Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Horary: Where Is The Missing Kitten

The Cutest of Horaries! Where Is The Missing Kitten?

Time: 6:45pm
Date: 28th April 2009
Place: Paraparaumu, New Zealand
Lat: 40S55 Long: 175E01
Time Zone: -12:00
Asc: 04 Sag MC 10 Leo

In the midst of cooking dinner last night, our doorbell rang. It was the next door neighbour asking if she could look around our property as her newly acquired little kitten was found to be missing and she was very stressed as it was so young and fragile. For some reason, she thought it had found its way outside and could possibly have been on our property. Of course we gave her permission to look around but we were cooking and also about to go out and could not help with the search. We left her to it and carried on with dinner. About fifteen minutes later, a male companion (I am not sure what the relationship is to each other e.g. brother, friend, partner) appeared at the window not realising that the female owner had already asked us to look in our garden. As we were discussing where it could be, my partner noticed his little pocket light, and because it was pitch black outside and our garden quite big, offered to lend him our torch. It was at that point that the male neighbour said they had looked everywhere and that our garden was the last resort so I noted the time he made this comment and duly set up a chart once dinner was cooked and eaten.

Due to the need to rush out to an appointment, I could only give a cursory glance at the chart and because it was an “urgent” situation, I simply looked at the sixth house of small pets. Aha, immediately it could be seen that the 6th House was very active with lots of strong clues! Aries was on the cusp and Mars was in the 5th very strong in its own sign Aries. Hmm, the cat seemed to be strong despite being so young and apparently lost outside but was there some connection to the neighbour’s two children with Mars being in the 5th as it was? Was it near their playthings? The next clues were the Sun and Mercury embedded very cosily in intercepted Taurus in the sixth and Venus, the dispositor, conjunct Mars in her fall in Aries. Was it perhaps low down on the ground somewhere in the garden near something that the children played with or something that was used for entertaining purposes? I gave the neighbours all the these clues as it was better than grasping onto nothing and then rushed off to the appointment. As we drove off, we could see the poor neighbour searching very glumly with the torch down the street in the pouring rain.

When we got home an hour later, my daughter couldn’t wait to tell us that the neighbour had come over thanking us so very, very much as she had found the little kitten all safe and sound in the middle of one of the children’s beds which is low to the ground and surrounded by their toys! She had gone back home and searched the areas that had anything to do with the children and there it was sound asleep!

With more time to look at the chart this morning, out of curiosity, I wondered how astrology would fit into the solving of the mystery and lo and behold, Saturn was the ruler of their 3rd House of neighbours. It was posited in the 11th House at 15 degrees of Virgo – the exact degree of my Virgo Sun! The Moon, as co-significator, in the 7th was applying to their significator Jupiter in the 4th, the area of the inside of their home and the end of the matter.


S said...

What a beautiful story.what u did was nor only kind but more like a balm for her worried soul. it is at times like this[reading your piece] when you get to know of an account so amazing that one wants to believe in astro numo and all the other logy science.u are lucky to be able to help others. take care lol

Tracey said...

Thank you so much for your nice comments S. It is great fun doing horary as it is like playing a celestial game of Cluedo. It never ceases to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

What a classic! If horaries were always so clear it would be lovey. I'm doing quite a few online these days but I suspect some of them don't have the 'urgency' needed.