Sunday, February 01, 2009

February Astrological Report

An action prone month that, while highly creative, will be given to flights of fancy and possible confusion. Use cool, clear logic and do things slightly different

FEBRUARY’S PLANET REPORT: Mercury is stationery as February begins and poised to turn direct on the 1st bringing about a very interesting and extremely active start to the month. It may take until mid-February for life to settle and to really take advantage of what has transpired during the past three weeks but at least the facts and figures are emerging and calculations and judgements can be worked on with more certainty. The solar eclipse at New Moon on January 26th ushered in all sorts of unexpected distractions, awakening events or hurried decisions. Whatever began then will culminate at the lunar eclipse at Full Moon on February 10th at 03:50am but will continue to vibrate until August’s Full Moon. February’s creative and somewhat imaginative but also murky Full Moon occurring in royal Leo and opposing nebulous Neptune on the 10th means we need to keep a watchful eye on events as they develop and take extreme care when dealing with issues that involve pride and high emotional stakes – there’s a tendency to gloss over facts, distort the truth or be dazzled by someone or something. From the 15th Mercury’s ability to rationalise and communicate will be somewhat restored when it moves into logical Aquarius and communication and thought processes kick into action again. Mars blazes a cool trail through Aquarius from the 5th sparking off adventurous plans and helping to put into action the exuberant Jupiter ideals that will formulate over the next twelve months. This will be a year of amazing discoveries and digital revolution and life will be geared up to make everything move much quicker and more efficiently than usual. It is also the year of the humanitarian and how we can assist those people or communities to keep abreast of these rapidly changing times. Royal families around the world may be part and parcel of the changing landscape this year. Pisces - your birthday time begins at 01:47am on the 19th but it will be after the 25th that you get your green light and your year truly commences. Venus transits through Aries from the 3rd making a lovely aspect to Mars on Valentine’s Day suggesting a romantic day where doing something completely different will appeal to the more adventurous types and could make all the difference to flagging relationships. February will tend to be a “karmic” month where we get what we need rather than what we want but it will take some time to see where the benefits of what is occurring lie. Despite this, there are golden opportunities around mid-month to expand on a social and intellectual level and to really make a difference to the community spirit. Because we are in eclipse season life will tend to work out in unexpected ways.

ARIES: Mars shifts out of Capricorn and into Aquarius and your zone of hopes and dreams on the 5th. An activating influence, this could be a good time to take another look at what goals and personal achievements are best for your long-term future. People figure largely in this picture too despite the emotional content of the last New Moon on Jan 26th and there will be key friends and associates who can help you to formulate or revive ideas. Communication is important – pay attention to the conversations and facts that are poring in at a very fast rate as there will be nuggets of information that you will find useful. The Full Moon of the 10th highlights children and young people, romance and creativity but it would be a wise Ram who takes what happens with a grain of salt. With Neptune creating a smoke and mirror effect over affairs this month, avoid investing in hare-brained or unlikely schemes that appear glamorous at first glance. There is a lot happening now that is good for the soul.

TAURUS: Taureans may be finding the going exciting but tough with the sudden u-turns that are occurring in work and parental matters but rest assured that so much good will come out of what happens now. You have such a down-to-earth view of the world that change can be disconcerting. It’s all a matter of following the zig-zag to see where the path will lead rather than resisting what is taking place or basing decisions on assumptions. Having said that, so much will remain up in the air until mid-month when the Full Moon on the 10th brings a certain reality home to roost. In the meantime, do your homework and avoid making decisions that are based on events or activities that are happening in the home or with family as there is a lot more to these situations than meets the eye. Cloudy thinking or an issue of pride will bring out emotions that are anything but logical so wait for this stormy phase to pass before acting. Your ruler Venus makes a lovely aspect to Mars around Valentine’s Day so for attached or seeking Taureans this is the perfect time to consolidate or initiate an important relationship. And whether it is a romance or a financial activity, you can make good investments in the second half of February. It might not seem it but what takes place this month will be very fortuitous in hindsight.

