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July 2010

PLANET REPORT: After Saturn transited into Libra between October 2009 and April 2010 (ending a mean and lean two year stint in Virgo) a new phase tentatively began that gave us a glimpse of things to come in the second half of 2010. In April, Saturn backed out of Libra and returned to Virgo to tie up the loose ends within events, situations, people and projects that had begun since September 2007. On July 22nd, Saturn moves back into Libra where he will remain in a much more active role until October 2012. Giving full attention to the laws of balance, we now enter into a new world order and an active phase of natural correction where unfairness and inequality will become glaringly obvious. Saturn is the icing on the cake when he opposes Uranus in the last of five oppositions on July 27th, and is in turn opposed for the second time by Jupiter in August, as both planets turn retrograde themselves on the 6th and 24th respectively. This suggests one final event that will integrate the old with the new as we move forward. Expansive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus both have unfinished business of their own to attend to in Pisces between August, September and January and March 20011 respectively so this means that Saturn will act as a cosmic scout going ahead of the group and setting up new structures and rules for the new period of global activity that lies ahead of us. But while trying to carve out his niche, Saturn still has newly arrived Pluto in Capricorn, and also with unfinished business, to contend with in August so, like a landmine that has been forgotten over time, we will see a resurfacing of issues from late 2009 that will need to be dealt with. Issues of power and control will manifest as Jupiter trips the collective unconscious into action on the July 25th and then Saturn takes up the gauntlet on August 22nd. Greater empowerment will result as awareness of hidden activities or agendas comes to light. A solar eclipse on the 12th at the New Moon in Cancer at 07:42am in aspect to Mars brings the gift of discrimination and diligence in all that we do as he also bumps into Saturn and creates the space, time and place to act with precision and to analyse and dissect before setting forth. The most fertile New Moons of the year, the eclipse suggests there are hidden issues that will come to light as the month wears on but which might not culminate until January 2011.

ARIES: July is a complicated month for all of us but because Jupiter and Uranus have both recently moved into your sign kicking off two brand new cycles personally and globally, there now comes the need to return to issues, people and places that have been prominent over the past few years. Putting the fresh twists and initiatives on hold until January and March 2011 when they will take root and start showing signs of growth, it’s time to come back to earth and focus on the details of work issues, the intricacies of a health matter as well as the running of your day to day life during July. This will help you streamline and become much more efficient when future opportunities start to manifest by 2011. The New Moon of the 12th, which is also a solar eclipse, signals a fresh start within your home and family life, and even if some of the events and situations are fraught with birthing pains, at least you will be clearing the decks for the new you that will emerge during the first half of 2011. Because Pluto, at the top of your chart and therefore strongly placed, is active during July and August, pull back from power struggles with either parents or influential people while quietly holding your own position.

TAURUS: Your ruler Venus travelling through Leo and your home zone is proud and haughty as July opens creating heat between family members, or your passion to rise as you tackle domestic issues. When Venus shifts into Virgo and your sphere of children, hobbies, romance and speculation on the 10th, your inner critic will surface so that you can work on hobby-related activities with more precision. Whether it is a sports or an artistic pursuit, you can pinpoint weaknesses and draw up a game plan to strengthen your act in the future. It’s so complicated! You have so much going on in your private world that it is difficult to concentrate on outer issues with clarity but relax and go with the flow, which appears to turn backward on the 6th and 24th. Saturn lumbering into your work and health sphere on the 22nd suggests that it is time to get very serious about balancing your diet and exercise regime. The same can be said for work and your co-workers, who will have a lot of influence over your feelings and strategies in the coming two years. Someone who is good-looking, but with a spine of steel and who may be born around October, has the biggest impact on your day to day life, pay attention to what they say. The New Moon is particularly potent on the 12th so be alert to anything and anyone who pushes you in a certain direction.

GEMINI: Your thoughts revolve around money and security in July as well as the excitement around friends and associates who are going to feature very strongly in the coming months. Once Jupiter and Uranus turn back toward your sphere of life direction, profession, parents or public image you will need to return to one or all of these matters that have evolved over the last few years so that this long chapter in your life can be closed once and for all. This process may take until January and March 2011 to work through but the long term results will be a huge sense of relief and a growing sense of freedom because you will be aiming for goals that are distinct from your career. Nothing is clear cut for any of us right now but listening to that tiny voice within that something is on the verge of changing will give you something to propel yourself into clearing up old issues. A son, daughter or someone else’s child or children will become one of your primary concerns once Saturn moves into the area of your chart that rules young people, and some of you may be dealing with pregnancy or adoption as a realistic solution. Your hobbies and spare time activities can also be a source of productive possibilities.

