Thursday, April 29, 2010

May 2010

PLANET REPORT: For the fourth time in 17 months, May opens with an exact and tense Saturn/Uranus opposition splicing across the late degrees of the Virgo/Pisces polarity. Like a receding coastline that has endured years of erosion, Saturn, the planet of established rules and regulations, must give ground against the waves of assaults that revolutionary Uranus (backed by philosophical Jupiter) hurls back against the old structures as it moves out of Pisces and into Aries for a three month stint on May 28th. Uranus has been in Pisces since 2003 so a new generation is about to be born who will be pioneering go-getters in whatever they do. Giving us a taste of things to come between late May and mid-August, this new era that will take root properly in March 2011 when Uranus takes the Ram by the horns and moves permanently into Aries until March 2019. One last clash will occur between the old and new though in July when both planets draw a line in the sand and the last in this nail-biting series of connections takes place that will reflect a definite divide within society. As captain of its own ship, but nevertheless embroiled in this conflict by echoing Uranus’ sentiments when it opposes Saturn on May 23rd, Jupiter navigates through Uranus’ choppy wake, following it across the boundary line into Aries on June 6th and finally catching up with Uranus on June 8th. Leading up to the first in a series of four connections, Jupiter catches up with Uranus on June 8th and we will go from a subdued, pulled in energy to a cracker combination of sizzling surprises and sudden twists and turns of events, people and situations that push us in brand new directions between now and January 2011. Mercury’s direct motion on the May 12th may encourage holding on to stubborn thought patterns but we would be better off using resources to practical advantage than resisting change which may be inevitable. The New Moon of the 14th brings an opportunity to look toward the future while the Full Moon of the 28th helps to put feelings into words and tidy up situations that began six months ago.

ARIES: Your sign will be host to two new tenants from May 28th and June 6th respectively. Uranus in your sign only happens once every 84 years and Jupiter once every twelve years so you can see from this that a unique set of cosmic forces will set a unique set of conditions in motion that you will not have experienced before. How you approach this and what you make of it is always a matter of free will but if you are prepared to look to the future rather than the past, life will be that much more amazing. You will be given four chances to make radical changes, free up your life and change your perspective in June, August, September 2010 and January 2011 and it all starts this month. Yes, other people will still be there with their issues but it will be the way you approach what is taking place that makes the difference. It’s time to find reinvent your life!

TAURUS: Mercury turns direct in your sign on the 12th after a period of review and reflection that began on April 18th. How you have communicated your ideas and feelings will begin to bear results and this proves quite timely now that you are in a new birthday cycle. Clearing the deadwood and pruning your personal garden either through events occurring or through conscious choice will help you plan and strategise as we head into a bigger cosmic cycle that people under 84 years of age will not have witnessed before. For you, this new cycle will occur on a very private level where an internal revolution may be taking place. A quickening of internal processes may occur and you may feel jumpy or nervous but if you go with the flow and allow new images to take form, you will find that by January 2011 a whole new you emerges.

GEMINI: Your ruler Mercury turns direct on the 12th in the area of your chart that relates to confidential or internal processes that others are not aware of. A period of personal review may be at hand that you will slowly be able to express externally once your birthday month arrives. Shifting old patterns may be difficult but if you are aware that we are entering into a new era that begins at the end of May, you will realize that there are promising new developments just around the corner. For this reason, it’s best to let go of the old baggage and think along practical lines so that you are in a position to make the most of opportunities, events and people who will certainly prove stimulating between now and January 2011. Late born Geminis will still need to contend with family, home and domestic issues that have been evident for the past two years but once you get through this phase, you will be able to work more creatively as you build new structures around your self-expression.

CANCER: Let’s hope you are ready to handle the amount of publicity, kudos or attention that Uranus and Jupiter moving into the highest part of your chart will bring! Being pushed into the limelight could be unnerving and unexpected but going with the flow will help to alleviate the nerves. Since you will be so publicly placed for big or small things, for better or worse, you need to be quick on the uptake but cautious of what you say or do until you are certain of your position. You can learn so much from what takes place now and it’s probably a matter of being thrown in at the deep end and learning on the job. For others, parental actions, concerns or activities may alter your direction in totally new ways.

LEO: Ending a long phase of financial situations that have involved other people or institutions via commitments to mortgages, hire purchases, credit cards, settlements, insurance or taxes, you will finally be able to move on from matters that will hopefully be a thing of the past. Moving out of this area and into your zone of travel, higher education, philosophical beliefs and publishing, Uranus and then Jupiter will act like a lightning bolt that brings you to attention. Sparking up your life so that you suddenly feel very passionately about aiming for goals that will come to fruition in about a year’s time, you have every reason to believe in yourself and aim as high as you can. And even if you don’t travel, you will meet people from other creeds, classes and cultures who can teach you something new and unusual.

