Monday, March 12, 2012

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde tonight at 8:50pm (NZST +13 hrs) in Aries. Retrograde until April 4th, use this time to create and plan adventures and ventures with the future in mind but hold off putting anything that can be delayed into action until after April 16th. 

Mercury will travel through its opposite sign Pisces, where mental boundaries fall away, between March 24th and April 17th. During this stage our ability to analyse the smaller details becomes harder,  and communication and information becomes unreliable; while ideas and imagination are enhanced (great for artists and writers), for practical matters, we are less than grounded. Facts can become too confusing and mixed up to make sense of the bigger picture. 

Mercury starts its retro motion in close proximity to inventive, rebellious - and sometimes erratic and eccentric - Uranus. This suggests that this is a time when great flexibility of thought is required to keep up with to the quickening of events that seem to pound at our consciousness but which fizzle out as soon as they start. However, keep in mind that there are two instalments to this phase and that Mercury will reconnect with Uranus around April 23rd. Keep an open mind and prepare to think outside the usual boundaries.  

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