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June 2010

PLANET REPORT: Welcome aboard and fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for lift-off as we welcome two brand new, very active, 12- and 84-year cycles that will begin in a breathtaking but ultimately liberating style. Taking until March 2011 to turn everything around and resettle in a completely new format, the second half of 2010 – circle June, August, October and January 2011 - will be a time when the cards are thrown up in the air with no idea on how they will land. Our greatest strength will be to embrace the necessary changes, explore new territories and open up to new points of view. Old patterns, people and places are about to pass into the history books with a whole new cast of characters and players emerging as this cycle takes hold. There will be little time to think since the swiftness of events, developments and opportunities will catch us off guard but if we have prepared for this shift by winding down the contents of the old cycle (this can be as simple as knowing that after a prolonged period of being stuck there now comes a need to let go and move on) we will be in a position of strength. There are larger social patterns already playing themselves out with Saturn/Uranus/Pluto creating a social divide where old structures are on the wane, but everything moves up another gear to push the energy along very quickly. Having not been here since between 1928 and 1935, Uranus moved into Aries on May 28th marking a very important generational, social and personal shift that will last until 2018. Moving out of Pisces where it has been for the past seven years, we will leave behind the mute, behind-the-screens mode of relating such as Facebook, texting and emailing to embrace a much more active, upfront way of existing in the world. Those of you born in the first few days of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be the people who will experience the firsthand personal effects of this transit the most, and this means you may find yourselves in the midst or forefront of very interesting situations. Look for the pioneer within! You will find that your personal identities will undergo swift changes as a desire and/or need to make sweeping changes take hold. Creating the trigger for the otherwise unconscious cosmic shift of Uranus, hot on his heels comes Jupiter, which simultaneously transits into Aries on June 6th (look back in 12 year increments as a gauge for what may happen now). In an active Fire sign Jupiter will expand upon whatever we are doing, for good or bad, and being so close to rebellious, eccentric, forward-looking Uranus, we will find that all these qualities are enhanced in a very flamboyant, out-there style. The Winter Solstice (which sets the tone for the next quarter) will be particularly significant as it ties in directly to these new cycles. This will be followed by a lunar eclipse at full Moon at 11:31pm on the 26th. Because it occurs very close to the Jupiter/Uranus-sensitised degrees of early Capricorn, the destabilising effects of the eclipse could trigger a grand finale-type effect on the old structures that are falling by the wayside. Mars moves out of Leo, where it has been since last October, and into Virgo. This means it is time to perfect our craftsmanship and attend to the smallest of details.

ARIES: Despite the foggy, dull start to the month, if you are born within the first four days of Aries, hold tight because you will be the first to experience the beginnings of two new cycles that start this month (read Planet Report). With whacky Uranus and expansive Jupiter setting up camp in your sign after a very long absence and rolling over your Sun from May 28th and June 6th respectively, life will be anything but normal. Events speed up in the most unexpected ways and life moves into the next phase. And despite the highly strung feel of the astro-energy, there is a curious sense of unity within. Self-expression and what you stand for will become extremely important to you and if you put in as much energy as you can, you will find that you can quite easily leave your mark and create a momentum that gets you off the ground. As the next seven years of Uranus in Aries wear on, the rest of you will in turn experience the same erratically liberating effects of this transit in the years up until 2018. Old patterns will break up so much that your self-identity will be quite different in a year’s time. And despite the stressfulness, a very different worldview is yours for the taking. From June 21st, events, people and places - domestically and professionally - will emerge with discussions, debates and dilemmas paving the way for this new energy to take hold. Err on the side of caution, take care to rest and eat well and be conscious of all that you are doing while looking toward the future that is just around the corner.

TAURUS: People will look at you from June in a way that says you are acting totally out of character to your normally placid self and your sudden change in attitude is sure to raise a few eyebrows! Uranus and Jupiter in your secret-self department will provide the keys to your inner sanctum and because of this you will find that all sorts of people and events from your past provide lots of food for thought. Your general attitude is likely to be that it is okay to be yourself and if other people don’t like it, well, they can lump it. Honesty, with yourself and other people, is imperative now. Over the course of the next six months, you will be handed four sets of keys to open the door and step from the shadows – June, August, October and January 2011 will be the most significant months to release old habits and wipe the slate clean. These opportunities may occur in confidential meetings, within a secret rendezvous, or from being in places that provide sanctuary or healing. Large institutions may also form part of the picture and whether you work, live or visit people, pay special attention to the feelings that emerge as a result of what takes place there. Up until the 14th, siblings and neighbours, short trips and courses are prominent but after that there is a special connection to your home and family and a strong nesting instinct takes over. Around the particularly intense Full Moon (lunar eclipse) on the 26th, there is little that can be done to stem the flow that leads to a freer life.

