Friday, February 24, 2012

The End of an Era

After 14 years of writing Planet Report for the Kapiti Observer, the column will be discontinued due to changes within the paper. I will endeavour to write regularly but now that I am no longer writing a full on column to a deadline, the structure may change and become more sporadic. I will try to keep you informed of cosmic activity as and when it happens. I will upload a short piece for March as this is already written.

Thanks for being loyal readers! Check this space regularly, or better still, subscribe to Network Blogs or LIke my Facebook page for regular updates. Just search for Planet Report by Tracey.

Thanks for the lots of kind comments!


Lesley - Hawkes Bay said...

Sorry to read this, Tracey! I've introduced a number of friends, NZ-wide, to this website. Any chance of your column being picked up by another paper in NZ? Or even Sunday Star Times?
I'm not so great with the network blog system, so will keep checking this site for your very pertinent observations and comments.

JanN said...

My only reason for opening Kapiti Observer has gone with your ceasing to publish your monthly astrology column there. I have enjoyed your writing style all those 14 years, and admire your knowledge and words of wisdom.
Onwards! JanN

Anonymous said...

hi tracey, well, i for one am super sorry about that, as i thought you had a brilliant column. i also thought it brilliant that the little paper had someone with such talent for their astrology feature. please do monthly blog reports still. they are amazingly valuable to all of your fans. good luck on whatever you do, i know you will be great.

Tracey said...

Thanks everyone for the support and your kind comments - it's this kind of response that inspires me to write.

I have a Facebook page too if you are on FB. Just search for Planet Report by Tracey. Otherwise, I will continue to write on this blog.


Maggie said...

Tracey, so very sorry to hear the news. I also have put friends in touch with your column and will miss you enormously if you don't manage to continue! (No pressure mind...) What can we do to encourage you further?? I for one would be happy to contribute in some meaningful way if that would assist - I value your insights and interpretations!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey,
I am an avid reader of your monthly horoscopes that were published in the Observer. Can I get a whole 2012 forecast. Obviously I am willing to pay you for this. I am so disappointed they have stopped publishing your planet reports in the Observer, and really hope there is some other way I can get to read them.
regards RK

Anonymous said...

I love the planet report. I don't live in NZ but read you online. I hope there is a way for you to keep writing and sharing your amazing insight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey! I agree with all of the above, and can't even be bothered reading the contributor in the Observer who appears to have replaced you. Their report has neither the relevance nor the pertinance which yours has always had.
All the best for your future endeavours!

Tracey said...

Hi Jan, is there another contributor?