GEMINI: You are learning about certain activities and subjects at an amazing rate. Even if you are not formally involved in education you will be picking things up by osmosis. The result will be following up on an idea or stepping beyond your normal boundaries and expanding out intp the world in some way. Via the internet, books or physical travel, faces and places at a distance hold an almost mystical appeal and will definitely rub off into your everyday life. Publishing ventures or educational prospects look great for the year ahead so take a look at what is available and put yourself out there. As February begins, your ruler Mercury turns direct so life should take a more predictable course where finances and other people’s assets, property or money are concerned – hopefully you have done your homework and checked and rechecked your calculations and have a clearer picture than previously. Watch the Full Moon on the 10th, which is a lunar eclipse, as there is a tendency for all of us to glamorise or dismiss certain people or activities.

CANCER: The lunar activity (solar and lunar eclipses) at the recent New Moon and coming Full Moon on the 10th may be turning your emotions inside out but underneath it all there is something happening that will help you to further yourself or expand on a financial level in the long term. From the 1st, life will begin to resume a straighter - if not less predictable course - in an important relationship with a loved one or even an opponent, so lie low until you can sense your way through the minefield of emotions. It could all just be a matter of communicating as honestly and clearly as you can so try to keep assumptions aside. The mysteriousness of the Full Moon on the 10th may make you wobbly-kneed or extra sensitive so avoid people who can bring out your vulnerabilities. If you sense any underlying feelings or motives that are not particularly clear then it would be advisable to wait for this period to pass before proceeding to the next stage. Above all keep your own motivations and ideas as above board as possible as Neptune has a way of revealing what is really going on.

LEO: Despite the high-energy planetary patterns that are at work in your opposite sign Aquarius, there is a lot going on that will do you the world of good in the long run. Relationships – past or present – whether romantic, platonic or adversarial - will be particularly fortuitous, and headway can be made to make or break your liaisons for the better. Jupiter signals that it is time to make a clean sweep this year but it may take until after the Full Moon of the 10th to really set sail. At that time mixed emotions and signals will keep you guessing but as long as you avoid making rash decisions or jumping the gun you will be fine. Eclipses have a way of clearing the dross and whilst they may rouse feelings they also get rid of excess emotional baggage that keeps new energy from entering one’s life. Whatever began in late January/early February will be relevant until August so prepare for the long haul when it comes to partnering or opponents. From the 15th you will return to a discussion that began in January and this time the details and facts should be clearer than they were.

VIRGO: Your ruler Mercury resumes course on the very first day of February so the wild ride that you experienced during January will begin to settle into a more predictable pattern. There will still be a few twists and turns on the rollercoaster and much will still be up in the air until the second half of the month but at least your creative urges have been stimulated and you will soon be applying an artist’s touch to your everyday work and living routine. Issues with children and young people will resolve themselves so that by the 15th you will be free to put all your intellectual energy into work and health matters. Unusual results or treatments may be evident then too. Saturn in your sign creates tension for the second time running (the first was October/November 2008) but you will be more accustomed to dealing with variables and unforeseen obstacles and challenges. Inventive is the catchphrase for February and what transpires now is actually very good for your overall wellbeing.

LIBRA: The end of matters is signified where you are locked into negotiations or discussions with significant family members or over real estate or home issues. From new flatmates or boarders to a parent or purchaser, you need to clarify the finer details and make sure you are all on the same page, especially if things have been going on for some time. After the 15th you can relax into the new 12-year cycle of recreation that has begun and that will last all year. Creative ventures get a huge injection of inventive mental energy and you will find it hard to resist the urge to get cracking on a new project. Children will also fit into this picture somewhere along the line for some of you. For others, romantically and socially you will find yourself involved with someone who operates on very similar mental levels. Be alert though for potential pitfalls that can become long term problems around the Full Moon of the 10th. There’s a murky tendency then that could obscure problems that become apparent later.

