Friday, November 05, 2010

November 2010

PLANET REPORT: There’s a window of opportunity from the 19th-30th to wind projects, ideas and lifestyle changes up to their maximum voltage. Venus and Jupiter both do a u-turn and return to the right side of the road on the 19th, but there are still a lot of speed bumps to get over before they hit the open highway in January. Venus is happy, strong and optimistic in the light of a new day but by the 30th will be an unhappy Persephone when passing once more through the desolate marshes of Scorpio. A long detour, it will take until January 8th to pass through this emotionally, swampy place, but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The added bonus is that we know the terrain and who and what to avoid! Returning to Scorpio, unfinished business from July-November will begin to solidify in whatever way, shape or form life has convoluted into during the past 10 weeks. During November, look at negotiations, pacts, deals, financial and relationship issues during the open, sunny stage (before the 30th) rather than keeping feelings in the dark only to emerge over the next eight weeks. Clarify, cleanse and clear-up the distortions and warps that travelling backwards tends to induce. Neptune, weaver of dreams and illusions, turns direct for the second to last time in Aquarius (he’s been here since the late 1990’s). In approximately one year’s time Neptune will move into like-minded Pisces, marking the beginning of a new generation and a whole new set of dreams to look forward to. There’s going to be a strange sense of being on the edge of something during the next 12 months making this a time to reweave ideals and dispel illusions. Gladiator Mars spars his way confidently through idealistic Sagittarius until December 8th (and even though it’s a much shorter run, I always watch these transits as they are linked to the extended Mars in Sag journey between February-September 2001). Aim for the stars, keep sight of aspirations, uphold ideals but be brave enough to know which ones to toss by the wayside. Mercury increases optimism and encourages that Christmassy feel when it transits into Sag on the 9th but there’s a double-edged sword to contend with between the 16-18th. The Sun also does its best to dispel the trials and tribulations of another year when it too passes into Sag on the 22nd at 11:16pm. The intense New Moon of the 6th in Scorpio leads us into the light of the fertile Full Moon in Taurus on the 22nd. Shining happily in the sky in spite of the bumpy journey ahead for Venus, this Full Moon says that we can take hold of the strength within to sustain and build a secure future.

ARIES: Filled with a huge sense of optimism, you discover that there are bigger and better territories to conquer – mentally or physically - in November and this will follow through in December. There are still many financial speed-bumps to get over that make life hard to budget for but by the 19th it all turns around. The facts and figures stop jiggling and you can now arrange the pages of this chapter in the context of your life. Late January is when the real adventure begins for many Aries so hang in there and use the next ten weeks to arrange, finish up and sort out the aspects of your life that are in their last gasps. Aim higher, think harder and travel further, if not physically then in your mind via learning channels such as libraries, the internet, books and even people who are confident, robust and extremely well-travelled and versed in your chosen subjects. There is change just around the corner so while some aspects of your life, such as money, bog you down, look ahead to January-March, which will be action-packed months.

TAURUS: November is a big, if not passionate, month for Taureans, especially those with a major theme, thread or train of thought to weave, discuss or develop with the important people in your life. It appears that everyone feels strongly about their point of view so there may be those who challenge, block or make life difficult. After the middle of the month, feelings give way to a more relaxed atmosphere that encourages compromise. The biggest breakthrough since September, the last weeks of November foster a willingness to bring opposing ideas, feelings or values into the open. It is only when we find ourselves second-guessing others or being afraid to speak up do problems arise. Standing out of one’s own way can help too! Clear communication can restore your state of mind and bring a balanced perspective. There’s also a big emphasis on shared assets, money and resources as well as a claim, settlement, tax issue or involvement with lending institutions that can be modified, clarified or resolved. By your annual Full Moon on the 22nd, projects that have been in the pipeline since May are brought to a full circle.

