Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Astrological Report for May 2009

The hustle and bustle of the marketplace slows as Mercury turns retrograde on the 8th. Commercial activity is likely to undergo yet another review phase. Avoid beginning anything new until all the facts are in.

As soon as quicksilver Mercury zips into his own sign Gemini (May 2nd) where he loves to hang out and play, he immediately turns to retrograde direction (May 8th) and heads back toward grounded Taurus. In Taurus, he will take up residence from May 15th to June 15th (NZT). The full moon in intense Scorpio on the 9th at 4:03pm (NZT)will bring hidden agendas and emotions to the surface so the first part of May is likely to be full of passion and strong feelings as well as twists and turns that make life very interesting. Having endured the slow, plodding energy of Taurus since April 11th, like an excited child who is looking forward to going out to play but gets called back to finish off his duties, Mercury’s abrupt u-turn on the 8th will create a cross-current of energy that disrupts the smooth flow of events. This will impact profoundly on our ideas and activities, especially negotiations, communications and anything that requires clear thought, water tight contracts or solid facts. Transport and travel plans could easily unravel now so it is the wise traveler who has plan B at the ready, double checks all arrangements and has back up copies of important documents – insurance is a must for anything this month. In everyday situations, leave home in plenty of time to reach your destination due to detours and delays and have a spare set of keys and other essentials to hand just in case. Mercury is the trickster and it is amazing how things can become mislaid, delayed or complicated. However, this is a great time to reconnect with paperwork, people and projects from the past. From the 15th, industrious Mercury will be forced to function at a snail’s pace when he travels back into thorough, cautious Taurus and this will be when we discover loopholes and potholes that were overlooked during April. June 1st (NZT) will be when Mercury will resume normal reception and this could prove a potent day so aim for this date to act; otherwise wait until after June 15th. A few days after the new moon of the 25th at 00:12am (NZT) occurring in Mercury’s sign, Gemini, will be the time we should sit up and take notice of what is happening around us: discussions, offers and other projects and activities that require agile mental input will be forming and starting to gather pace; watch the tiny details then. Saturn, also in Mercury’s sign, turns direct for the last time in Virgo on May 18th and this means that we are now on the home stretch before it moves out of analytical Virgo and into Libra on October 30th (Saturn has been splitting hairs in Virgo since September 2007). We can finally begin to balance our perspective from then. On a bigger level, Jupiter inches closer to Neptune forming an extended first of three magical conjunctions on May 28th. The second will be July 10th and December 21st. Aim for the high road and reach for the stars (whilst remaining realistic in the current environment) Venus travelling with Mars throughout May and June will bring interesting partnerships that are full of passion and vigour. This is the month to team up rather than go it alone!

ARIES: May is the month for love! With the passion planets Venus and Mars pulsing through your sign until June, this is a great time to push yourself forward or call in your favours. You never know, joining up with someone special could have a financial spin off in June. Other people are bound to sit up and take notice of you now and you don’t even have to do anything special to get their attention. You are in the mood for adventure and if it wasn’t for Mercury turning retrograde in your zone of short trips, neighbours, siblings and making your general communications quite chaotic, this would be the best month for taking off on a trip with a loved one. If you are travelling, get the car tuned or itineraries triple checked rather than leaving things to chance. Information travels thick and fast but don’t believe everything you read, hear or see. Take gossip with a pinch of salt otherwise you may find that the wrong things reach the wrong ears.

TAURUS: Your ruler Venus rides side-saddle with Mars in passionate Aries right up until July and this promises a private life that is positively humming in May. Whatever you do this month will have results or consequences in the second half of June when you emerge from your self-imposed cocoon; put as much energy and effort as you can into worthwhile pursuits. Your placid nature is unusually exuberant now so use caution in secret matters if you don’t want to reveal your cards. Channel your energies into charity work, behind the scenes activities or improving health. A wonderful career opportunity will take until December to work through and the only thing stopping you is the breadth of your imagination. Mercury in your fiscal sphere on the other hand cautions you to take your time and wait for the true cost of something to reveal itself. You may have to look at several scenarios before you can truly arrive at a balanced figure.

GEMINI: With your ruler Mercury giving out weird signals, May is a month when you need to bide your time and wait for further developments to be revealed in June. Communications are very important and you will find that what you begin now will go into a gestation stage for the next three weeks - it’s the wise Gemini who can spot the tide turning and pulls back. Take your time and avoid taking too many opinions on board that are based on hearsay. A project or arrangement with two friends looks enticing but something will make you change your mind at the last moment. It’s all food for thought though and there are some great ideas floating around. Your annual New Moon occurs just as your birthday year begins on the 25th so this will be the best time to think concretely about the next twelve months. There is a lot to be attended to behind the scenes and in your private life before you can move forward with confidence. A travel, educational, publishing or philosophical activity will take until December to work out but once it does this could prove to be a magical experience.

CANCER: With Venus and Mars doing a rhumba in your career and life direction sphere there are plenty of people and issues to deal with and there may even be a rush-rush atmosphere going on here. Some of you may team up with a friend to either begin a new business or promote a special product. Great, but do bear in mind that Mercury is going off air on the 8th and will re-enter your friendship zone on the 15th. You may discover that where there is urgency now, this will dissipate and morph into something else after June 1st. Whether you are in business or not, you may have more knowledge or experience than a friend, team member or acquaintance and it seems you will be taking someone under your wing. This lack of experience could lead to later indecision so avoid making too many firm commitments. An activity could commence in your private life or behind the scenes that while it will be all consuming this week, will take until mid-June to really take flight but in the meantime you can iron out all the wrinkles. Work on visualizing a magical outcome for money that is borrowed or lent.