CANCER: The solar eclipse (New Moon) on the 12th smack bang in your sign underlines the amazing cosmic changes that are flowing through all our lives during the second half of 2010; and even if you feel taut and tense and less than amazing, rest assured that in time you will become aware of the opportunities on offer – hindsight is always 20/20. Attitude makes all the difference, as well as taking full responsibility for where you find yourself in life, so open yourself up and take a good look at how you can do things differently with family, home and all things domestic. If you can take on the karmic load, then you will be well positioned to move closer to your goals to travel, learn or publicise your wares with a free conscience. By January and March, you can achieve a 180 turnaround. Saturn enters the foundation of your chart and the zone that has to do with your living arrangements and family sphere on the 22nd suggesting that over the coming two years you will face situations where you learn to balance the responsibilities that arise from your natural association with loved ones or the people you co-habit with.

LEO: With Venus travelling through your sign as July begins, you have twelve days to present yourself to others so that you can capitalise on your abilities, wares and ideas and turn them into cold hard cash as your birthday year takes hold on the 22nd. Your money zone has been heavily guarded by Saturn who will move out of this area and into your thinking zone (also on the 22nd) leaving you free to earn, spend or save money without all the worries of the past two years. A solar eclipse on the 12th in the area of your chart that is hidden away from others suggests that there are still some issues lingering from the past that can be addressed now, however, it could take a good six months to weave your way through the complications. By January and March 2011, these people and issues can be put firmly behind you. With the 22nd being a pivotal date, it’s time to rearrange your thinking along more practical lines as the coming two years are going to be very serious indeed. By grounding your mind and restructuring your ideas you can arrive at a well-balanced space where you can approach writing projects, tests or communications with a clear and purposeful mindset. This in turn will help you move forward with travel plans, educational goals or publishing ventures in 2011. Lay good foundations now and remain realistic by taking everything one step at a time.

VIRGO: The financial sector of your chart is going through a revolution right now and with events and situations changing quickly day by day, it could be hard to get a handle on exactly how your accounts department will balance up in the end. This is definitely a time to look to the future and take a risk but you also need to remain mindful of overstepping the mark. Good advice will be worth its weight in gold, the only problem that remains is recognising who knows what they are talking about and whether their advice benefits you or them, whether it’s opinion or fact. Other people and organisations seem to be pivotal to your decision-making process but rather than be swept along by their ideas, suggestions or proposals, you will sleep well at night knowing you have done your research thoroughly rather than leaving it to chance. Of course, embracing the element of risk is what we all need now otherwise we would never move far in life so use Mars’ energy in your sign to crunch the numbers and carry out a diligence test without ending up with analysis paralysis. If it all gets too complicated at month’s end, pull back and let the intensity pass before making a firm commitment.

LIBRA: Welcome Saturn back to your sign on the 22nd! Nestling in for a long, two-year stay in the area of your chart that rules how other people see you, this is the month to take stock of yourself and take a realistic approach to relationships and the question of give and take. Getting serious about life is generally what Saturn’s message tends to hammer home, and though this means taking a cautious route where sensibility rules, in the end you will attract like-minded people that you can build a future with. By oh what a conflict as Jupiter and Uranus, two planets that are the polar opposites to cautious Saturn are travelling through your other people zone bringing wild attractions and exciting propositions; it’s a case of old versus new, exciting versus practical. Remember, your sign is the sign of balance so what better challenge than to equalise this dilemma and find a middle-ground between the flash and the trash, commitment and fun during the second half of 2010. As long as your eyes are open and you are concerned about the long term and rely on yourself for happiness, then you can have your cake and eat it too.

