Saturday, October 03, 2009

Astrology for October 2009

PLANET REPORT: As we progress through October a momentum gathers that signals action and change that will reach into the distant future. The month opens with Mercury travelling in direct motion after its retrograde period in September and ends with Saturn moving into Libra on the 30th. Mid-month and mid-way through its journey through Aquarius, Jupiter turns direct on the 13th, Venus orbits into mild-mannered Libra on the 14th and Mars shifts into dramatic Leo on the 17th, where it will travel until June 2010 - an unusually long time for this faster-moving planet (more on this in the coming months’ columns). Most significant from this cosmic selection is Saturn finally moving out of Virgo on the 30th – where it has been since September 2007 (and will not return to for another 29 years) – and into its exaltation sign, Libra (where it will remain until October 2012). This change of signs is highly significant since Saturn will cross the critical zero-degree Equinox point – a highly sensitive area of the zodiac that – just like the seasonal changes - marks a turning point. Because Pluto has been at zero-degrees of Capricorn – the Solstice point and Saturn’s own sign – since January 2008, the linking of Saturn and Pluto will have an immense significance. Modern astrologers will interpret this as the commencement of a new era where the already evident restructuring of economies will reach a milestone and enter into a new phase. People born at the beginning of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will experience this directly in varying ways during the next year but many of you will be already be aware of great personal changes in lifestyles and setups that has required a staunch and determined mindset to tackle – it is surprising just how much good can come from difficult times though. For early October, we can move ahead with paperwork, health issues and practical affairs, especially those that have been evident during the past three weeks. The tiniest of details can be highly significant now so invest as much energy into analysing situations as possible. With Saturn’s two-year cycle coming to a close in Virgo, it is important to clear the decks so that the incoming cycle can begin without too many left-overs – Mercury’s station can point out the obvious now. Saturn in Libra will shift the focus from details to balancing up our lives, especially within the realms of relationships and partnerships. We will begin to adjust our needs in line with our aesthetic sensitivities, discarding the unappealing or distasteful as we go. Beauty and integrity, the levels of give and take will all become important, and despite the difficulties that come with shedding old layers, the world has the potential to turn from black and white to colour. The Full Moon occurs on the 4th at 7:11pm (NZST) in Aries and the idealistic New Moon occurs on the 18th at 6:34pm (NZST) in Libra, heralding the way for Saturn’s entrance on the 30th.

ARIES: With Saturn moving into your other people zone at the end of the month, relationships and partnerships of all shapes and sizes will become significant over the coming months. This phase is a long term one where make-ups, break-ups and shake-ups will dominate the events of your life right up until October 2012. Everything you do will require input, advice or the consideration of one or two important people. Some of you may find yourself committing to someone for the long-term, while others will feel the confines of having been in a long-term relationship – both require serious thought and in some cases, guidance will be required from people who have experienced similar feelings and events. Combine this with the powerful changes that are already evident in your career path or general sense of destiny, and the coming year looks set to be one of significant alterations. From the 17th, your ruler Mars shifts into fellow fire-sign, Leo, for a stay that extends to June 2010. For some of you, children will become the spark that ignites your creative potential, while for others, risk-taking in romance, sport or creativity will become the passion of the day. Take stock in October – the half-way point of your birthday year - as great change requires careful action.

TAURUS: Saturn’s change of signs on the 30th, signals an increasing need to balance work, health and day-to-day assignments with your need for an aesthetically-appealing lifestyle. Being a sensual sign, you require great dollops of activities that appeal to your highly-tuned sense of touch, smell, sight and sound and you tend to get out of sorts when you have been deprived of any or all of these sensory stimulants for too long. Saturn will show you where and how you can redress the sensory deprivation in your daily life – the trick though is to be aware of this before it takes its toll. Some Taureans may decide that the big wide world is the place to experience a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, while for others, reaching into spiritual beliefs brings relief via imagination or deep thought. You may be particularly sensitive to the people you work or deal with each day; or you may site health reasons for taking a break. Others may have to work harder at balancing employment issues.

