Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Astrological Forecast

There will be significant twists and turns in relationships, creativity and business ventures until April 18th. Revisit the past and finish up old business and put new ventures on the back burner

MARCH PLANET REPORT: March will prove to be a fated month in relationships, creativity and money. As a very weak Venus in go-get 'em Aries does an uncommon, once-in-18 months turn to retrograde direction on March 7th we may find ourselves going into damage control when sudden twists and turns in relationships, business or creativity play havoc with our sensibilities. We may feel full of adrenaline but have narrow options for releasing our energies constructively; this is a period of internalisation rather than outward action. Romantic or platonic, professional or playful, we will enter into a vulnerable period where the ability to be assertive yet diplomatic and gracious becomes very important - feelings are extra sensitive but it becomes difficult to express what we need to communicate. The result is that we are highly-reactive and taut. This translates into imposing manners or actions. Remaining in this backward, muted state until April 18th, people and activities from the past may resurface and we could find ourselves attending to unfinished business - the best kind of business to be attending to in March because new ventures are likely to be fraught with disputes or contrariness. Venus highlights the balance of give and take and our feelings of love and being loved; she is the yardstick by which we measure our pain or gain in our interactions with others and from our material security. If we are involved in important negotiations, we may find all sorts of differing viewpoints or unexpected obstacles slow down the rate of progress unless there is willingness to compromise. Mars, ruler of Aries, travels through Pisces from the 15th adding confusion and sensitivity; however, this is a good month to take time out and dream a little. Aries birthday year begins at 00:45am on the 21st (Autumn Equinox) and Mercury joins the Sun and Venus on the 9th. This creates urgency in situations that really require forethought and patience. The Full Moon of the 11th highlights the bigger economic picture and brings a climax to situations that have been present since last September. The New Moon of the 27th is very significant as it highlights the theme of relationships and communication - the trick is to avoid the intensity that Pluto could trigger when we encounter blocks and obstacles.

ARIES: The spotlight is on Aries folk this month, not just because your birth time begins at the Autumn Equinox on the 21st at 00:45am but because Venus, the planet of relationships and interactions, is poised to turn to apparent backward direction on the 7th. This indicates a major review period for many Rams that will last until April 18th. This will be a time when you will be very aware of your personal world, your physical wellbeing, appearance and how you perceive those around you and vice versa. As this phase takes hold you are likely to feel confusion or a lack of energy and this can translate into sensitivity and quick reaction times. There are many sides to Venus - from laidback and indulgent to feisty and warrior like - so it will all depend on what is happening on a personal level. In Aries, there is a chance that the assertive side of your nature will emerge, especially if you have issues that are lurking just around the corner. Wait until later in the month when this energy will be more settled and Mercury has entered Aries (26th) and your personal New Moon will take hold (27th).

TAURUS: Your normally unflappable ruler Venus is in an uncommon state of flux from the 7th making March a time to take things easy and review any situations that have come unstuck. You will need to take a disciplined approach and steel yourself against Venus' tendency to overindulge and do all the wrong things as there is a laidback side to her that can encourage a larger appetite than usual. She can also bring on a spell of laziness or a lack or energy which means that important projects can run out of steam quite quickly. If you are creative, you may find your usual sources of inspiration dry up too, or you may simply feel like disappearing and doing something completely different - that's why this month is great for kicking back and waiting. Financially, it may be best to wait until mid-April to make decisions on new activities. It is better to research and dig deep than it is to make decisions based on emotions. People from the past may reappear now or you may find you take a trip down memory lane.

GEMINI: Friendships, acquaintances, groups, bands and team members all become highly significant now with Venus turning to backward direction in this area from the 7th. Your hopes and wishes are also highlighted and this could be a good time to resurrect those dreams that have been pushed to the back of your must-achieve list. Suddenly you may be filled with a burning desire to revisit a past aspect of your life in order to understand where you are now, and the result may be a revised but passion-filled list of ideas that you can implement as the year goes by. Wait until April 18th to begin anything but in the meantime have fun doing your research. People on the other hand are likely to be changeable or centred on their own concerns; the best way to handle this is to work together rather than react with impatience. Career and your public profile become important from the 9th and there may be a need to explain a situation that is anything but clear cut. Around the Full Moon of the 11th try to keep things simple despite a natural inclination to expect or give complicated explanations. It's best to keep a low profile and go with the flow of unexpected changes in the first part of March.

CANCER: Everyone will be feeling the strangeness of life during March, especially during the first half when Venus does a U-turn and brings a change of tide in recent developments. The crazy-making Full Moon on the 11th is likely to rock many boats but for Cancerians there may be unexpected spin-offs - you just need to be on the look out for that opportunity that can pass through your life without you even realising it. If you are too wrapped up emotionally in personal situations you will lose sight of the bigger picture. Professionally or parentally, there are changes afoot that will require a concerted effort in the art of patience; again, it could be timely to review arrangements and agreements that may no longer hold water. This could be a time to learn the art of diplomacy since your dealings with others are likely to be fraught with indecision and changes of direction. Educational or travel prospects are also likely to go through a period of doubt so be sure to double check your ideas and take care before you speak. In April you will be given the chance to apply your knowledge.

LEO: For some Lions there arises a need to revise travel or educational activities since well-laid plans can sudden go awry or some aspects are not the way you thought they were initially. People and places outside of your usual territory are highlighted now but there appears to be a twist to situations that could delay plans - this could turn out to be a blessing in disguise in the long term but in the short term there will be a flurry of rearrangements to be made. Travellers should double check all arrangements and bookings and get reconfirmation before leaving - or, leave plenty of time for fowl-ups. For others, great discussions revolving around philosophical or religious views are also possible and if you can keep an impartial point of view you can learn a great deal that will lead to a broadened outlook in the future - it's all about compromise rather than pushing beliefs and ideas uphill. For others still, publishing or web-based ventures may also need to be revised and this is a great time to research and put your ideas together for implementing after April 18th. The Full Moon of the 11th will pack a punch that will shake us all out of any inertia so this is a month to be prepared to change tack at the last moment.