SCORPIO: After a busy year of moving around and being out and about, home is where the heart is in 2009. With the amazing build up of planets in Aquarius, you will find that soulful experiences are to be had right on your own doorstep or in the heart of your own family. This is the year to upgrade, redecorate or expand your living quarters or even add to your portfolio – a very exciting option if you want to enter the real estate market. January was a catch-up month and you spent a lot of time on the phone or writing emails and letters but as February begins - and provided you have done a thorough analysis of deals, quotes and negotiations - there should be little to hold you back. Even if you are only in the market for a lick of paint, this is the year to make your surroundings as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. From gadgets to garages, big or small, you will feel a strong need to alter something within the home base. A breakthrough with a parent is also possible for some of you and situations that have been of concern have a good chance of being resolved now. If possible wait until after the Full Moon of the 10th which is too fanciful to truly see the practical details. If you can try to stretch things out so that activities are begun by the New Moon of the 25th.

SAGITTARIUS: Communication is the biggest tool in your bag of tricks this year and whatever you say or write has the best chance of making an impact on your immediate environment. It simply takes time and patience to present your proposals. Sharpen your interpretative skills so that you can read your surroundings and the people within it. Your interest will be piqued by anything technological too, and you may find all sorts of new ways to use information in an electronically packaged form. Certainly this is a year to take short courses to get up to speed with software or systems. Languages might also appeal now and you will be amazed at the rapid strides you make in a very short time. If you can wait until the second half of February to commit to one particular method or school of thought, you will avoid the pitfalls that the solar eclipse might reveal to you around the 10th. In the meantime, you can continue to work on presentation and how you might approach the people who matter to you most. For some reason, how you appear to others makes you stand out in your own particular way this year. From the 5th, you will be biting at the bit to get cracking on ideas.

CAPRICORN: January was a month of rapid changes and unusual ideas and anything that began then is likely to go through a period of adjustment as February rolls around. It is quite likely that what seemed a good idea last month will appear quite differently in the cold light of day this month and that this process will take until the 15th to play itself out. Hopefully you have not committed to anything without a clause that allows for change and also that you have done a thorough assessment of whatever you want to initiate. While Mercury – the planet of ideas and plans - has been affecting all of us, for Goats it is even more important to be vigilant and alert as this fast little mover has been moving backward through your sign and is usually quite mischievous when it is going through these quirky little phases. Thorough research and delaying decision-making is the key to handling this energy so that you can uncover hidden details. Financially, 2009 is a great year for taking up opportunities to earn more, become independent or simply cash in on your own talents and assets.

AQUARIUS: Happy birthday Aquarius! February is likely to be another amazing month, especially after the 15th when Mercury moves back into your sign and you have a second chance to pick up the slack in a new idea or venture that began back in January. Mars moves into your sign on the 5th and this really puts the fuel into your rocket – whatever you do now will last the whole year long so make the most of opportunities. Hopefully you will be prepared for lift off having done your homework and waited to sign on the dotted line in big deals or negotiations. Travelling to expand yourself and your activities is also likely now and this may be undertaken with associates or friends who will play a huge role in your life this year. You will certainly have lots of company in your ventures and have the generous support of key people from your social circles. If you can wait until after the Full Moon of the 15th which will be like a wet blanket, then even better. A new financial beginning commences on the 25th when the New Moon brings a dream-like opportunity. Your innovative thinking and ability to rationalise will be at an all time high this year and you can afford to be experimental.

PISCES: Your birthday month commences when the Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th at 01:47am. 2009 is a year of winding down before a fresh 12-month cycle begins in 2010 - you have probably already seen signs of this in some areas of your life over the past month. Highly creative, this is a year to set tasks for your unconscious mind to work on so that by the time 2010 rolls around you will have fully formed ideas and projects to launch yourself into. As hidden as these ideas may appear to be right now try to be patient when you feel nothing is happening because without a doubt this will be when the most work is taking place on an inner level. Like a dog chewing on a bone and then burying it for a time in the future when it can be dug up and rediscovered all over again, your inner self will be hard at work coming up with all sorts of inventive schemes. You can help this process along by doing things behind the scenes that are completely different to what you have done before.

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