GEMINI: Your ruler Mercury is steaming ahead in Virgo and on the 10th will shift into Libra and into your play zone. Party invitations, social requests or a myriad of fun-based activities that may even involve travel, religion or publishing could result – make the most of it because Saturn in this area from the 30th until October 2012 signals a two year period of seriousness and responsibility. And whilst the sparkle may dim from your social life at the end of the month, this will still be a great time to invest energy into the world of entertainment, art, romance or children. You will be carving a niche for yourself and laying some serious groundwork during the next two years within issues involving young people, love or creativity. While other signs are going through a tense time, after the restrictive patterns that you have experienced with family, flatmates, home, home-based or parental activities, you may experience breakthroughs in the realm of shared assets, finances and resources that you have in common with other people. Anything from taxes, insurances, claims or settlements will enter into a new phase of activity that requires careful thought.

CANCER: Those of you who are born in the first few days of Cancer will already be feeling the effects of Pluto in opposite sign Capricorn in your sphere of relationships as he has been here since January ‘08. At month’s end, along with Aries, Libra and Capricorn, you will get a greater sense of what Pluto signifies when Saturn enters Libra and sparks off a row! Transiting into your sphere of home, family, flat, home-based activities and parents, a totally new structure will begin to form that will take until October 2012 to complete. Make the most of three different proposals, offers or opportunities that will help you lay positive groundwork that will make the coming months easier to manage, but do read the fine print as the decisions you make now will have far-reaching effects. Economically, Mars will be in your sphere of money, earnings and savings for an extended time, and up until June ’10 you can be extremely creative with your precious resources. This is a time to conserve and build up rather than being extravagant though.

LEO: Mars moves into your sign on the 17th for a stay that will extend to June 2010 – an unusually long time that signals a time of intense personal development and activity. In October, you will emerge from a period of being hidden away or of contemplating relationship issues, and you will suddenly find that your whole attitude changes, which means that problems can be tackled in fresh ways. Motivation, inspiration and action are the magical ingredients to get your life moving again, and it’s all a matter of grasping the sense of enthusiasm and hope for the future that is emerging. Jupiter will receive very positive aspects that will help to dissolve dilemmas with a significant person who has been a thorn in your side, and there is every chance now that a compromise or meeting point can be arrived at. At month’s end, the financial worries of the past two years will come to an end and, hopefully, you will have developed good spending and budgeting habits as a result of the hard lessons. From November, it will be time to get serious about a study project, community and neighbourhood activities, writing projects or simply thinking more maturely about your life.

VIRGO: At long last you can save goodbye to Saturn, who has been in your sign since late 2007 (he will pop back briefly between April and July ’10)! It’s been a hard slog but you survived and what a relief that you can finally lighten up and take your life a little less seriously. More vitality and energy may be the result and you may even get a physical sense of shrugging off a heavy load. Moving into your sphere of finances, earnings and savings, this is the time to restructure your affairs and find good advisers who are familiar with your financial needs. People with experience and a practical, balanced head on their shoulders are the ones to turn to for advice or inspiration. Your working life will go through a series of events this month that will restore your faith and bring hope for the future. Children on the other hand will require lots of hard work during the coming months as they stand on the threshold of change. Allow life to play out during October before committing to anything as decisions made now will have far-reaching effects.

LIBRA: Happy Birthday Libra! Not only is it your birthday month but you are also poised to receive Saturn in your own sign on the 30th. All Librans will feel the effects at some point during the next two years of Saturn’s transit but those born in the early days of Libra are first in line! Bringing responsibility and lots of hard work, the coming months are likely to be a time of serious contemplation as a need to restructure and look anew at long-standing setups takes place. Health-wise, this can be a time of lowered vitality and energy but again this will be a reflection of an underlying need to slow down and adopt a simpler lifestyle. Take extra care of any health issues that arise, especially in the area of kidneys, teeth and bone structure. Opportunities will present themselves this month that will give you clues or news of the coming changes that will definitely alter your life. Home, living situations and family will have a profound effect on our overall direction in life so take the time to look, listen and learn.

