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June 2012

PLANET REPORT: June is a pivotal month that marks a significant shift in global consciousness. We have had not only a solar eclipse in Gemini (in May) that is now leading us to the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4th (11:13pm) but Venus has also been travelling in retrograde motion through Gemini with a much-anticipated and even rarer transit across the face of the Sun on June 6th. This transit will be visible in New Zealand and Australia and begins at 10:15am and lasts for six hours. Throw the Moon’s Nodes into this heady mix and we can begin to understand why repetitive relationship issues have really brought old karma home to roost. How we have dealt with this is entirely up to us but certainly the opportunity to clear the past of its baggage and its residual effects on our current lives has been presented to us. Obviously, people who have planets that have copped this huge cosmic load will be feeling this the most.  

Right in the midst of this cosmic menu, another big shift occurs! Moving from heavy-bodied, plodding, practical Taurus, the largest planet in our solar system, philosophical, expansive Jupiter, shifts into mercurial Gemini on June 12th. Spending 12 months in each sign on its journey around the Sun, it will remain here until June 26th 2013.

This is the flag that signals that the second half of 2012 will be much swifter and “intellectual” than the first half, and people born under the signs – or containing planets in - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces will be the first to notice that something different is occurring. Give or take a year or so, people who are also aged around 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84 will notice - at some point within the next 12 months - that a new cycle or trend is emerging both within and without themselves. While each 12-year cycle is different due to the varying movements of the other planets, looking back at what happened at previous Jupiter in Gemini cycles (by counting back in 12-year increments) clues can be picked up as to what may emerge this time.  

While it may seem that the chatty, breezy energy of Gemini suits the generous qualities of Jupiter, we need to keep in mind that Jupiter is moving through its opposite sign and is therefore considered by astrologers to be in its “detriment”. Jupiter sees life from a lofty, very serious viewpoint and is therefore not comfortable about being brought down to street level on issues that it would normally ponder with a lot more time and thought. Hence, we may find that important issues both in our lives and globally are not given the due respect they deserve and that decisions are made with facts that have not been considered properly. The duality of Gemini also means there may be much more hidden in the shadows. Jupiter is the greater benefic concerned with weightier issues of truth, justice and ethics while Gemini is the imparting of information on an everyday level in a very quick, speedy way.

Whenever we have planets in Gemini, we tend to get a double-edged package of events, situations, feelings and people entering our lives, and for Jupiter we may find that intellectual energy is on the move in a lighter, brighter but much more seemingly “superficial” way. There are fewer boundaries with Jupiter in fluid Gemini and a greater ability to assimilate multiple viewpoints that, unless we are careful, creates an overload of information that swamps our original focus. A surge of ideas and idealistic thinking are great but can also overwhelm our capacity to sort them into context. This makes it extremely difficult to act on them and we may blow a lot of hot air and achieve little unless we are ultra-disciplined and passionate about what want to accomplish. We may spend too much time discussing concepts with little or no action so that, in the end, concepts never leave the drawing board.

There are many sayings that can help to understand how this energy will manifest: ‘’put your money where your mouth is”, “actions speak louder than words” or “all talk and no action” are just a few to keep in mind over the coming months. We may also seek variety in the coming months and find it difficult to focus on one or two projects. This puts us in danger of having too many intellectual irons in the fire. There is a classic warning that astrologers give about Mercurial energy and that is “Jack or Jill of all trades and master of none.”

Jupiter influences our larger worldviews and belief systems. It expands the mind in religious and philosophical contexts, and also creates the desire to get out into the world and experience different cultures first hand. When you place it in every-day detail-oriented Gemini, it is a like trying to fit a major news story into a tabloid-type newspaper. The News of the World comes to mind here! This means that facts become condensed and repackaged in such a way that often the full-story becomes obscured. Media hounds may exploit this to the max! Or, it is like the Wikipedia version of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica - a lot of superficial facts without the substance that is required to become fully and truly knowledgeable. As a metaphor, it could be the person who appears cultured and experienced but who has gleaned all their knowledge from other people or from books and magazines. So, while we will be handed the gift of information, we will need to be extra cautious to be neither long-winded nor trivial. It’s a double-edged package!

In June, Jupiter immediately encounters its counterpart, Neptune, in a brief but major square aspect. Neptune is travelling through Jupiter’s sign Pisces so there is a greater connection than just the aspect. Because Neptune signifies dreams and illusions, this immediately speaks of dispelling any ideas that have become distorted and exaggerated. This self-honesty and clarification is good to have at the beginning of this transit because it clears the way for accurate thought and renews our faith in ideas that have withstood the test of time, research and investment, or we can discard those that will take us off course. Aim high on an intellectual level but only after all the groundwork has been put in.

This is a great year to hone communication and writing skills and focus on improving gaps in education, which may become more apparent if Jupiter is hitting upon planets in our charts as it passes through (not everyone will experience Jupiter as described.) Language is extremely important too – whether we learn to speak in symbols or tongues – or simply become aware of how we come across.

