Friday, September 11, 2009

Astrological Report September 2009

PLANET REPORT: Slow down and proceed with caution! With Mercury due to turn retrograde on September 7th (NZT), and a very wary New Moon on the 19th (NZT) that involves Saturn and Uranus, the first half of the month is best for tying up as many loose ends as possible. Saturn opposing Uranus has been active on and off since October 2008 and this will be the last in a very tense standoff – we just need to get through September and life after that will begin to resemble something that is close to normal. The Mercury retro phase – September 7th and 30th - brings in so many variables and unexpected insights or information that it is best to leave new activities until after Mercury goes direct on the 30th. By then a full picture will be formed and the indecisive qualities of the Libran part of this phase (7th to 18th) will have been navigated through after it returns to its own sign Virgo on the 18th where precision can be utilised. In Libra as we become more aware of where imbalances are occurring, we are reminded that a counterpoint needs to be achieved. As we become aware of this, our minds will flip back and forth until we can think in a straight line. Mercury in Virgo from the 18th will help to sift through the data, to analyse facts and figures, or to keep track of details in communications and commercial transactions but Saturn will demand that only a high standard be implemented. Mercury is all about activities that involve processing information and understanding details. The trick will be to handle all activities very carefully and thoroughly. Put on the practical thinking hat and draw up a priority list rather than beginning any new activities – after September 30th the brakes will ease off but Saturn will continue to test the validity of our decisions during the first week of October. On the positive side Mercury passing through the sign of “cleaning up” - Virgo - from the 18th makes this an excellent time to review and restructure, to tidy up and get sorted. Somehow, this might be a natural course of action due to the nature of events and situations that arise i.e. having to look for something results in cupboards being completely emptied and put back into an efficient order. Mercury going retrograde is usually a very interesting time despite all the delays and glitches and if we can go with the flow we can end up experiencing life from another perspective. The first half of the month is great for discussing relationship issues, which are likely to arise now since Libra is the sign of relating, mating and dating, or for making open-ended agreements with others with room to change once Mercury goes direct. The Spring Equinox occurs on the 23rd when the Sun transits into Libra at 09:20am.

ARIES: The half way point of your birthday year arrives when the Sun travels into opposite sign Libra on the 23rd. A time of natural low vitality, once Mercury transits back into your zone of health on the 18th, you will be looking closely at wellbeing issues. Even healthy Rams will become more attuned to bodily needs for nutrition, rest or exercise. For others, the focus could be on your area of work and day-to-day assignments; and even though there will be upsets to routine, this is a great chance to catch up on all those jobs that you have been putting off. Mars makes a sentimental journey around your home and family zone until October 17th. This comes with a double-edged sword in that reactions could run high when issues begin to surface. This could be a time when compromises need to be arrived at to avoid long term relationship issues.

TAURUS: Venus, your ruler, is highlighted this month when Mercury turns retrograde in her sign Libra on the 7th. Travelling through Leo in your sphere of home and family and all things domestic this could produce frustrating delays and obstacles which make planning festivities, renovations, moves, or family get togethers very difficult. You are determined to see something through though so you will persevere at all odds, especially after the breakthroughs or changes in August. But rather than butt your head up against the immovable walls that suddenly loom out of nowhere, the trick to getting around these sticky patches is to bide your time and let things move along at their own pace. Mercury retrograde always reveals something much more meaningful. For some Bulls on-going issues with children have a good chance of being resolved during the next three weeks; especially when thoroughly analysed and diligently worked through – consistency is the key. For others, romance and creative ventures will also go through a period of similar progress. Proceed carefully and slowly around the New Moon of the 19th. Looking closely at problems whether intellectually, physically or temperamentally will help enormously.

GEMINI: With Mercury your ruler tuning out on the 7th, September is likely to be full of stops and starts within your sphere of romance, creativity, children and ventures. After the 18th, you will have to leave these issues behind as you refocus on home and family situations that became evident during early-August. Like the other mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo and Sag – your own sign will bear the brunt of the tense aspects that will form around the New Moon of the 19th when you may swing from conservative and cautious to outwardly rebellious and non-conforming. Something that sparks off a chain of events will lead to challenges and tense feelings that could take a few weeks to work through but once you are on the other side of this phase you will find that life had to happen this way. At least you can look forward to social events that help break up the monotony after the 23rd. Avoid spending money to satisfy emotional needs.

CANCER: Mars has taken up residence in your sign for the next six weeks (until October 17th) making September a month to step out into the world with more care and consciousness than usual. Being aware of what is taking place internally will help to avoid outer situations becoming bigger than they otherwise would be. Mars tends to energise as well as bring pressure when it is in one’s own sign, and we can either deal with this energy as fuel to get things done, or we can allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done – usually it’s a bit of both. The problem with September is that as Mercury turns retrograde it will trigger off the feelings that Mars will be stirring up as it moves through Cancer, the sign of feelings. The trick will be to wait for the tide to settle before reacting to situations as there are many more variables to emerge before a clear picture can be formed. In your sphere of siblings, neighbours and communications, serious discussions will lead to new beginnings but it won’t be until October that the way forward will be evident.

