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Spring/Fall 2011

TWISTED SOUTH SPRING/FALL 2011 ARIES: Feeling the heat? Or lack of it? After the complicated reversals that made August a weird and wacky month where a child, a lover or a creative project was concerned, September finds your chart pumping with emotional adrenaline. A move, a conflict or a change in domestic line-up means your home-life is like an obstacle course. Perhaps it’s time to ditch time-wasting attitudes, people or activities and save your sanity. The New Moon on the 27th is a relationship biggie. Catching the four corners of your chart in one foul swoop, use words wisely where professional and personal situations demand action, an explanation or a result. Power plays or generational shifts can have far-reaching effects. Right through to November 11th, your social calendar is lit up like a flashing neon sign. Just like Mick Jagger, you will be dancing in the streets with sexy, flashy and very proud people. TAURUS: Don’t let the sting of the Scorpio New Moon on October 26th distract you from the great strides you have made since early June and the opportunities, openings and occasions that will bring wide open roads after December. There’s still plenty of mileage left in Jupiter’s travels through your sign and once he turns direct in December, you will be recognise the gems and treasures that are stashed along the road. Be thorough, patient and above all prepared to come back inside the line if you have gone too far. A lucky break, a chance meeting or a decision made at the right time may be all that you need to hit the highway again. Being prepared, polishing your act and holding on to the passion are your special tools. Like a stone skimming across a clear lake, what takes place in July and October 2011 will ripple through to March 2012. GEMINI: Look to the poet in your heart for guidance Gemini. Over the next 3 months, protective power comes from the part of your chart that is concealed from view. This area speaks of wisdom that can only come from inner growth and a relaxed calmness that evolves as you come to terms with your past and who you really are. Turn on the inner light Gemini! Entice the monsters out from under your bed and chase away the ghosts that lurk in dark corners; you will find that there really is nothing to fear once everything is dumped on the floor. Prepare now for a complete makeover and bookmark June 2012 as the beginning of a bright new 12-year cycle that you want to be ready for. Starting with the New Moon on September 27th, write, speak and think your way through the closing down of the last 12 years. CANCER: Whatever happens in the world around you, it’s your friends and close partnerships that anchor you in the here and now. Put your trust in someone. Caught up by planets standing tall at the cardinal directions of your chart, once Mars moves out of your sign on September 19th, the conflicts, combats or contradictions that have made life a pain in proverbial will give way to focusing on what you value most. Right up until November 10th it’s time to pull your resources out of the hat and put on a great show. Polishing and honing your skills, talents and knowledge will make climbing the social, public or professional ladder so much easier; being authentic is what counts so write your life’s signature tune now. Technical information, ideas and conversations with a sibling, neighbour or even the music shop owner will drive you to focus on the smaller details in late November. LEO: Between September 18 and November 10th, the spotlight is on you sweet Leo when Mars turns into your sign. Like a big brass band rolling down the main street, you can hardly live in exile during this lively, up-tempo time. The beat and rhythm of your life attracts fans, friends and foes alike because what takes place now will be eyebrow-raising to say the least. Pumped and primed, get ahead by listening and following the beat of the cosmic drum. There are signs, signals and sensations that will provide the cues. Yes, others may think you are over the top but come November 5th, there will be lots of work to get done and your enthusiasm will be second to none. Focus on the details after November 11th in financial matters. Your accountant or bank manager may be asking questions if your accounts are anything but balanced and healthy. VIRGO: As flame-haired Fall arrives, your birth month finds you busy sweeping up the leaves of your life and making tidy piles of what to keep and what to throw out. With both Mercury and Venus travelling through your sign in September, right up until the 26th, you’re buzzing with ideas, making notes, calling on others and in an analytical, clean up frame of mind. Your travel, big picture and cultural department begin to take off after months of planning, projecting and preparation; however it won’t be until March that the true results can be tracked and traced. Make connections, check out the competition and do as much as you can to self-promote your talents, wares and services – the internet will be your biggest and best tool. Your down-to-earth approach pulls in the punters and