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December's Astrological Forecast

Warrior Mars is active this month in idealistic Sagittarius. As we cross into not only a new year but also a new era, tread lightly and aim high.

DECEMBER PLANET REPORT: Tighten your seatbelts! With major aspect patterns forming at both the Full and New Moon, December will brim with an urgency to act as impatience grows with the current limitations. With Mars assuming a warrior-like position in Sagittarius, an exciting rollercoaster of a month with extraordinary events that began around mid-08 punctuating the festive season - can we keep the lid on the bubbling pot as we head toward the reckless Gemini Full Moon on the 13th at 05:38am(NZST). With so many unexpected distractions creating more work and delays, we’ll have greater control if we organise seasonal projects early so that we are ready for anything – mentally we might be all over the place as we try to keep on top of to-do lists and to meet the deadlines that are humming around in our heads. A highly idealistic Mars encourages optimism at this time but the emotional stress of the Full Moon provides a counter argument that tries to dampen any grand expectations. Issues that have built up over the past six months will require an intense period of negotiation, bargaining, cajoling, or even threatening to pull them off or sort them out! What it boils down to is very good communication and making sure you are on the same page as whoever you are dealing with. The written or spoken word has the biggest impact, so choose words with care - read the fine print and be clear about proposals – cool, clear logic will win over emotional displays so look for the counter-point of your own point of view to remain balanced. After the Grand Cross formation of the Full Moon, by month’s end there will be a total of six celestial bodies occupying conservative Capricorn and a New Moon in this sign occurring just before New Year (28th at 01:23am NZST). This signals a very cautious, somewhat pessimistic start to 2009 but also an underlying itch to create new structures so that we can move ahead. Develop flexible long-range plans to give a greater sense of security or accomplishment – Capricorn likes to feel it is achieving something and to stay still is as detrimental as moving too quickly. This New Moon, which also coincides with a new 2-yearly Mars cycle, also shows signs of great concentrations of energy and intensity. If we are aware of the tendency from mid-December to think in black and white terms we will have room to change and shift as we pick up on the moods and feelings of others or of the larger global trends. After the stress of the closing year, if you’ve got the energy to burn, this new cycle of activity can benefit from a boost of structured, purposeful input – with care, rebuilding can commence in practical and fiscal affairs but on a scale that is in line with our circumstances. On an everyday level, with the high-impact lunar aspects this month, take care on the roads this holiday season and keep an eye out for others. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

ARIES: December opens optimistically enough but with your ruler Mars involved in the New and Full Moon this month, it’s a time to tread carefully and to readjust your long range goals and work commitments as new developments come to hand. You will be quite surprised at what transpires and despite it being the holiday season, after the 22nd professional, public or parental issues become increasingly important. There are one or two people who will play walk-on roles in your life, and one will inflame while another is just as likely to urge you on to new heights. Caution is the key, but not so cautious that you end up paralysed by fear of making the wrong decision. Faith can be a big ally for some, while for others the sense of looking to the future by making plans to explore new territories is the guiding star.

TAURUS: This month’s Full Moon falls in your earnings zone and highlights financial issues that have been brewing over the last six months. Tying up the loose ends of a business, real estate or income-related deal is the order of the day but you need to make sure your thoughts follow logical steps rather than throwing in the towel at the last moment – you have put in a lot of hard graft over the past month so it would be a shame to spoil the foundations that you have been laying. Second or third parties involved in claims, settlements or loans may be overly emotional or concerned about numbers, facts and figures but you can get around this with your practical, orderly nature and by employing good negotiation skills and laying out a sound plan. Security is what it is all about when dealing with others.

GEMINI: Much of the celestial action in December falls around your sign with the Full Moon in Gemini on the 13th. In aspect to impatient, idealistic Mars, it will be hard to contain yourself and sudden conflict could flare up. Issues that arose six months ago may have flared up at last month’s New Moon and is now building to a culmination. With your tendency to say what you think, it will be all too easy to agitate others who have high expectations and are impatient to move on with projects and plans. The second half of December heralds in a new phase in shared finances. All that is lent, borrowed or shared will be highlighted. This will be a good time to lay down new structures with a good plan of action to save, budget, divide or spend money.

CANCER: Along with Capricorn, the celestial spotlight is focused around your sign this month with the Full Moon on the 13th being a highly reactive point. Occurring in a very private area of your chart, there’s a tendency now to want to retreat from the pressures of work and daily life just when the demands are greatest. Co-workers, employees, customers or service people may demand more or rub you up the wrong way but at least you have the holiday season to look forward to. Try to go the extra mile with a smile until then. Your relationships are also in focus – as they normally are at this time of year – and because this area will be sensitised as well, keep the lines of communication open and avoid second-guessing or presuming what others are up to, which could lead to unnecessary disputes. You may see friends and foes in a new light when a new chapter in relationships opens from the 28th.

