Monday, March 01, 2010

March 2010

PLANET REPORT FOR MARCH: At long last Mars turns to direct motion after being out of action since mid-December. With heavy, ponderous Saturn also retrograde, we can be forgiven for feeling that life is currently like a bad movie being played in slow-motion. All of this is about to change though and any stagnation is likely to turn into lightening-quick activity in about two months time. Like the calm before the storm, we stand on the brink of a whole new era that commences in June. When Jupiter and Uranus change signs and shift into fast-paced, action-packed Aries, we will be astounded at how quickly developments occur at from late-May onward! Everything will speed up considerably so we need to view the time between March and May as a last-gasp, clean-up phase. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the signs who will feel this energy the most, especially those born in the early days. In the meantime, from March 11th, Mars’ energy levels begin to return to normal and, as the month wears on, any projects, plans or setups that have been delayed or have become inactive since the last quarter of 2009 will get a new lease of life. From now until mid-May, it will be much easier to know which fork in the road to take based on the information that has come to light during the past 11 weeks; it will be a relief to finally be able to make firm plans and decisions. And not only are our actions governed by this self-initiating planet but relationships with others, especially masculine or work-related ones, will also enter into another stage. It may happen that connections we have forged since November ‘09 will show their true colours and as a result we may need to be prepared for another side to emerge in others that will make or break the contact. From the 8th, three planets will slip, one by one, into Aries, Mars’ sign, making March the month to act (there are clues hidden everywhere that will highlight the second half of 2010 so watch carefully). Most significant will be the autumn equinox on the 21st at 06:33am as this heralds not only the change of seasons but will also set the tone for the coming quarter. In an energizing aspect to Mars but opposing a weak Saturn, we should aim for the stars rather than give into doubts and fears that will continue to linger at the back of our minds while remaining mindful of practicalities and our limitations. The New Moon of the 16th in Pisces at 10:02am is a harbinger of change too as sudden events, both in our private lives and globally and abrupt turns of thought, propel us down new paths. Go with the flow and look for change where it is due rather than be thrown off-course by abrupt and somewhat unusual developments. The Full Moon occurs on the 30th at 2:27pm in relationship-oriented Libra bringing issues that began last October to a culmination.

ARIES: Hurray! Your ruler Mars is finally coming to life (11th) after a very lethargic patch since mid-December that may have created delays and indecision. Between now and mid-May all the pieces of your personal jigsaw will fall into place so that child-related, romantic or leisure time activities will all pass into a new phase. Before your birthday cycle commences at the equinox on the 21st at 06:33am, use the beginning of March to spring-clean your life so that there is room for the next lot of energy to take hold. A new 12-year cycle starts in June that will open up a bigger playing field in your life that will be very exciting but also stressful due to the quickening that will occur so now is the time sow new seeds and prepare the turf. Sudden insights and events from the past arise around the New Moon of the 16th whilst the Full Moon on the 30th will highlight people who are for or against you.

TAURUS: Mars moving forward on the 11th in your zone of family, home, flatmates, and parental issues means that long-standing issues can finally move into the next phase. Pulling the plug on these situations or people will certainly shift the dynamics and flow of your domestic life but it will probably take until mid-May to finally resolve. Pride and ego will dominate the complex web that has been woven but with a compromising attitude many things can be resolved around the Full Moon in Libra on the 30th. You will certainly make interesting discoveries around the New Moon on the 16th when hidden agendas or people show their true colours. Life will move very quickly around this time so prepare for developments to move you into the next phase. Your past will be very important in the second half of 2010 so be prepared for some surprises! Look after health too, and balance your private and public lives.

GEMINI: With a Mercury retrograde phase looming in April, use the frenetic pace of early March to get your activities, plans and projects moving so that everything is in place by March 24th when we enter into the shadow of the retrograde period. Mars moves direct on the 11th in your sphere of communications, siblings, neighbours, short distance travel and educational activities so with these activities having been in the doldrums since late last year, now is your chance to turn life around. Communicating with others is a top priority this month as opportunities can open up that can lead to changes in your domestic and family life from June 7th. Friends and your social circuit will become very important in the second half of 2010, as will your hopes and dreams. Surprises loom around the New Moon of the 16th when fast-paced events arise out of the ethers that cause you to change directions in a career or parental issue. By June you will mingling in new circles that expand your activities and introduce you to fresh faces and places.

CANCER: Conduct a stock take this month as your sign, along with Aries, Libra and Capricorn, is on the brink of great change that commences in late-May. Money-matters move into a new phase from March 11th when Mars, the planet of energy and vitality, rouses itself from the doldrums and charts a more decisive course. Being a Moon-ruled sign, you need to track events that occur around the New Moon on the 16th because a completely unexpected turn of events will highlight travel, education, your beliefs and people and places at a distance. Suddenly the boundaries that kept you on one side of the fence will no longer matter - or exist - and you will be quite amazed at how your thinking completely alters course – if you look carefully you will find that the inner you is already laying the groundwork for this change to occur. Conversations and meetings with others could be at the heart of your decisions then. The Full Moon on the 30th on the other hand will highlight your living conditions and family, communal living, or parental issues.

LEO: Many Lions will have found Mars’ retrograde visit through their sign an uphill battle since late December. The good news is that Mars turns direct on the 11th bringing a turn of the tide that will wash up new information and bring insights about existing situations so that you can finally move ahead. Because Mars pirouettes at the beginning of Leo, for some of you, this could mean going right back to beginning and starting all over again; while for others, there is a need to create a new start and go in a completely different direction altogether. Your energy levels will begin to return to normal once the red planet gathers speed over the coming weeks but it will take until mid-May to clean up, finalise or understand what has taken place over the last 18 weeks. Exciting changes lay in wait in the second half of 2010 when travel, educational or publishing ventures suddenly take off so lay the groundwork now! 2010 will be the year of learning! The New Moon on the 16th brings a surprising turn-around in your area of shared finances, resources, claims, settlements or payments.

