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December 2010

PLANET REPORT: December contains a mixed bag of goodies that requires patience and trust in the powers that be that there are great changes ahead despite the slowing down, delays and last ditch attempts to grab control this month (the 14th is a day that is loaded with cloak-and-dagger style politics, passion and power ploys). Just as Uranus is biting at the bit to get on with his last foray in Pisces when he turns direct on December 6th, Mercury drags on the undertow and settles into the approach path of his retrograde phase between the 11th and 30th. Mercury’s deceleration in Capricorn puts the dampers on just when we feel like we are on the verge of moving into new territories, but this is one last chance to truly structure, strategise and economise our lives so that we can start 2011 with the bare essentials. When he gets together with Mars and Pluto on the 14th, it will be hard to resist the urge to defend and define our territory. Less shackled by the material world, as 2011 wears on we will lust after adventure and freedom once we hit the open road in March so hang in there and avoid the control trap. After being in Pisces since 2003, Uranus has great adventures ahead when he travels into Aries on March 12th and a fast and furious seven year era begins. As early as January 23rd, Jupiter will get the ball of change rolling so it’s a blessing in disguise that we have the holiday delays to create the space to plan. Alongside the Mercury retro holding pattern, a lunar eclipse at Full Moon in Gemini on the 21st will divide thoughts and ideas and break apart emotionally-based thinking patterns. Communication is the key to bridging the gap so that we can connect to our emotions and put feelings into words. Gemini is famous for splitting emotions from thoughts so an eclipse here means that it’s important to avoid rationalising or justifying actions in an intellectual way. If not, the solar eclipse at New Moon on January 4th in Capricorn will bring us back inside the boundary lines of our emotions. The bigger shifts in global consciousness mark March 29th as a key date for world economies. Thankfully, this “balancing-up” cosmic event that relates back to May 2000 when this cycle began will be short and sharp. Those born in the first few days of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will experience the direct effects of these shifts and are probably already in the throes of inner and outer change that began last June. Six months ago we caught a glimpse of what is going to be on offer in the coming months when both Jupiter and Uranus stood just inside the threshold of Aries. The summer solstice occurs on the 22nd at 12:40pm and will be a potent marking point for the next three months. Release the negative fears and worries then!

ARIES: December is complicated but it’s the last stretch of bumpy ground before Jupiter hits your sign on January 4th. The key is in the ignition and it will be all systems go from January 22nd so make use of December’s turbulence and pot holes to shake out the nuts and bolts that need replacing in professional issues (which are likely to be plentiful)! Mars fires up the engine from December 8th but by the 14th that atmosphere is thick with intrigue! So many secrets and behind the scenes activities are unearthed that you will be amazed at the timing as you prepare to change course in the future - you could be very glad you discovered a thing or two before ploughing ahead with life-changing decisions that could very well change your mind or attitude toward a particular venture or person. Communication and information is everything now since there is an eclipse in your communication zone on December 21st. Again, home and profession will be affected by the information or concepts that come to light. Keep your mind wide open.

TAURUS: Your sights are set on the bigger picture this month and even if you have to rethink some of these ideas or ideals, you have the right conceptual foundations in place for 2011. It’s all just a matter of tweaking the details in a publishing venture, your website, an educational, cultural, or travel project as previously hidden information comes to light. And there’s enough information to fill a book or two. Financially, other people’s resources, assets and money will be need to be sorted and structured so that the way is clear to move into the next phase. December may be full of delays and emotional issues, intrigues and interesting scenarios but what you learn will clear the air and pave the way for fascinating changes to your belief about people and places. 2011 is going to a journey of inner discovery and of reaching back into the past for answers to today’s issues.

GEMINI: Mercury, your ruler, changes direction on the 11th and won’t follow a straight trajectory until the 30th. This means, despite the irresistible desire to control situations around the 14th, letting issues rest and allowing life to shape itself as information comes along. Your zone of shared financial resources, assets and money will go through a series of loops bringing you face to face with the important people in your life. Can you avoid the deeper undercurrents that are pulling all of us into the void mid-month? Perhaps this is the moment of truth as this is a month for discussing, delving and divining both your own and a significant other’s thoughts and feelings. The eclipse on the 21st brings all this and much more to a conclusion. Freedom becomes the driving force of decisions made now. Avoid letting the concrete set until you are absolutely sure, which should be around mid-January.

CANCER: December is one of those wobbly months where eclipses dot the scenery like emotional landmines. Keep your cool as you ponder deeper issues that can no longer be avoided. A big question mark hangs over you and whether to carry on with a relationship that consistently brings up repeating themes and issues. Around the 14th, deep discussions or hidden information could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back but keep going with the flow until at least New Year’s Eve before signing, saying goodbye or searching for something new. There is still a solar eclipse at New Moon on January 4th to contend with and this will be when new directions are staked out. Whether you both take the same road, or part ways, is a matter of personal desire and just how much everyone is willing to compromise, cooperate or collaborate with each other. Not long now until Jupiter creates a whole new ball game in your professional and public life. Circle January 23rd as the beginning point!

LEO: Being ruled by the Sun, the eclipses of December 21st and January 4th create a distinct end and beginning point in matters involving children, creativity, a venture that involves a risk or two, your everyday world, health and even pets. All of these matters will have a double underline beneath them when Mercury does his three-monthly U-turn across these zones between December 11th and 30th. The eclipses will stamp a sense of permanent change across these areas. Welcome what happens because clearing out the deadwood will ensure that new elements can take hold and you will be free to pursue the open vistas that lie in wait throughout 2011. Passion is at an all time high this month and you can achieve the high ideals that you crave in intimate relationships and situations. You are also encouraged by children and their development creating a win-win atmosphere that leads to better parenting and interactions with off-spring or younger people. Draw out the best in a son or daughter who is ready to open up and share their thoughts.