We can be both student and teacher as we fuse our basic learning with higher aspirations and truths. We can build a bridge between our higher minds and what we take at face value as we absorb information from school, society, TV or the internet. We may become very aware of sloppy thinking and intellectual shortcuts, which are not so serious when we use superficial communication mediums such as Facebook and texting but can become bigger problems when people’s lives are at stake. Having said that, we may need to be more cautious about what information we post about ourselves as more and more stories emerge about how these mediums can work against us. Facebook is actually a very good metaphor for Jupiter in Gemini since we may not always realise how far-reaching small comments are or how quickly the tide can turn leaving one feeling vulnerable. Communication is the hallmark of Gemini, and Jupiter represents society at large; being in its detriment, we could find that this means of interacting can work against us while simultaneously stimulating awareness and discussion of bigger issues. Either way, we should be aware of saturation, over-exposure and becoming desensitised to issues and people through constant interaction.

Returning to June, Venus is travelling in apparent backward motion through Gemini until the 28th (NZT) so many of us will already be aware of some of the possibilities and pitfalls mentioned above. Once it turns direct on the 28th – within two days of Saturn also turning direct (25th) – and once we are through the obstacles, delays and review phase that these two planets have brought to the table, we can begin to enjoy the lighter approach. The karmic Moon’s Nodes are soon to shift from the Gemini/Sagittarius axis but not until August, so while Jupiter may have zipped into Gemini, repetitive situations continue to force us to assimilate what other people mean to us and us to them. Bask in the Venusian energy by meditating upon the best in ourselves and others because by August we will be able to move ahead into a brave new world. 

Kapiti News "Your Stars"

Jun 20th-26th

ARIES: Shortly after the solstice on the 21st, life reaches a tipping point. Changes in the home pave the way for the big ideas that will develop in the coming months.

TAURUS: By this time next week, your financial life and sense of security will be on the move. Mark the 27th on your calendar as the day to look toward the future.

GEMINI: If you are not yet feeling Jupiter’s current as it plugs into Gemini, you are bound to after the 27th. You will lose that feeling of wanting to stay put.

CANCER: The solstice on the 21st marks the beginning of your birthday year and with a new moon so close to your sign, it’s time to make personal plans that involve self-development.

LEO: From the 26th, you will be ready to discuss, arrange and think confidently about plans and events surrounding one or two friends, a club, team or group involvement.

VIRGO: In just over two weeks, life will be very different. Professionally, opportunities and openings will present themselves. The trick is to choose the most achievable goals and know your limits.

LIBRA: In just over two weeks, life will become increasingly busy. Plans and ideas that involve travel, academia or the publishing world will gel with where you find yourself in July.

SCORPIO: The coming months are a time for organising and thinking about financial affairs that involve second or third parties. From taxes to insurance to inheritances, can you afford to ignore the details?

SAGITTARIUS: You are realising the emotional stakes that are involved with shared resources, assets, money and other commitments. From the 27th, discussion and dissection will become much easier with others.

CAPRICORN: Professionally, publicly or parentally, life will be on the move by early July. It’s all about getting the right balance but hopefully over the past six months you have achieved this.

AQUARIUS: Vive la revolution! Your radical ideas will surprise those around you but your highly creative nature needs to call on hidden resources. You will even shock yourself.

PISCES: All those domestic ideas that you have had on the back burner will begin to surface so that by the end of June you will have a new game-plan on the table.

May 30-Jun 5th

ARIES: The Full Moon of the 4th may bring disruptions to travel that throw your daily routine off course. A letter, email or phone call brings something to a conclusion.

TAURUS: Money and security are themes that will grow in importance in the second half of 2012. This is a good time to take stock and make a plan.

GEMINI: Your mental energy is high so you may need to consciously calm your mind. Too many distractions may mean that you miss signs and signals that point to new roads.

CANCER: Think emotional issues through with logic. Mercury is now in your sign and can help with complicated situations. Life is full of obstacles that will pave the way forward.

LEO: The full moon of the 4th highlights all aspects of relating, dating and mating. Everyone wins if you keep sight of the big picture with a lover, child or team mate.

VIRGO: Review your life direction and professional goals. Others may throw red herrings across your path so you need to think laterally and double check all information. Honesty is the best policy.

LIBRA: The lunar eclipse at full moon on the 4th rocks the relationship boat. This could be when the birds come home to roost. Honesty rather than defensiveness will get issues resolved.

SCORPIO: Mixing business with pleasure could raise sticky issues with friends or business partners. Avoid entering into agreements or relying on promises that can come unstuck at the last moment.

SAGITTARIUS: Big problems with others can be solved with small solutions. It’s all a matter of perspective, a dash of imagination and an eye for the future. Avoid taking on unnecessary baggage.

CAPRICORN: Continue to revise health and work situations until solutions become visible and the slate is cleaned. Life in this area changes from the 12th so discard the unnecessary or unworkable.

AQUARIUS: The full moon of the 4th brings issues with romance or children full circle. Life is moving so fluidly now that you have to be quick to spot openings and opportunities.

PISCES: From the 12th, activity surrounding home and family will speed up a notch or two. A new 12-year cycle kicks off then. Did you move, renovate or enlarge the family circle in 2001?  

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