LEO: April was filled with questions about career, lifestyle and parents and a doubtful situation may become even more doubtful when Mercury re-enters Taurus on the 15th. Early May sees Mercury moving out of your groups, friends, hopes and wishes zone indicating that a new situation may need to go into hibernation for three or four weeks before it can take root. Concentrate instead on expanding your experiences with a loved one or partner who is also focused on a travel, educational or publishing venture. You may even find that the two of you are asking the same life questions and that you have so much in common, it’s uncanny. Visiting someone at a distance or receiving a visitor from abroad may also be on the stars providing a nice diversion from the more public areas of your life. A marriage may be announced this month or a partnership issue that will take until December to put firmly into place.

VIRGO: Your ruler Mercury goes retro from May 8th until June 1st so this month will be one of those months when everything seems to happen at once and yet you would be wise to take things in your stride rather than being pressured to make a decision. This applies especially to career, lifestyle, parents or educational or travel-related issues. What you learn this month will ground your thinking and encourage you to be very thorough in the future so go with the flow and look forward to June when the pieces fall into place. This is a great month to work through financial or asset-related topics and in your enthusiasm you will want to make new inroads when it comes to shuffling your commitments around. Mars and Venus traveling through this area together will encourage other people to assist you as much as they can so work hard on all those matters involving taxes, loans, mortgages, credit card debt, claims or settlements.

LIBRA: A travel, educational or philosophical issue will undergo a rapid series of alterations as the month begins. Mercury turns in this sector on May 8th bringing a series of bumps in the road that while interesting can also delay or disrupt a smooth journey. After the 15th, you will return to a financial or property matter that was the centre of your attention in April. There is a big emphasis on relationship issues so perhaps there are joint financial matters to discuss. Do a thorough job of examining all the details and while you will want to settle an outstanding balance, you also need to allow leeway for changes later, especially around the full moon of the 9th when your earnings sphere is highlighted. With passionate Venus and Mars traveling as a duo through your relationship zone this is the month to summon your famous Libran sense of harmony and balance rather than allowing your feathers to become ruffled. A fantastic month to indulge in romance, creativity or child-related activities, you will have three chances this year to create magic in one or all of these areas.

SCORPIO: Your annual full moon on the 9th marks the halfway point of your solar year and highlights your image, style, appearance or general attitude to life. Something is bound to reach a culmination in the first weeks of May but try as hard as you can to leave options open due to Mercury turning retro around the same time. Re-entering your relationship zone on the 15th, there will be a need to rethink all those arrangements and agreements that you thought you had sealed. Relationships at work look set to be very interesting too this month and you may find you team up with someone who is as passionate as yourself about a pet project. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish as an energetic team. Others may find that health or exercise improves dramatically when the two of you decide on a special regime – a healthy sense of competition is evident in whatever you do on day-to-day level. At home, between late May, July and December there is sure to be a wonderful arrival or addition to the family. Other Scorpio folk may even find their dream home or find the means to renovate or add on!

SAGITTARIUS: With your ruler Jupiter teaming up with mystical Neptune from late May and then again in July and December, the remainder of 2009 is set to hold special experiences that will come in three stages. While May is not the month to begin anything but rather to map out and analyse, you can help get the magic going by visualizing and dreaming of what you would like to achieve or do in an ideal world. Until then, May is a funny month because you will be focusing on a partnership issue that is less than clear cut and there are still plenty of facts to come to light. Wait until the end of May to seal any deals or put your trust in a newcomer. Take care of your physical wellbeing too as there will be a return to a medical or health concern. On a romantic note, this is a fantastic month to play and have fun. There is someone special to share your moments of leisure or to team up with creatively. There could even be a child who inspires you to create something very special.

CAPRICORN: Saturn, your ruler, turns direct on May 18th and will commence the last leg of his journey through Virgo. In your sphere of the big picture in your life, you have been on a steep learning curve where there has been little room to take shortcuts. You have had it quite tough when it comes to mapping out a clear cut picture but hopefully by June you will have arrived at a sensible game plan after dealing with all those tiny details. From October, you will be in a prime position to rebuild a career or restructure your lifestyle and the more you put in now, the better the results then. There are still delays to face during May though so this is not the month to rush through anything that will be life-changing, especially at work or with a health matter. The more thorough you are now, the better the results later. At home, life is heating up and some of you may even be considering moving in with someone who is as passionate about home and family as you are.

AQUARIUS: Your ancient ruler Saturn turns direct on May 18th so a shift occurs this month that will relate to a long-standing joint financial issue. With Mercury turning retro on the 8th, this is the month to really concentrate on how you can boost your earnings so that loans, taxes, credit cards or assets can be attended to with much more ease than has been possible. A dream can actually come true this year with regard to your earning power and this will become progressively achievable over late May, July and December. Use the reflective feel of May to truly look at all sides of your game plan and you may discover some little gem you had completely overlooked. Use your famous logic to look at all sides of the puzzle now. Short trips are possible this month with someone special; or a neighbourly get-together could be the way you meet a very forthright person who you click with on an intellectual level. After the 15th, you will need to return to a domestic or family matter.

PISCES: Your private life is brimming with a special feeling that will continue to grow over the months July and December. Anything that has been hidden or behind the scenes will become more obvious and manageable but it will be the power of your own insight that will have the greatest impact on those evasive people or issues. Your whole life direction will slowly change this year and the only thing stopping you will be your imagination and belief in yourself. Financially, there is a powerful alignment with someone who shares the same passion about a property, financial or business activity but this will require a thorough examination of the facts and a great business plan. Wait until June to really set sail and in the meantime draw up an outline of what you hope to achieve. A relationship or partnership issue will begin to move ahead from 18th and you can rest assured you are now on the final leg of this difficult period that began back in September 2007.

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