LEO: Lucky you with Venus making a statement in your sign until the 21st! Helping to offset the potential miscommunications that can arise with Mercury going off air on the 7th, you will still need to be very clear and precise when giving instructions, answering queries, writing requests or repeating information to others. Before submitting anything that has required thought, planning or study, use this time to review documents, papers or information – with the way our brains work at this time, you may suddenly spot glaring errors or understand something in a totally different light. Venus may tempt you to splurge and with the New Moon and Mercury affecting your banking sector this month, keep your purse strings firmly closed. It’s a great time though to review budgets and structures and long term plans. There could be much better and more efficient ways of saving and spending. Despite the realities that the New Moon of the 19th ushers in, a leaner and meaner way of handling your cash will lead to a more secure future. Take solace in social activities and connecting with friends.

VIRGO: Happy Birthday Virgo! With a serious New Moon in your sign on the 19th and your ruling planet Mercury turning retrograde on the 7th and returning to Virgo on the 18th, for those of you born after the 7th, the coming solar year will be a serious one. As if you haven’t already, your nose will be to the grindstone as events and situations require you to get down to the bare bones of your life, putting in the hard yards in whatever requires the most energy. With the New Moon joining Saturn and opposing Uranus between the 18th and 20th, ticking the squares in the reality checklist of life will be at the top of this cosmic agenda. Luckily you will have private pursuits to escape to after a hard day’s work, do make sure you rest up and relax where possible. As long as social commitments are kept light and you are not burning the candle at both ends, friends and networks also provide a space to release feelings and let your hair down.

LIBRA: Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on the 7th and from the 18th it will return to your zone of very private activities. Placing the emphasis on health and your inner life, you will be very busy dealing with everyday issues that impact on the smooth running of day to day assignments. Despite this being a time when we should keep a low profile and avoid beginning anything new (especially mid-month) Mars heats up your career and public profile zone so it will difficult to duck out of the limelight altogether in September. However, where possible try to avoid accepting job offers or taking up a new position until the path becomes clearer in October. Dramatic new friends or lavish invitations can be accepted with pleasure though and indeed your social contacts could open doors or provide light relief from the pressures that we will all be feeling.

SCORPIO: Places and faces at a distance are where your feelings lie for the next six weeks and if you are travelling try to get on the road or finalise all arrangements before trouble strikes in mid-September. This will be when the New Moon (19th) triggers off tense aspects between taskmaster Saturn and unpredictable Uranus. Dramatic people and events will make your career or public life a sizzler, and you may be required to put on a show for those who have heard all about your fearsome reputation as a shaker and a mover. Job offers should be considered but wait until October to sign the dotted line. The difficult cosmic patterns that culminate mid-month will occur in your social area of group commitments and friends, and the events, delays and obstacles will force you to re-evaluate your priority list. As a result, you may find that your contact book shrinks down to those who are practical and wise as opposed to demanding and impractical. If you have Virgoans around you, then be prepared to provide emotional support as they bear the brunt of the unusual cosmic weather.

SAGITTARIUS: Like Virgo, Pisces and Gemini, your sign will feel the impact of the coming cosmic patterns that are sure to turn lives around this month. Sit tight and try to work with what is already on your plate rather than begin anything new – October is much brighter so try to hold on until then if you can. Bosses, officials or other people with clipboards and checklists who have the power to pull strings will be a little too close for comfort this month so prepare to work hard at whatever is at the top of their priority list. The same will be true for public events and commitments. The economical aspects of the New Moon on the 19th could trigger a downsizing in some areas or an efficiency rating system in others. Friends from the past could resurface though and as fun as this seems, do not allow your attention to be diverted from the ball. Keep focused on professional commitments and you will find you get a second chance to catch up with old associations in October.

CAPRICORN: Luckily, you are out of the direct firing line of the cosmic bullets that seem to be flying everywhere as we head toward the New Moon of the 19th and some wild cosmic weather. However, you do need to tread carefully in a close professional or personal relationship since Mars is currently travelling through this sphere for the next six weeks in opposite sign Cancer. Putting pressure on others is the last thing that should happen now, especially if those people are born under the signs Gemini, Virgo or Pisces. We are all feeling particularly vulnerable and sensitive, and the smallest of remarks could trigger a tidal wave of emotion. Issues of fairness and equality will be uppermost in people’s mind as Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on the 7th and this will be a good time to correct any imbalances and to look at the bigger picture. By October, you will be able to put agreements into action.

AQUARIUS: Finances are a sensitive area during September and you could find yourself going over paperwork or bank accounts for something that was missed earlier in the year. If you have to deal with officials or auditors, use the first fortnight to go over books and make sure everything is in order. Messy records could send the wrong signals and lead to further complications. We are all under pressure now in some area and for Aquarians it is in the area of loans, taxes, insurances, claims and settlements – in short, your zone of other people’s money is where all the action will take place. Work-wise, you have your plate full too but luckily Mars in this area will give you the energy to tackle whatever comes your way – just hold on to that cool, clear logic you are famous for. In relationships, both personal and professional, you have Venus on your side and a close encounter will have the special qualities that make a great pairing.

PISCES: Like Virgo, Gemini and Sag, there are aspects occurring in September that have the power to turn your life upside down – being aware of this can minimise the impact as you will be emotionally prepared for whatever comes your way. With each sign experiencing the same energy but in different areas of life, your chart reveals that you will need to handle others with kid gloves to avoid sparking off a cold war-type of effect. With taskmaster Saturn involved in the New Moon of the 19th and a rebellious Uranus being opposed by the Sun, there is little about this combination that suggests that compromise is possible where a situation has not been dealt with in a fair manner. Your personal Full Moon occurs on the 5th at 4:04am and events and situations that began six months ago will reach a fruitful conclusion. After the New Moon though a new six month cycle will have its fair share of challenges that will require a precise and practical approach.

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