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June Astrological Forecast

June is the month to slow down and allow new ideas and information to surface.

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PLANET REPORT: The emphasis throughout June is on communications, facts, figures, ideas and details. The written or spoken word (letters, emails, calls and faxes) takes on added meaning and checking the fine print, keeping records, clarifying details, wording contracts carefully and reconfirming bookings and appointment times will save time, money and energy as there are bound to be cancellations, mix-ups and misunderstandings. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, turns retrograde on May 27th (NZT) and even though it will remain out of sorts until June 20th at 02:32am (NZT), the consequences or results of what takes place are likely to linger until July 4th (NZT). Life always takes its own curious course during these retrograde times, and events are bound
to turn up that veer us in completely new directions. Information also surfaces that changes our perspective and makes our initial viewpoint redundant. If travelling be sure to label luggage as clearly as possible, take out insurance and allow plenty of time to get from one place to the next - transport disruptions such as strikes tend to happen more during these phases than at any other time. Despite all this, June is the month to tackle writing projects as there is an increase in creativity, sort out filing systems and attend to paperwork - out of chaos comes order now if we go with the flow. We can see life from an unusual vantage point or meet and greet people who are vastly different or are from the past and that's why this can be a very interesting time. Lunar activity is closely tied to
Mercury this month beginning with the New Moon of the 4th (NZT) in Gemini emphasising relationships and the balance of input/output between people and we may need to be less one-eyed and biased as we head toward the highly idealistic Full Moon on the 19th (NZT). Emotions combined with a strong sense of truth and justice makes us vulnerable to black and white thinking. Keeping as broadminded as possible, whilst being guarded and mindful of what we say is the key. The Mercurial influences at play now in thinking and communications could lead to the spread of inaccurate information which then leads to bigger consequences over the next six months. Venus travels into Cancer on the 18th (NZT) casting a sentimental hue on relationships and she is followed by the Sun into Cancer at midday on the 21st marking the beginning of a very intense and significant new quarter. Issues of power and control are on the increase during the next three months.

ARIES: Follow your instincts this month rather than becoming confused by too many facts. There are many sides to negotiations - which seem plentiful - and you have until the 21st before the energy shifts to your home life and all will be revealed. Until then it is better to bide your time before committing to a deal, presenting or publishing a writing project, or when dealing with a neighbour, aunt, uncle, brother or sister. Rewrite or rethink the intricate details of whatever you are involved with because the further you delve the more you will find out that will alter your thinking. Indulge your passions this month. A child or loved one will be surprisingly inspirational.

TAURUS: Tap into your own self-worth and what you value rather than try to analyse, second-guess or out-think others on a financial level. Take from the differing points of view only what is relevant to your own situation or risk being overpowered by too many facts, choices or opinions thereby weakening your position. Your ruler Venus is under the Sun's beams as June begins making this a time when much is hidden from view. Wait until you can see past the glare before taking action (from the 20th). The Full Moon of the 19th (NZT) highlights everything you share, own, owe or are owed. Life then will be a condensed version of what you have been doing during the past six months in relation to claims and settlements and other people's money, resources and assets.

GEMINI: The action is squarely around your sign this month. Not only is it your birthday but Mercury, your ruler, will travel through its own sign Gemini in retrograde motion and with a New Moon taking place close by, it is all systems go. This multi-faceted act will throw all routine, practicality, rhyme or reason into the air and the only way you can tame this energy is by allowing it to play itself out. With the obscurity of many facts, situations and dilemmas, you are better waiting until the end of June to chart a new course for your birthday year. With so many variables that will culminate in an action packed Full Moon on the 19th (NZT) you are bound to find this the most interesting month if not year ahead.

CANCER: What takes place behind closed doors is most significant now but you need to take special care to keep what you know or do to yourself if you are not ready to unveil what is happening. Information has a curious way of coming to light and either you will discover something or have something revealed about you. Direct your energy back into your own security either through working harder and longer, or by becoming impassioned once again about a financial or business project. This will stop idleness turning into trouble. The Full Moon of the 19th (NZT) portends a big upheaval in your relationships clearing the way for your birthday year on the 21st. How this plays out will depend on attitude and what you have been doing.