LEO: The realm of babies and children will be the focus for some Lions this month while for others romance and love bubbles along in a very positive way. Be aware though that emotions will tend to run high as we run into obstacles after the first two weeks. More than other signs, you will weather the storms that are building up with the wobbly Full Moon on the 13th so remain positive and focussed despite the tendency for life to run at break-neck speed by mid-December. Work and health will be highlighted too and you may need to look after your well-being and avoid becoming run down. You will have plenty of time to think about changes to routine and diet in the year with the New Moon in this area occurring right in the heart of the holiday season. This time you will be very serious about carrying out your resolutions.

VIRGO: Family and home continue to dominate your personal life and there is the distinct possibly that many aspects will reach a culmination at this month’s Full Moon on the 13th. With more room to manoeuvre after this date, try to keep to a structured plan and work within boundaries and budgets and try to get as much signed, sealed and delivered by this date too as much can go awry after then. Mercury retrogrades in early January – not a good time to conduct business - and with the holiday season fast approaching, it will be difficult to get key people such as accountants and lawyers to handle your affairs. Professionally there may be sudden changes that catch you unawares and this creates a complete rethink of where you are heading both in life and job-wise. Visitors and unexpected disruptions make this an exciting if not stressful period.

LIBRA: Short trips, neighbours, siblings, writing projects and your communications in general are the focus for Librans up until the 13th when a spectacular Full Moon brings a climax to affairs that may have begun around six months ago. Communication is the key to working through blocked situations and being flexible whilst retaining boundaries is also very important. The second half of December brings the need to restructure home life and family affairs and you probably won’t be able to move on until the 28th when a New Moon in Capricorn signals a fresh but somewhat lean start. Whittling away at the dead wood and setting goals and priorities is the best way to tackle the rather stern energy of the new era that is coming into being. Old-fashioned values and a down-to-earth style will become all the rage in 2009.

SCORPIO: This month’s Full Moon occurs in your finance house and brings not only what has started in the last two weeks to a rather spectacular culmination but also any dealings you have had since mid-2008. It’s been a tricky path that we’ve all followed since this time but last month’s late New Moon signalled a step forward in your earning potential. Savvy Scorpio’s will hopefully be putting their best foot forward to secure that raise or cash in on other money-making ventures and getting paid what they are worth. You will get true results in about six month’s time so aim for long-range goals rather than short term solutions. The second half of December is just as interesting as the first but the focus shifts to intellectual projects, neighbours, siblings and short trips. Whatever you undertake then requires research and diligence and a lot of word power.

SAGITTARIUS: Happy Birthday Sagittarius! Most of you - but especially those born around the 13th - have some grand challenges to tackle as this month’s Full Moon triggers off a whole avalanche of issues that will certainly alter what you are currently doing. Where other people and your relationships are concerned, a culmination of what began around mid-2008 is likely to occur. Preparing to bring things to a natural conclusion will put you in the driver’s seat; however, it’s the twists and turns of fate that will be the x-factor in determining outcomes – so much can happen now. Keeping communication lines open and being flexible in your own thinking can minimise disruptions to deals and negotiations, pacts and agreements. Commitment is a word that is elusive now but after the 22nd life will tend to move very quickly and financial, property or business related matters will be on the front burner. Rest assured that a lot of pressure will lift and that you will be in a new cycle of activity as the year opens.

CAPRICORN: Without a doubt by the end of the month your sign will be in the celestial spotlight! With six planets occupying the sign of the Goat at the New Moon, you will be more inclined to look to the future than you have for some time. So much of your personal life is awakening now that despite the scene of gloom and doom, you are actually in a prime position to draw up new ground rules for some concerted action. Whatever you do, movement and change is what you crave, and with the New Year just around the corner, what better time to make a positive start. Life is not without challenges though so there are few guarantees that this will be easy journey, however, going with the flow whilst taking heed of signals and continually adjusting your strategies will ensure you inch toward new goals and hopefully a new you who is more in control and ready for action in 2009.

AQUARIUS: What an end to your personal solar year. Coinciding as it does with the New Year, the last month of your birthday cycle puts you in a perfect position to realign yourself by taking time to pursue private activities after the 22nd. A quieter festive season than usual, there are any number of reasons why you might withdraw to a place of solitude. Rest and recuperation could be part of this picture, or you may be drawn to meditative activities as a counterpoint to the end of year stress. Dreams and your inner life are very revealing now. The first half of the month highlights the realm of children and events in this area could trigger off issues that are intensely emotional but which require good communication. And whether this is through a pregnancy, your own, a step or a friend’s child, try to work through the complicated emotions with your famed logical approach to life. You will be amazed at the breakthroughs that will set you on a new course.

PISCES: Vacillation and high expectations may encourage you to avoid committing to the many professional or parental obligations that are being thrown at you as December begins. Since the first half of the month will be particularly volatile this could be a good thing as changes could upset the carefully stacked apple cart. After the 22nd though, friends and allies encourage you to follow personal dreams and goals or to join a team, band or group that can give you a greater sense of structure. You might also be drawn to activities that give you a feeling of achievement rather than simply floundering in indecision. The New Moon on the 28th ushers in a new six monthly cycle in your society-related affairs making the latter half of December/early January a perfect time to lay social foundations for the new year.

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