GEMINI: A very active month for Gemini folk, it will be all too easy to get into a war of words when it comes to writing letters, sending text messages, firing off emails or making phone calls in November if you don’t count to ten first. While stress levels are high, commitment is hard to come by and airy-fairy attitudes highly irritating, there are ways to resolve situations. Someone will be looking for hard and fast answers, or something that gets said matter-of-factly turns into a reason to defend a position, reputation or viewpoint. Underneath it all is a desire to eke out the truth so pinning down the object of your interest – in romance, friendship or business – may be the best way. Having a heart to heart rather than avoiding the situation will clear the air quickly. The Full Moon of the 22nd is an excellent time to invite someone to dinner or take them out to lunch. Closure of events over the past six months - and in particular the last ten weeks when so much information has come to light – would be a nice way to head into the festive season.

CANCER: While the 19th is the pivotal date for all signs with its openings and lucky breaks, Cancerians benefit most by researching, working through and then pushing to get important projects, deals or assignments neatly packaged by December. The backtracking and detours then in your other people zone, makes late-November a time to eke out information, get a commitment or gain emotional input before you hit speed-bumps or others change their mind. If there is anything that requires a signature, from the 19th is the best time to let the ink dry. Passion has been an over-riding emotion over the past ten weeks and for some of you, your emotional stakes have been invested in love, while for others, a creative venture has wrung every ounce of inspiration, time and energy. For others still, children have required huge doses of your support and attention. If it is means a lot to you, then take steps to ensure it all lasts. Aim for the lovely Full Moon on the 22nd to enjoy the good things in life and review your personal achievements.

LEO: Now that the Christmas and holiday season is just around the corner, you suddenly realise how much needs to be done around the house. There’s a wonderful focus on fun too and some of you may even decide to host festivities at your house or throw a party for the New Year. Think carefully about this Leo because everything changes in December and what seemed like a good idea now, could seem monumental to pull off then. Why not have a pre-Christmas get together this month while your energy levels are high. On another level, if you are moving, or have been trying to buy or sell a house for some time, then everything could fall neatly into place this month. At the very least, having more options to choose from gives you hope for the future. This is an important month for children too. Encouraging them to aim high in a sports or creative venture could be all they need to take off. Put pen to paper from the 8th – a letter, email, article or book – the words will flow straight from the heart.

VIRGO: A big and busy month for Virgo folk now that Mars and then Mercury move toward active spots in your chart. November 20th will be the most active day for discussing, texting, writing and thinking when not only will your ideas and proposals be acceptable to others but there may be a surprise bonus thrown in. While this will happen in your family and home zone, your career, public life and reputation will also be in full swing. High activity times also mean high-stress times so try to deal with one thing at time rather than multi-task. Better to be master of what you are doing than a Jack who never completes anything. Quick off the mark, you will baulk at delays, interruptions or setbacks but try to be patient with slower paced people or find will yourself with a mutiny on your hands on the 26th-27th. Co-operation is what you need. The gorgeous Full Moon of the 22nd in sister-sign Taurus signals a beautiful completion of a learning experience that began six months ago. Fully utilise the power of advertising, the net or travel and academia.

LIBRA: It’s been a frustratingly slow 10 weeks but rest assured that from the 8th the intensity dies down and by the 19th, it will be full steam ahead. Ducking and diving through the murky swamp of Scorpio, Venus is back in your sign from November 8th. It’s been a long road from August 8th where this journey began. And while life turns a very sweet corner on the 19th you will have to be quick with putting your best efforts in where promotion, health and lifestyle changes are concerned as this will make all the difference from November 30th-January 8th. December is a very tricky month but if all the muck has been cleared up from the underbelly of your financial life, you will have a clean slate to approach income, business and property situations. If you are a writer, blogger or work in media, up until December 6th you will have plenty of intellectual stamina to say what you want very clearly. Short trips to intriguing places are also very possible. The Full Moon of the 22nd peaks nicely in your other people’s money, assets and resources sphere, so crunch numbers carefully.

SCORPIO: Your aura precedes you and your allure is at an all time high during November. This is the month to revamp everything from your clothes, hair, make-up and image to improving your employment profile, starting a Facebook page or overhauling your website. It’s all about you (or your business or profession) and your image as you head into a new solar year. While it’s best to wait till the second half to launch new projects, your annual New Moon marks the beginning of an active month where there are plenty of chances to turn things around. It’s bumpy in December so steam ahead with plans now. Venus has been pacing your sign since September 8th making the past 10 weeks interesting but uncertain. November 8th-30th there are sudden turnarounds, opportunities and lucky breaks in romance or creative ventures, but you will have to socialise, mix and mingle to meet potential associates, friends or mates. There’s a huge temptation to spend money in November so set a budget and stick to it.