LEO: With Mars travelling through your sign in June you are in your element as a mover and a shaker. A powerhouse of energy, take the lead and direct your considerable influence into motivating others and inspiring them to achieve by showing them how to tackle life with flair and passion. Since there are two versions of life happening now, this can also be a time when situations become overheated and something needs to give - with Mercury stirring up the melting pot, words are weapons now and people's perceptions can be a little warped, especially in the friendship and group sector, so tread warily as the Full Moon on the 19th (NZT) approaches and feelings intensify. You can make a powerful impression through your handling of the situation.

VIRGO: Sharing your ruler as you do with Gemini, you are in good company when it comes to the chaotic influences that Mercury's retrograde motion will bring over the next four weeks. All is good though as these phases tend to bring such a flurry of activity that you end up attending to all the tasks that you have been putting off or never get the time to do. There is a quickening now that alters moods, perceptions and motor skills and this will play itself out in the realms of your career or parents. Take care in all your dealings as much is obscured from view and it's best to leave reactions or decisions until after the 20th (NZT). The Full Moon then brings intense experiences with children or in romance.

LIBRA: If you are a travelling Libran reconfirm all your arrangements. From your luggage to your accommodation, there is the potential for things to go awry at the last moment. For stay-at-homes, life is unusually interesting as new realms of thought open up through far-ranging and varied meetings and experiences. This leads to looking at the big picture of your life in a way that is not often possible. Publishing and internet ventures also pose peculiar results or experiences and this is a good time to revise or renew connections. The Full Moon of the 19th (NZT) shakes up family members and home life and highlights any property ventures that are coming to a conclusion.

SCORPIO: Mysterious Scorpios are in their element with the intriguing information that surfaces in relation to joint finances, assets and resources. This is a good time to take stock and consolidate rather than expose yourself to risk - this may happen as a natural course of action or as a result of discussions, letters and emails with debtors and creditors or co-investors. Everything will tend to come at once now but the end result will be a clean slate and a fresh new future. In the public eye more than usual, hold your head high and take pride in your accomplishments. Use words carefully around the Full Moon of the 19th (NZT).

SAGITTARIUS: With your annual Full Moon occurring on June 19th (NZT) prepare yourself for encounters and experiences that will test every ounce of metal and tax a lot of your physical resources and reserves. This can be in very positive ways, it's just the intensity of what you have to do that will make the impact - life will be experienced in a condensed version so that matters can come to a conclusion. Once this occurs, you will feel free to move on or continue to build up what you are left with. Look back six months and you will see that the energy has been building since then. Choose your advisors and confidantes with care and keep information to yourself until it is verified.

CAPRICORN: Your own or someone else's health, respite care or medical issues may crop up for Goats during the lead up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius from the 4th to the 19th (NZT). At the very least you will find yourself dealing with consultants such as dentists or optometrists perhaps for second or third opinions. If this is the case, you might wait until after the 20th before proceeding as this is when the confusions clears. Arms, shoulders and hands may be prone to aches and pains so keep warm and take care. Whatever the state of play in your wellbeing, this is a good time to think twice about bad lifestyle habits or reinforcing good ones. Clear up the desk and get life into order.

AQUARIUS: What fun life will be for lucky Aquarians who seem to be the best placed this month. If you are in the mood to take time out, June is the month to celebrate, plan a celebration or simply live life to the fullest with loved ones and children. Doing something unusual will suit you right down to the ground so plan something different such as a night on the town, following an art trail, going to the movies or indulging your own artistic ideas. Alternatively, if you are hit with writers block, let the structure go and loosen timetables. Other people will feel an increase in imagination so that creation in word or art comes easily. A child-related issue such as a birth, pregnancy or adoption may be on the cards.

PISCES: The flow of cosmic energy through your home and property zone is anything but smooth. Some of you may be in the throes of moving while others find contracts and arrangements in relation to tenancies or offers are changed mid-stream. Commitment or firm decisions are hard to come by and everyone has an opinion or an idea that they want to implement - finding a middle ground won't happen until later on in June when it all falls into place. Professionally this is also a time when changes and clashes are afoot so play it safe and put on your best performance unless you are actively seeking to find an alternative playing field. Life becomes easier after the 20th (NZT).

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