20th and then again at your own Full Moon on the 27th. You may feel as if someone or something is stealing your joy but if you can keep your positive frame of mind, you will ride your way through any clashes of wills in the home or with family. Friends and social networks become dynamic areas where you can work together to create a strong defence force. Review loans, lines of credit, tax issues or any situations that involve second and third parties. By next January, you will have a clean sheet to work from.

SCORPIO: Mars, your ruler, is heading toward the toppermost of your chart so that by the 20th all the ingredients are there for putting a career plan into action or a lifestyle change into place. August was a crazy month for many people and this will continue up until the 20th with Mars travelling through your travel and learning zone. Even if you are not in formal classes, life will be teaching you a heck of a lot about bringing order to chaotic situations that do not follow a trusted path. It is important that you communicate with friends and associates because it will be the details that need to be considered in any major changes this month. This is particularly true in major relationships and agreements which need to be considered carefully until late December.

SAGITTARIUS: September is the month to review diet and work practices so that by January you have a whole new schedule or regime. Always keep in mind the practical, nutritional or financial benefits or costs that are involved and you will find the decision process so much easier. This is not the time to take shortcuts or the easy route as all good things take time and effort. As the month wears on, there will be discussions and details that need ironing out before you know exactly where you stand with long-term career or lifestyle setups – pay attention to the fine print and smaller details. Mars brings enthusiasm and vitality when he shifts into your travel and academia zone on the 20th and you will suddenly feel excited about the prospect of seeing people and places at a distance.

CAPRICORN: Pluto in your sign turns direct on the 17th dropping clues that a new phase in your self-development is at hand. Experiencing life first hand is what life is all about with this intense planet in your sign and great physical changes can transform your appearance or attitude. You have to dig deep to find the treasure though! Mars continues to move through opposite sign Cancer until the 20th and you will need to weave an erratic course through emotional relationships. Remaining cool and calm will be your greatest defence mechanism. After the 20th, shared assets, resources and money need a shakeup but hopefully you have covered lots of ground during August and can simply implement new plans. Look at the details of the big picture when it comes to education, publishing or travel rather than just the outline because so much can turn into a reality in the coming weeks.

AQUARIUS: Batten down the hatches in relationships and prepare for any hot topics to become even hotter once Mars moves into this area on the 20th. You can battle it out, or you can work together with pride. It all depends on what is at stake and how much slack you are willing to give someone. Review your domestic situation too as there are issues that need to simmer quietly until January. Pushing for answers, decisions or action where a move, change or addition to the home is concerned could make a huge difference to the outcome - and your stress levels. September is the month to iron out all those little details and make sure the t’s are crossed the i’s are dotted in agreements or plans which will become obvious from the 9th. The Full Moon of the 27th brings closure to an issue which affects the larger complexities of your life – the wider territories of your life are where you will find intellectual balance.

PISCES: Your ruler Jupiter is now travelling backward and will remain that way until late December. If you have been inspired to tackle a writing project that has a good chance of being published, now is the time to review and revise not only the content but also a publishing strategy. You are one of the few signs to go with the flow of Mars’ erratic performance in Cancer. Churning up feelings and stirring up the grit from the bottom of the ocean, you know how to make use of whatever gets thrown up. Once Mercury moves into opposite sign Virgo on the 9th, a relationship moves into a discussion phase where details and facts become important to both of you. Your annual Full Moon on the 12th brings something to a nice conclusion. Settlements and claims, or tax, loan or mortgage issues need to be attended to from the 15th. Figures will probably balance nicely after that time.

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