VIRGO: Like Gemini, your ruler Mercury turns retrograde on the April 19th making March the month to get your everyday life into order before the details start to get muddy and confused (from April 4th). Mars turning around on the March 11th in the area of your chart that rules all that is hidden, or private, could mean that surprising news surfaces that changes your perception of people or situations. You may need to go back to the beginning in some way, clearing the slate and cultivating a new tack and looking for ways to make up for the ground that has been lost. From late-May amazing changes will occur at lightning speed in your sphere of shared finances. The New Moon in your zone of other people on the 16th also brings some very surprising conversations and meetings and again because of the twists and turns that occur, you will find yourself taking a very different view of people you deal with on a one-to-one basis.

LIBRA: Even though Saturn is new to your sign and will remain here until October 2012, he will nip back into Virgo early April so the pressure that has recently become evident will ease giving you the chance to rethink. In the meantime, March is the month to become active in whatever is high on your agenda as we have a window in time to set things into place before Mercury stirs up a hornet’s nest in April – do watch for the New Moon though on March 16th when unexpected events throw life onto a completely new course within your work and health sectors – and before a new chapter in relationships commences in June. Life is going to take off in this area in no uncertain terms! In the meantime, Mars turning around on the 11th suggests that friends, associates, your social circle and the clubs you belong to all become important for varying reasons and you may even be inspired to review your own hopes and dreams that are separate to career-type goals. Your annual Full Moon occurs on the 30th bringing to a conclusion events and situations that started last October.

SCORPIO: The good news this month is that your ruler Mars turns direct on the 11th and this means that the zig-zag pattern you have been following without too much certainty since late December will now chart a much straighter and definite course. Travelling through Leo, a sign that is at an adverse angle to your own, suggests that patience and humour have been in short supply within your professional and parental sectors. Pressure to perform – perhaps for all the wrong reasons – will ease back simply because the larger picture will begin to come into view and everyone can see that perhaps a new tack needs to be followed. If you have child-related issues, the New Moon will see an unexpected development that will require allowing greater freedom or trying something completely different. The same is true for leisure time activities such as sports or creative pursuits – look for ways that you can do things differently.

SAGITTARIUS: Your domestic life looks set to be quite dramatic this month and what takes place now will project into the coming months and will lead to greater self-expression in romance, creativity, or via a breakthrough with a child in the second half of 2010. Earmark June as the pivotal month of 2010 as this will be when your ruler Jupiter moves into fellow fire-sign Aries and joins forces with revolutionary Uranus promising great change. The New Moon on the 16th highlights an emotional quickening that will compel a lot of us to think outside the square and implement changes in an abrupt manner. This will definitely bring some very exciting adventures in the coming months so pay close attention to how you are feeling now especially with regard to your home life and all things domestic – from flatmates to family members or your physical home; what takes place will allow greater freedom and latitude in the long run.

CAPRICORN: With huge change imminent in the second half of 2010 within your domestic life, concentrate on your financial and shared commitments this month. Aim to reduce or sort out mortgages, hire purchases, credit cards and taxes so that you can handle what is going to occur from late May onward when a whole new era commences. Mars turning around in this area on March 11th means you can now tally up whatever has been clocked up or agreed upon within financial agreements and arrangements you have made with other people or corporations since mid-October 2009. It might take until May to sort through everything but with diligence, and by taking action in outstanding areas, you will end up with a much clearer picture and more peace of mind. We are currently in a closing cosmic phase that began in 2003 and though you may feel you have become somewhat stagnant in the past few months rest assured this is all about to change.

AQUARIUS: Keep a sharp eye on your income and savings sector this month as there is a New Moon on the 16th that highlights sudden reversals of fortune within your finances. Whether this occurs for good or bad will depend on your own personal circumstances and it’s more the need to be aware that changes are afoot so that you can be prepared to make the most of sudden opportunities, or, buffer yourself if life goes the other way, that matters. It is always hard to tell what Uranus will do but change is always a constant! Communication and clear thinking are very important now. Your interactions with others may be like a battle zone at present but from the 11th issues will begin to straighten out and if you have upheld good principles, then hopefully others will bat for you too and results will come. We stand on the brink of change in the latter half of 2010 and for you this will occur in your zone of thinking, communicating, writing and speaking as well as your neighbours and siblings. You may not realize you are setting the groundwork for expansion in any one of these areas right now!

PISCES: What an amazing New Moon you have in your sign on the 16th to lead you into your new birthday year! Life may be magnified in many ways since Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are also in Pisces but if you can prepare the groundwork by truly examining your life and then making adjustments, setting new goals or sticking to resolutions, magic can happen. March will be a month of intense activity that is a precursor to bigger changes in your financial life from late May onward. Uranus has been in your sign since 2003 so it may help to look back and see how much your life has changed since then and what this means now. Once Uranus, and then Jupiter, shifts into Aries in June, the sky will be the limit as far as your finances and earnings potential is concerned. If you have done all the right things like scrimping and saving, budgeting and setting goals, you should find your horizons expanding quite considerably. Conversely, if there has been a lack of control, circumstances will conspire to thrust you to review your situation. Either way delicious opportunities can be saving grace at the last minute.

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