because you have woven a neat trail behind you, they know they are onto a trustworthy ally. LIBRA: With voluptuous Venus burlesquing through your sign until September 16th, you’ve got that loving feeling written all over your chart. If ever there was a time to wow your audience, it will be in these first two weeks. Your personal New Moon on September 27th provides the mental energy to put pen to paper, fingers to the keyboard or lyrics to the tune. And in October – happy birthday Libra – Jupiter will provide a way to settle a bill, reduce a debt or send you a gift from someone who has had you in mind for a long time. Whatever else, your home life is entering a peaceful era. You won’t be out of the forest until March but what happens in October will certainly give you a calmer state of mind. The Full Moon of the 12th affects you directly when events that may have begun last April come to a head. SCORPIO: Life happens at odd angles with sharp edges until November 12th and this means playing your scales cautiously. Tinker around with the roles that your life asks of you and then decide which is the most authentic. Professionally or publicly, one wrong note will send the rest of your band into a spin and if the people who hire and fire wake up on the wrong side of bed one day, situations can escalate. The second in a three-part instalment of cosmic stepping stones, this is the time to show the VIPs in your professional circles your expertise, attitude and reputation but do it with understated confidence. Be proud without appearing smug, ambitious without appearing ruthless. By next March, you will reap the results. The New Moon of October 23rd kick starts your birthday year while the Full Moon of November 11 brings a culmination. SAGITTARIUS: There’s an eclipse darkening the doorway to Sagittarius on November 5th. This means October is likely to be a month that leads to the new beginnings that will take shape from November. It’s lucky that your ruler Jupiter is linking with Pluto for the second in a three-part trilogy of aspects that will culminate in March. This provides an invisible cloak around you that can shield you from the slings and arrows. Dig deep within and look for the gems and treasures that will soon be needed. Using your own resources is so much better than waiting for luck to cross your path or relying on others to produce the goods. So much will change between now and December but if you are prepared and aware you can navigate the waves with ease. From November 3rd to 27th Venus butters your bread on both sides so make hay while the sun shines. CAPRICORN: With the cosmic cross currents catching up the four quarters of your life – you, your home, family, relationships and life direction – there will be people who push you to make decisions or take action. Up until September 20th someone who is very emotional about a personal issue will want to push the envelope where an agreement or tangled situation is concerned. Whatever takes place will lead to reviewing what you share between you – money, assets, property – up until November 11th. This could be a good time to restructure loans, debts, claims, settlements or anything else that involves two signatures. The Full Moon on the 12th underscores your living arrangements and how they help or hinder your career or public reputation. Make decisions slowly because what appears to be a challenge may turn out to be just what you need to reassess the mounting responsibilities. Life on the road could appear very appealing! AQUARIUS: Jupiter in your home zone releases the second song from a three-part score that takes place over July and October 2011 and culminates in March 2012. It won’t be until very close to Christmas that your family and living quarters will enter into a new groove where a shift, renovation or rearrangement brings more stability and more space to move. Creatively, home is where most of your inspiration comes from, and whether it’s because you need to do something drastic or because you live in the perfect environment, there’s an inner poet, writer or artist who is subtly emerging. There is also something about your past that can be put to rest now and for some of you deep healing such as breaking away from an old addiction can happen at all levels. From November 9th, dreams and visions hold mysterious clues that point the way forward into a mystical future. PISCES: In February 2012 your modern ruler Neptune slips quietly into your own sign heralding not only a new era in your personal life but a whole new generation of babies who will be born with the mystical and mythical qualities of the sign of the Fish. On November 9th, Neptune turns around and resumes its last direct motion over the final leg of Aquarius. Emerging out of the darkness of your very private sphere of the past and inner self, as you work your way toward February, many aspects of your personal life will morph into another expression of who you are. You might freak out at the lack of boundaries and unusual experiences of this disorientating transit but with this comes the valuable insights that

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