VIRGO: Mercury’s up to his old tricks again from the 11th, turning things around just when you thought it was safe to move forward. And despite the uneasiness, you’ll be grateful for the mini-WikiLeaks scenario that empowers you to make the right decisions. Information is power now! If you have big-ticket property deals, try to avoid signing anything until after New Year if you can’t get it wrapped up the 11th. Presents also need to be wrapped up and under the tree - or hidden away - well before then too. Mercury retro phases are notorious for mistakes. On the other hand, you may decide to streamline festive giving and instead conclude that getting together is more fulfilling. And even though you are bursting to get on with the next instalment of a project, you are lucky that Christmas and the holiday season buys you time to digest information that will surface, especially around the 14th. It’s time for heart-to-hearts, investigations and research with family, home and child-related projects. Hopefully, this marks the end of a long saga.

LIBRA: You’re still busy getting through the flotsam and jetsam that washed up while your ruler Venus was retrograde in October and November. December finds you back at the beginning of a compelling financial situation that you now know a lot more about. December still carries potent issues that require deep thought especially in relation to family, shared living, parents or shifting, renovating or buying. Digging deep doesn’t just apply to your physical foundations but to anything from your childhood to the present day and everything in between. Old issues can surface now, especially around the 14th, and then again on January 4th when cosmic pressure points set off all sorts of issues that you thought were dead and buried. Keep your Libran logic working for you rather than get tangled up in the emotional complexities. Communication and keeping sight of the big picture is the key to successfully navigating this sensitive month. A whole new ballgame starts from late January!

SCORPIO: Keep within your budget and work on streamlining financial or business budgets at least until January when you will have all the facts and figures that you need to plan ahead. Allow for necessary big-ticket items by keeping smaller purchases to a minimum. Your ruler Mars has grand financial designs to work with up until the 8th and once he moves into Capricorn it will be time to put the thinking cap on to structure and materialise these plans. Think like an accountant, visualise like an entrepreneur and act like a technician! Use the delays and uncertainties to step back and look at the big picture rather than give into doubt and worry. And even though the week leading up to the 14th will be intense and passionate but very restrained, by the 19th you will be able to see beyond the control issues and into the future. Emotions will overshadow logic at the lunar eclipse at Full Moon on the 21st but this helps to clear old thinking patterns that affect attitudes and behaviour.

SAGITTARIUS: Happy birthday Sag! It’s all systems go as you rev into action with the New Moon in your sign on the 6th. As the month opens you’ve got self-improvement projects on the boil, perhaps because you’ve turned the calendar and realised there are only three weeks till Christmas. There are houses, gardens and shopping to get done in such a short time. Don’t worry you’ll manage it all by starting at the beginning! Firstly though try to get the shopping out of the way so that you avoid the classic Mercury retro tendency (from the 11th) to buy all the wrong things, or to find that they don’t work. This is definitely a month to plan ahead financially and see beyond the gift-giving into the exciting future that begins in late January when your ruler Jupiter moves into fellow-fire sign Aries on the 23rd. Communication is the key to avoiding emotional issues at the lunar eclipse in your relating zone on the 21st. Try to see past the trivialities then.

CAPRICORN: As you head toward your birthday month, which starts at the solstice on the 23rd, you will have to strive hard to balance all aspects of your life. There’s an intense concentration of energy in your sign as well as Mercury following a crazy course from the 11th so keep everything open and relaxed. This makes December the perfect month to take stock before your personal and global New Year begins. You’re up close and totally immersed in personal issues that must be dealt with, as well as your sense of control, but the trick to getting through this phase is to let events and developments flow before sealing the envelope. Karmic issues require attention and they will keep coming back until understanding or resolution can be achieved. Hopefully, December will be the month when you give it one last shot before heading into the wild blue yonder of 2011. An eclipse on January 4th occurs in your sign and this will be the marking point for the next six months.

AQUARIUS: Being a group-oriented person, you are way better at dealing with the team, band, club or network as a whole than you are on a one-to-one basis. December is a month when all your social talents will be brought to the surface despite the need to attend to intensely private issues around the 14th. And even though you are needed by your associates and mates there is something about situations that arise that require a wait and see approach. You’ve got so much happening behind the scenes that require a zen-like approach to deal with the karmic implications that are attached to them. For this reason, you need to save your energy for the secrets and intrigues that others might not be aware of. By mid-January, we will be on the straight and narrow but until then deal with issues as they occur but avoid setting agreements, commitments or collaborations in concrete until you have all the facts. Gather and scrutinise details and then act in January.

PISCES: Even though you are winding down the working year, there are professional or life-direction issues that will become obvious as December wears on. Something that was almost signed and sealed will suddenly go through a series of changes that will compel you to think ahead to the bigger picture of 2011. Visualise, plan and strategise as well as look at the big picture of the coming year but try to avoid making hard and fast decisions until all the facts are to hand (once the working year begins again). With a retrograde and two eclipses looming over the holiday season, this is a time to watch and wait while giving the impression you are moving toward a resolution or decision. Issues around who holds the reins, wears the trousers or wields the stick could backfire if vision is too narrow-sighted. Around the 14th friends, team and band mates or associates will push the envelope as hard as they can but again back off until you can see what the real motivation is. A cold-shoulder approach could really mask Insecurity and fear. Life is changing and an era is about to come to an end.

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