GEMINI: Happy Birthday Gemini! Just as two important planets change signs, this is a great time in history to have a birthday and exciting changes are almost certain in the coming year. Look within your circle of friends, associates, team members or social life for amazing events that will propel one or all of you into a new era! It’s time to jump on the roundabout and seek out the people who are most authentic, like-minded or socially conscious. You can achieve so much by teaming up with people who can make a difference both single-handedly or as a group. People will come and people will go but it’s the experiences you have together that make the difference. For others, a strange desire or opportunity to become active in community ventures takes hold and as a communicator, you would be prime candidate to be spokesperson or fact-gatherer, especially from the 10th, when your ruler Mercury moves into your sign. The end of the month will be an all or nothing, make or break time on a financial level but at least you will know where you stand and can finally move on. Aim to clear up debts, restructure mortgages, scale back on credit, divide property or simply set up a savings plan. That way you have less to worry about and more energy to spend on being socially active in the coming months.

CANCER: Life is about to change quite dramatically over the coming months and these changes will set the tone for the next seven years. We are all experiencing this intense energy to some degree but certain signs feel it more than others and for this cycle it will be Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries. Climbing to the peak of your chart, Uranus and Jupiter stand poised at the first degrees of the area that reflects your profession, reputation, parents and your general direction in life. Authority figures such as bosses, supervisors, teachers and officials are also ruled by this special slice of your chart and this could mean having to deal with VIPs who have a lot of influence. Changes that may appear quite suddenly, but which have been slowly evolving over the last few years, will manifest in the most unusual of ways and will lead you down completely new paths. Success and acknowledgement become important now and whether this is because of the realisation that time is marching on or because you are reaping the rewards of past efforts, it is the sense that you are moving in the direction that suits your most authentic self that matters. Try to keep life simple so that the complicated situations can play themselves out without anything further being added to the mixing pot. A lunar eclipse at Full Moon on the 26th could pull the pin on underlying feelings and situations but once these have been released, life will move forward in no uncertain terms. Be careful and conscious of all that you do.

LEO: Life is about to move up a gear for you Leo folk who can cash in on the wealth of knowledge that is about to drop into your mental letterbox that could lead to life direction and professional changes in a year or so. Prepare now for the huge input of information that you can take far into the future even if it doesn’t make sense straight away. People and places who are totally different to your everyday exchanges, and who will make your life much more colourful after all the financial heaviness of the last year, is in store. There could be an adventure or two over the next seven months that will change your whole worldview and beliefs. There’s a myriad of ways that you can further your mind and some will be attracted to the halls of learning while others will want to travel or go in search of spiritual experiences that result in a whole new ethic. For others, publishing or internet-based projects can lead to fantastic results. And even though, there is so much around you that will be stimulating and interesting, you still need to exercise caution and consciousness. We live in a time where there are so many conflicting patterns taking place at the beginning of a major cycle, that there comes a need to walk very carefully while being open to the wonderful experiences, people and places that will emerge. The concentrated energy of the eclipse at Full Moon on the 26th highlights health and well-being as well as your work practices, co-workers, pets and your day-to-day routine; it may be time to let some habits or people go and take extra care of health.

VIRGO: Mars moves into your sign on the 7th adding to the bigger cosmic changes that are taking place over the next seven months that mark the commencement of a new era. Like a skilled football player, this means calculating each step while keeping an eye on the goal. Nervous energy will be abundant now, especially when Mercury shifts into Gemini on the 10th and into your very public zone of profession, reputation and your place in the outer world. How you communicate with people who hold rank and file – including your mum - will be your biggest challenge but by listening carefully you will gain a much better understanding of their needs thereby cutting your work in half. New fiscal measures are called for now that a major four-part dance between Jupiter and Uranus is playing itself out in June, August, October and January 2011 creating roller-coaster of ups and downs, opportunities and brick walls. Other people will also form part of the new financial picture that will emerge in the second half of 2010 (June, August, October and January 2011) as well as with the emotional and physical ties you have with others. These maybe months of contradictions but at least life is moving along at last. Saturn is now on the exit path from your sign, which occurs on July 22nd, and this will certainly lighten the tremendous load of the last two years.

LIBRA: Saturn is on the verge of moving into your sign – circle July 22nd as the date of arrival – and this means that you are about to enter a two-year period where straightening out the rough patches and taking your commitments seriously is the pre-requisite to an authentic life. Your relationship sector – which is very important to you Librans – is the area that is lit up most so it looks like there is nowhere to hide as far as other people are concerned! Like Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, Librans are in the crossfire between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto during the coming months and this cosmic exchange is sure to bring great excitement and exchanges that require steady nerves and a strong sense of self. In stark contrast to the heavy challenges that Saturn presents to you that will keep you firmly on your own turf, people of all shapes and sizes will enter your life with larger than life personas. Their gallantry, adventurousness and pioneering attitudes means they are likely to enter the front door and exit the back – whilst you may be looking for commitment, you will find that that is the least they can offer you. You live in interesting times where space to grow and a true desire to mature and learn are the order of the day. The Full Moon (lunar eclipse) on the 26th will shake the foundations of your life so that can see what needs strengthening.