SAGITTARIUS: Mars is in your sign until December 8th so your birthday year gets off to a flying start from the 22nd. It gets even better when your ruler Jupiter turns to direct motion – along with Venus – on the 19th. While Mars will provide thrust and propulsion, wait until Jupiter turns direct before powering ahead with self-improvement plans. Jupiter – the planet of profits and presents – has been out of action since mid-July. You’ll find it hard to sit on your hands but things can work out even better if you can keep to physical tasks and leave lifestyle decisions until November 19th. If you are on the lookout for a new home, or if you have been trying to sell a property, dreams may come true then. There are definitely more options opening up and this makes you feel optimistic and able to plan for the future. Once Jupiter and Venus move forward, try to power-pack as much as you can into the period of the 19th-30th. December is a decidedly difficult month with many sea-changes making life uncertain. Christmas shop in November but keep big-ticket purchases until after the 19th.

CAPRICORN: With Mercury – the planet of commerce and transactions – going out of tune in your sign on December 11th, November is the month to get as much as you can done in terms of your Christmas preparations. There is an easy-going flow to life now where suddenly you can find the time in your busy schedule to meet with friends, make new acquaintances or put energy into charities or causes. In fact, you may be approached from all sides to assist with fundraising or collections. If you are involved with teams, bands or clubs, you will thoroughly enjoy the social pleasure of mixing and mingling. From the 19th, make the big lifestyle decisions that have been suspended for so long. Sudden opportunities, offers or openings will present themselves then and you may be spoilt for choice. In the bigger scheme of your life, Pluto travelling with the Node in your sign brings direct karmic experiences that, if recognised for what they are, can help you work through unresolved issues that lift the weight from your shoulders. What happens now is good for you.

AQUARIUS: It never rains but pours! This time it’s your career zone that becomes a juggling act and while you may be stressed at the beginning of the month, by the 19th you’ll be amazed at how easily it all falls into place. There’s a crowd around the top of your chart and what seems like a certainty can suddenly change after some thought or clarification. Be pro-active in goals and under no circumstances should you accept “no” for an answer. Friends, groups, bands, clubs and teams become highly animated in your life as do causes, charities and fundraisers. It’s crowded out there in the land of raising money but your cause is sure to stand out now if you put extra effort in and offer something in return. There’s also a change in your personal financial life after the 19th, which is the best time to pack in Christmas shopping. December’s loopholes and potholes make planning and action difficult so try to wrap up projects and end-of-year activities in November. November is also a month of great healing and resolution.

PISCES: Woo-hoo! Your ruler Jupiter finally turns direct on November 19th signalling the last leg of a year-long self-development phase. Between now and January 22nd, you’ve got time to give yourself a good going-over in terms of setting new goals and looking toward the opening 12-year cycle. November contains many hidden gems that suddenly come to light but like any treasure hunt, you have to be looking and be prepared to dig a little – not only with attitude but also the right tools. Learning, teaching and an open mind are the best tools possible to have in your bag of tricks. Venus also turns around on the same day (19th) in your shared assets and resources sector so where you have had difficulty balancing the books, suddenly the numbers line up like magic. Mars on your career and reputation zone also means this is a time to focus on specifics rather than spread yourself too far and wide. Aim high but start at the bottom and work your way up. Actions may speak just as loudly as words around the 20th so think before you speak or act but always remain optimistic.


Lesley said...

Hi Tracey, Haven't told you how great your site looks since you changed the background to earth by day and by night! And the type font is clearer. Hope this month of December is not too busy. Do you post something for January or are you away on holiday? Best wishes, Lesley (from hawkes Bay)

Tracey said...

Hi Lesley, thanks for the feedback. Yes Blogspot have some great templates now. Am working on December. Because it appears in the Kapiti Observer on Mondays, I am always behind the 8-ball if Monday does not fall on the 1st. Won't have it up until Friday at the earliest. Yes, I have a holiday over New Year but have written a forecast for Twisted South Magazine which you can purchase online when it comes out.
Thanks again, Tracey