SCORPIO: With the huge emphasis on your home, flat and family zone, October is a month of breakthroughs and opportunities that will come from a hidden source. People from behind the scenes will be the x-factors that lighten your load or give you something unexpected. Your ruler Mars moves into Leo and into your sphere of career and life direction on the 17th so a culmination of a period of learning, growing or spreading the news will result. From the 30th, longstanding issues with friends, your social circle, clubs, teams and bands will seemingly disappear into thin air and a new era will commence that will be more behind the scenes and away from the public eye. In two years from now Saturn will move into your own sign bringing challenges and hard work and during the coming months you have a special opportunity to lay the groundwork for this. Look after your health and vitality in preparation. During the next two years, large institutions or people who are behind the scenes will become increasingly important.

SAGITTARIUS: Along with Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, you can wave goodbye to the stern influence of Saturn when he moves out of Virgo and into Libra on the 30th. Watching over your every move in career, lifestyle, public image and parental matters since late 2007, you can breathe a sigh of relief that the burdens, obstacles and general difficulties that have plagued this area will now be removed - with the exception of those people born in the very last days of Sag who will have to experience one more round of testing between April and July 2009. On the 30th, Saturn moves into your friendship sphere and despite the intensity that will characterise this shift, it will certainly be easier to handle compared to what you have been through. In the coming months, you will find older, wiser and more experienced friends and associates moving into your social circle. Your ruler Jupiter also turns around on the 13th in your sphere of communications, neighbours, bright ideas and thinking, and you will get three opportunities during October to think big and outside of the square.

CAPRICORN: Along with Aries, Cancer and Libra, your sign is next in line to experience Saturn’s sometimes stern rays when he shifts into Libra on the 30th. Being your ruler and already having Pluto in your sign, those Goats who are born in the first days of Capricorn will sense, or physically experience, a seismic shift in atmosphere, events or people. Somehow, your profession, public image or parental relationships will directly affect your sense of self and who you are. Make the most of the windows of opportunities that open up during October to prepare for this change that will test your skills, patience and energy levels over the next two years. It’s a good thing you are not afraid of hard work when it’s called for since much of Saturn’s influence will mean refining, balancing and harmonising your skills, knowledge and talents. Authority figures will have you in their sights, and you may find you have to compromise and understand their mindsets before you can get them to help you achieve your own goals. Greater responsibility will be the result so develop an attitude that will welcome the additional tasks that people will look to you to initiate, develop and complete.

AQUARIUS: Good for you that Saturn moves to a favourable angle to your sign on the 30th and that Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius on the 13th - both movements signal a turn around in your life. Leaving your house of other people’s money, the financial or property-related issues that have produced more downs than ups over the past two years will finally begin to dissipate and somehow things will resolve themselves and become less of a challenge. Whether you have had issues with detail-ridden issues such as taxes or loans, or the division of property and chattels, October is a month where you have a window of opportunity to lay the groundwork for the future, which for you may include travel, publishing your ideas or spreading your spiritual wings. Wanting to leave behind the dense materialism that you have had to endure for many months as well as being at the whim of others, you are now ready to challenge your own mindset so that life is more balanced and harmonious. This of course won’t always be without challenges – and in fact November will bring plenty of these from behind the scenes but this will pale in comparison to what you have been through. October is the month to think and act big. On the other hand, a hot new relationship issue will make life very interesting!

PISCES: Like Gemini, Virgo and Sag, you can kiss Saturn goodbye when he finally leaves your opposite sign Virgo and, thankfully, your relationship sector, where he has brought a fair share of grief with others. If you have split up with someone over the past two years, be it professionally, platonically or romantically, the coming months will be about settling or dividing money, assets or resources. On the other hand, if you have committed to someone during this time, then you may need to work on drawing up a joint but balanced agreement – certainly check the fine print before assuming or committing to anything or anyone – Saturn always tends to complicate things so be clear from the start. For others, settlements, inheritances, taxes or loans may require negotiation and fair treatment. Watch for opportunities this month to lay some great groundwork behind the scenes to strengthen your financial situation. Work-wise, you will be burning the candle at both ends on a creative project – take your time Pisces – you have until June to complete this project! Watch for some colourful workmates who can bring you out of yourself.

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