VIRGO: Life is full of surprises this month and for Virgo folk, there may come a need to revise finances in relation to other people and their sudden whims or changes of heart and situation. Sorting through money and property issues is important now anyway but this will need to be done with care and due diligence - things may not be as clear cut as they seem, especially from the 15th when the puzzling behaviour of others creates confusion. Avoid change for change's sake or through running out of patience while you wait for others - which may happen around the Full Moon of the 11th when unpredictable events will catch us all off-guard. However, some change will come from other people and you may have little choice but to go along with the flow of events in relationships and relevant agreements. Keep in mind that everything will change again further down the track. Your busy work and daily schedules will quieten down after the 15th when Mars moves into your other people zone.

LIBRA: Your ruler Venus is not only turning to backward motion on the 7th but it is also travelling through your opposite sign Aries - a place where it tends to bring out the combative side out of your normally diplomatic nature. The trick is to fight only for those aspects of your life that you feel are truly threatened rather than reacting out of impatience or because you expected more. The Full Moon of the 11th will reveal to everyone that expectations need to be scaled down anyway so the line of least resistance is the best way to conserve energy. Another trick now is to wait for developments to take on a life of their own, run their course and then reveal the true nature of events after April 18th. From the 21st you enter into the second half of your birthday year and this can be a time of low energy and a natural desire to conduct a stock-take of the past six months. Work and health take on importance after the 15th so be prepared for a sudden rush of tasks. Organisation is the key word for March.

SCORPIO: Revise work and health matters during March as sudden changes in patterns will be evident and there will be a need to apply the brakes to the way you have been conducting tasks or dealing with physical issues such as medication, diet or exercise. Whilst this turn in the tide will create confusion as you adjust or make sense of where to from here, eventually life will reveal the underlying issues and then decisions can be made. However this will become evident after April 18th when life resumes a normal course so hunker down for a particularly lengthy period of indecision or hesitation. Prepare for this period with good organisation and an open mind, especially after the 15th, when your ruler Mars transits into Pisces and emphasises the confusion that we will all be experiencing. On no account should hasty decisions be made around the 11th when the Full Moon forces unexpected situations to a climax. The New Moon of the 27th will provide a space to discuss concerns but again forcing issues is better left for another time.

SAGITTARIUS: Children, romance and creative ventures are highlighted in March but there will be a need to go over the ground that has been recently established, perhaps revising certain situations and adjusting to changing needs as more insights arise that were not obvious before. Self-expression is particularly important so have or allow space to speak and lay the facts on the line in a matter-of-fact but non-combative way. Hobbies and leisure time activities are also highlighted in the same manner for Archers and patience is the order of the day in whatever you do. If you are counting the score, there will be some confusion over what the finally tally is and this will be open to interpretation until April. Home life will be affected by events around the Full Moon of the 11th and a level head will be needed to deal with unexpected people or dilemmas that crop up then. By the New Moon of the 27th you will be ready to embark on a fresh course of action but keep the lines of communication flowing freely.

CAPRICORN: Venus is on the turn through your home and family sphere until April 18th highlighting all the little nuances that exist between family members or in shared living arrangements. It will be amazing who and what pops up now and if there is a time when old skeletons resurface with a passion, it will be now! For those of you who are buying, selling or moving, this may be a time when previously hidden facts can suddenly make an appearance. If you are redecorating, be absolutely certain that you can live with your decorating choices during this phase - research and browse but try to delay starting until April when your aesthetic side is back in synch. Take care with art especially. On a relating level, this is a sensitive time when all sorts of feelings come up that have their origins in the past; and despite the discomfort of reliving everything all over again, you will find that in the long run you will clear the path for your bigger life direction. The Full Moon of the 11th presents an interesting polarity in beliefs and mindsets and you will need to strike a careful balance in communications. Siblings and neighbours could play an interesting role this month.

AQUARIUS: Mars shifts out of your sign on the 15th making life a little less robust than it has been since half the planets in the sky have taken up residency in your sign! Destiny certainly seems to be at work this year and as we head into a wobbly Full Moon on the 11th, there will be amazing conclusions to the first chapter of a situation that is likely to go on for some time in your finances and material security sector. Other people will play a big role so it's important to find the middle ground if you have made significant headway recently in a deadlock situation. Venus retrograde in your communication zone says that compromise and balance is the key to striking a bargain or agreement. Take time to think things through without pressure from other people so that you can connect with what is truly shaping your thought patterns. Anything you feel particularly passionate about requires deeper understanding. You may be surprised at what you discover.

PISCES: March is the month to proceed with extra care and diligence in any major purchases. You will either find the bargain of a lifetime or pay too much for something. Venus is about striking a balance and this can only happen when the facts and figures are perfectly clear or if you know the value of something through prior experience or research. The same can be said for wage negotiations or if you are exploring your true worth when exchanging time and energy for money. Mercury shifts into your sign on the 9th paving the way for communications that are not always accurate and because Mercury is followed by Mars on the 15th you could be prompted into taking action when you should really pull back and assess life. March is great though for turning up the passion in physical pursuits but try to count to ten when it comes to pushing for a desired outcome, especially since the Full Moon of the 11th may prompt extreme reaction.

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