SCORPIO: We live in very interesting times where opposing forces clash against one another and life seems chaotic and full of choices. Somehow, somewhere it all ends up falling into a neat package and we move into a new phase of living. For your sign, these changes will tend to happen around you (unless your personal chart has a planet or two that is in the degrees where all the cosmic action is taking place) and this puts you in a less stressful position where you can be of assistance to others (but without being imposed upon or giving your power away). For Scorpios, the area of work and your day-to-day living processes are where little changes make a huge difference to your comfort levels and the flow of your routine. This is the year to experiment with the unknown and do things a little differently; and whether it’s trying out a new department or technique at work, or investigating new medical devices or remedies, you could strike gold by making a shift to the left or right. You won’t know how things will pan out until January or March 2011 but you will certainly have lots of fun experimenting and being open to fresh ideas that could lead to a totally different way of living. Apply the brakes as you turn the corner at month’s end.

SAGITTARIUS: Your ruler Jupiter is in with a great crowd at the moment and even though he turns to backward direction on the 24th in difficult aspect to power-hungry Pluto, there are still plenty of reasons to get up with an off-to-work-we-go attitude each morning. Each day is completely different to the next and this is how life will be over the coming months so that by early 2011 the twists and turns of 2010 will have carved out a new niche that leaves you free and easy. Until then your home life and domestic situation needs to run through a series of laps before the atmosphere settles into a calm routine – this situation has been going on for quite some time and has just about run its course. The solar eclipse on the 12th suggests that it’s time to work on shared financial or business matters while the opportunity presents itself and by getting advice from someone you trust, your progress in terms of career and reputation can move forward. In the long run, the attention will eventually come back to children, your spare time activities, romance or creative pursuits. Something as simple as making an educational choice for your child could relieve you of bigger stresses that you did not realise were such a big issue. Avoid complications and commitments at month’s end when push comes to shove in an important project or situation.

CAPRICORN: It’s complicated! That’s the catchphrase for life in the second half of 2010. There are so many choices and decisions to make now that the plug has been pulled from the stagnancy of the past two years. And with your ruler Saturn finally settling down into Libra on the 22nd, it’s time to get serious about where you are actually going in life and looking at ways at how you are going to get there; for those who are already there, it’s a matter of where-to from here and what are you going to do with all the knowledge and experience you have acquired recently. Reaching the highest point in your chart, Saturn says that it is time to draw up a long-term plan, to structure your decision making process and to allow others to guide you. In Libra, moving onward and upward always involves other people so if this can’t be done on your own steam, you will find that there will be teachers, guides, bosses, parents and other people who will see to it that you keep your nose to the grindstone so that a balance can be achieved between career and home, personal needs and public demands. July is tricky with an eclipse in your relationship area on the 12th bringing issues out into the open but if you can work through these situations over the next six months, you will land in a very nice place where anything is possible.

AQUARIUS: It has been fun experimenting with new ideas and communicating in a completely different way but there are money matters to take care of before the way is clear. Jupiter and Uranus head back toward this area on the 6th and 24th so even though you may think that the new energy is starting evaporate, rest assured that your new-found style will only go into hibernation while you clear up past business matters. By January and March 2011, the mental stimulation will all come back in a completely different package. Saturn lends a helping hand though by making you realise that higher education, travel, meeting with people from different backgrounds and cultures will actually help you structure your bigger thoughts in a much more balanced way. It’s time to step out of the mould, taking the best of what you know and interweaving it with what you are presented with in the outer world. Somehow this will help with fiscal matters and bring a surprise or two in September that will lead to a wealth of freedom further down the line. Analyse, dissect and research all options in the latter half of July.

PISCES: Your ruler Jupiter does an about turn on the 24th and begins its journey back toward your sign reaching it in September. This means that any recently found excitement for money-making projects may seem to wane a little and if so it is very important that you keep at it because by January and March 2011 you will be back in the driver’s seat with even more options at your disposal. July will be funny month where we need to take the reins of what began in June but without steering too hard for outcomes which are not quite ready to manifest. Saturn moves out of your partnership zone – relieving you of any stress, boredom or issues that have been around for the past two years – and into your other people’s money zone. This will require a restructuring of assets, insurances, taxes or mortgages so that financially you arrive at a fair and equitable place. Mars catches up to Saturn at month’s end and this means applying the brakes before you proceed to go and collect $200. Look at your investments with a shrewd eye and realise that Park Lane is not the always the best card to be holding. Downsize or streamline so that you can build your collection back up again by going for cards that have great cashflow rather than just prestige.

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