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May - Venus Retrograde

With Venus turning retrograde in Gemini on May 16th (NZT), I hope these guys think very carefully about any agreements they sign as described in this article. Retrograde until June 28th, Venus rules money, security and what we value, and these aspects are all up for scrutiny from here on in. In Gemini, the power of words will either bind deals and relationships, or, make them fall apart due to discrepancies in thought, opposing values or the discovery of underhandedness.

This applies to our everyday world as well as the larger economies; and of course it will be the countries and people who have Venus trundling over their planets and points that will experience this directly; but how are we to know who is who? The trick is to play it safe between now and the end of June before cementing agreements because by then we will have weeded out the fickle, the false and the feeble. In the treacherous world of finance, there is always the temptation to double-deal and double-dip, and in the sign of duality, this will be more apparent as this phase progress. In our everyday dealings this translates to avoiding gossip, back-biting and checking that the information heard is accurate. Petty intrigues are juicy and, in some instances, provide justification for our own actions but they can also do damage to relationships of value. All this and much more will become apparent in the latter half of 2012.    

Venus trines Saturn as she turns retrograde and offers a small hope that fairness, justice and stability will prevail. The way to achieve this in the sign of communication is making time for lengthy, in-depth discussion. Flippancy and lack of emotional connection will bring out the negative side of the retrograde because this gives space for dormant gripes and grievances to emerge – nek minit, we will face an avalanche of issues jostling for expression! Venus and Saturn also happen to turn direct within days of each other – June 25-27th – so there is potential for solid structures to be built with others, or financially. However, it’s the solar eclipse at New Moon on May 21st (NZT) at 0 degrees Gemini - preceding Jupiter’s entry into Gemini on June 12th for a 12 month stay - that foretells of the new era in communications and ideology that is to about to commence. 

This New Moon involves deceptive Neptune and therefore alerts us to read between the lines, take little at face value and avoid any temptation cover up details or information that is crucial to trust and good communication. What is concealed now is likely to come to the surface as this phase moves on. Honest feedback, giving and taking, are our tools.

Jupiter in Gemini from June 12th for 12 months suggests that the tone of 2012 will be lighter and brighter but much faster moving than the first half of the year. Prepare the ground now by dealing with issues that will arise thick and fast over the next 7-8 weeks. When Mercury enters its own sign, Gemini, on May 24th, the tempo will really pick up and highlight all that is written, spoken, read or heard. A lot of information is bound to surface then. The trick to dealing with these situations is to keep the mind open, while not closing down the heart or the feelings. Once Mercury moves into sensitive, emotional Cancer, the atmosphere becomes decidedly choppy. With the very intellectual flavour of the coming transits, it is all too easy lose sight of our feelings and our compassion for others – Mercury in Cancer will help us see this. Use your own ethical and moral guidelines to keep in touch with one-self and others, and just like these business leaders who are nutting out the details of agreements and pacts with each other, let’s work on the important nuts and bolts that keep our relationships together.

MAY 9-15th (as they appear in the Kapiti News)

ARIES: The written or spoken word takes on greater meaning now and what gets said can affect relations with siblings, neighbours or teachers. Think carefully, and rationally, before revealing your ideas.

TAURUS: Your ruler Venus turns retrograde on the 16th in your financial zone. A rare occurrence, be extremely cautious about signing agreements that can affect your security until after June 27.

GEMINI: Venus in your sign turns retrograde on May 16. It’s time to think about what your personal relationships really mean to you. Good communication is the best place to start your journey. Jupiter returns to your sign after a 12 year absence on June 12th.

CANCER: Whatever is happening behind the scenes may need to be discussed. Even though your sensors are on high alert, wait until after June 27th to reveal or act on ideas or advice.

LEO: The coming eclipse (21st) brings a heightened awareness of how communications work within in a team, club, band or social situation. It will take six weeks to work through details.

VIRGO: Your public image, career and general life direction undergoes a review that will take at least six weeks to work through. Communication and what you truly value should be your focus.

LIBRA:  Your ruler Venus goes off air on the 16th giving you space to review the broader canvas of your life. Avoid listening to or spreading gossip. Double check all travel arrangements.

SCORPIO: Review joint finances up until June 27. A change of mind creates a space to crunch numbers, sort through details or think about what is of greatest value to you.

SAGITTARIUS: Venus retrograde and a solar eclipse bring up two issues that have needed to be discussed for some time. Keep it light but explore as many details as possible until June 27.

CAPRICORN: Health, work and your day-to-day routine may go slightly off track but can lead to insights about how much you value your well-being, time and energy. Seek advice where required.

AQUARIUS: Venus stirs up creative ideas that lead to lucrative output. Your romantic, social or sporting life will enter into a review phase that will stimulate change but wait until after June 27 to set these changes in concrete.

PISCES: What happens over the next six weeks will be a precursor to bigger changes that will arrive on your doorstep from mid-June and into 2013. Avoid sweating the small stuff, second half of 2012 will be completely different.

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