VIRGO: Your ruler Mercury turns direct on the 12th in the area of your chart that extends your mind and enriches your life through direct experiences such as long distance travel, courses that lead to a qualification or by publishing ideas that can help others to make their own lives richer. Suddenly the practicalities of what can be achieved become apparent from mid-May. This is a good time to look to the future because by early June the first in a four part cosmic dance between Jupiter and Uranus will begin that will liberate you from financial situations such as mortgages, taxes, debts and shared money. Wiping the slate clean via sudden and unexpected windfalls or turnarounds could be on the cards. You’ve been cautious and conservative for sometime now but you will soon be able to take risks without fear of the consequences.

LIBRA: Despite the slow start to May, do not be lulled into thinking that your life will remain in a static state forever! As early as June 6th there will be a synchronistic sequence of events that will propel your relationships in new directions – this sequence will play itself out over the next seven months. Commitment will not be name of the game but rather having fun and freeing yourself via the people you meet or the changes that occur in the people who are close to you. Even on a professional level you are likely to encounter people who do things very differently. Take others as they come rather than trying to stereotype or pigeon- hole. Librans who are in a relationship will find the rules changing very quickly and this can be either freeing or frightening depending on how static or flowing you would like your life to be.

SCORPIO: The half way point of your solar year is here and a New Moon in opposite sign Taurus occurs on the 14th that will reveal areas in your relationships where you need to move forward. It won’t be until after this date that discussions and agreements can lead to a general consensus and in the meantime you need to look beyond the current constraints and realise that a bigger and brighter future is just around the corner. We are entering into a phase of liberation somewhere in each of our lives and for you this will take place in your day-to-day routine, where exciting new events or procedures make one day totally different to the next. For others it will be in the area of health and wellbeing where new regimes, techniques or therapies can be experimented with. You may also discover ways to dispel the effects of the past, which will still there be in the shadows, and this can be liberating in itself.

SAGITTARIUS: Your ruler Jupiter is gearing up to change signs on June 6th and on June 8th it catches up to Uranus to create a revolution in the way you approach romance, your self-expression or the realm of children. This cosmic scenario will play itself out over the next seven months and will be something of a roller coast ride. Sudden pregnancies or ready-made families could be on the agenda for some Archers, while for others sudden attractions to people who have been totally off your radar could happen. It may be baffling but it’s what these people represent and how they reflect back to you your own desire to be something or someone that you have had difficulty expressing that will be the real attraction. On another level, you may suddenly find yourself wanting to play more either through creative acts or simply going out a lot more than you have been. Enjoy the ride but don’t leave others behind!

CAPRICORN: Home is the last place your heart will want to be once Uranus and then Jupiter enter this area of your chart in late May and early June. Exciting changes are on the way but first you must overcome hurdles in your public or professional life before you can move on as there is a residual matter that needs to be cleared up that has been hanging around for the last two years. You will need to acknowledge what you have gleaned from events before you can move on. Once this has been achieved, you may find yourself hankering after a bigger space or place to live. This can result in buying, selling, renovating or moving to another locale. Events will move along quite quickly once decisions have been made so use the time now to research where and how you would like to live. If you are staying put, then the excitement might come to you in the form of relatives or unusual visitors who are looking for a place to spend a certain amount of time to gain experience or simply break from their own life for a while. It all depends on your personal situation but karma and drama are sure to knock on your door over the next seven months.

AQUARIUS: Your thinking is about to go through a revolution that will change your perceptions and help you to communicate in completely different ways. Ideas that you have regarded as normal will suddenly fall by the wayside to be replaced by a whole new philosophical outlook. This in turn will change the way you relate to a brother, sister, neighbour or to view your environment in a totally different light. Suddenly, you will find that all the usual places you go to or the people you interact with will look tired and dull. This leads to either leaving altogether or to implement changes that can make a difference to your street, town or city. You may find that you support or break away from causes that affect your locale and truly make a difference. Vive the revolution!

PISCES: Financially, a stroke of luck or a brilliant idea or course of action will free you up to earn money in the way you would truly like over the next seven months. It begins in June and finishes in January 2011, and this rollercoaster ride, while bringing extremes, will help you clear the hurdles that other people constantly place in your path as a means of testing the correctness of the direction you are now heading in. As long as you have considered all angles of your fiscal life and have put practicalities first, there is no reason to avoid risks that can lead to an unusual form of stability that is liberating – none of this 9-5 nonsense for you! Where there are debts there will be a way to earn or make money to overcome them. This is a year when 11th hour saviours appear at the last moment to lift you up and out of danger.

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Thank you! I hang out for this report each month; used to watch for the paper in Raumati, but now that I have moved to Hawkes Bay need to wait for you to place it on line. I find the reports very meaningfully accurate and really appreciate that you make them available.