SCORPIO: With your ruler Mars poised to move out of the groove he has been stuck in since last October, your life is about to move into another chapter from the 7th! We are experiencing the huge cosmic changes that are playing out over the course of the next seven to eight months and by March 2011 we will have well and truly arrived in a new era that is much more passionate and definite. Of course, everything depends on one’s own chart and circumstances, but the main thing will be that we can at last put some people, places and projects behind us. For you, there will be new ways to tackle health, work, co-workers, your day-to-day routines or even a pet, and you can get a head start by being aware that some patterns need to change in one or all of these areas. Friends and associates can help you formulate new goals, look at the details or devise a special plan of action. It’s all in the way you think and it may be as simple as looking at life from a new angle. The lunar activity at Full Moon on the 26th will certainly create situations that allow you to confront the way you communicate and a sibling or neighbour could be part of the package that helps to pull the plug.

SAGITTARIUS: Are you ready to groove Sag? Your ruler Jupiter changes signs on the 6th and because he is moving into fellow fire sign Aries, this means your levels of enthusiasm for life are about to move up a gear or two. It’s excitement plus though since Jupiter is travelling with rebel Uranus and their connection with each other gives you four chances - in June, August, October and January 2011 - to truly make fantastic changes and connect with your passion, purpose and pride. By March 2011 a brand new chapter will have begun. Whether it is a creative act or art, a child, a pregnancy, a romance or simply an investment of energy in a sport or leisure time activity (that suddenly looks like it can really be something much bigger), it is the feeling of satisfaction that will make you feel brand new again. Of course, if you remain stuck in a financial groove from which there seems like there is no escape, then you are likely to feel frustration as your higher self knows there are bigger and better things to be getting on with. The challenge in this case will be to shift your thinking and look for unique solutions so that you can move on. You can start the ball rolling by making lists and making arrangements with debtors and creditors. The longer you keep your head in the sand, the less open and free you will be to make the most of the unique cosmic opportunities that are yours for the taking.

CAPRICORN: Along with Aries, Cancer and Libra, there are massive cosmic changes beginning this month that will span the months up until next March and that will take you into the next seven years. By March, your life will probably have done a 180-degree turn. Your environment and personal life is where a lot of these changes will take place and you may find you move to another place, change the dynamics or structure of your home or that you decide to change your circle of friends in a bid to break out of the patterns you have found yourself firmly entrenched in. Physical changes could also take place – from losing or gaining weight to a completely new style – and this is all part of the desire to break the mould and make your mark. Your ruler Saturn has reached the pinnacle of your chart so now it’s time to take what you have discovered or learned about yourself and the world at large and translate this into a new career direction. You will have four chances in June, August, October and January 2011 to take action and make changes. The lunar eclipse in your sign at Full Moon on the 26th will set the ball rolling and even though what happens then will be intense and personal, situations and feelings will open the door to a brand new world.

AQUARIUS: With the two brand new cycles beginning in your sphere of thinking and communicating, from June onward it’s time to look at life from a completely different angle. With the help of a brother, sister or neighbour by March 2011, you will be in a completely different headspace with ideas flowing and words magically appearing on paper. For others it will be the manner in which you communicate that opens doors and a letter, phone call, text, email or facebook entry changes your life overnight. For those who have shied away from technology as a means of communicating, you will suddenly see that there are unique opportunities that can only be gained by opening your mind to the world wide web and that it’s not just about the dangers that lurk in the cyber-shadows but the knowledge and connections that expand your mental territories. Circle June, August, October and January 2011 as months when anything and everything can happen. If you can go with the flow of events, by March 2011 you will find your thinking has turned around 180-degrees. The Full Moon of the 26th also happens to be a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are well-documented as having powerful effects that can unplug feelings and situations and even though this can be uncomfortable, they most often lead to clear spaces in which to operate from.

PISCES: Your ruler Jupiter begins a fresh 12-year cycle in Aries on the 6th and will team up with eccentric, rebellious Uranus in a four part dance that will span June, August, October and January 2011. Entering your sphere of money, there will be huge opportunities to cash in on the changing circumstances and whether you have a plan to pay off debt, earn more money or develop a new business strategy it will be your attitude that makes all the difference to the success of whatever you set out to do this year. It’s all about being innovative and thinking outside the square rather than sticking to the tried and true systems that are already in place. Of course, there are still larger global financial issues to contend with but if you can pull it off by having a system in place, you can reap the rewards. Friends, associates, team and band members somehow have a role to play and it is important you lay your cards on the table early in the piece otherwise you could miss the opportunities that will turn up and disappear if you are embroiled in power plays. The Full Moon of the 26th, which also happens to be a lunar eclipse, will certainly give you plenty of opportunity to discuss deeper issues. Tread carefully whilst maintaining your own line of defence. Perhaps some people need to walk free now.

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