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March 2011

PLANET REPORT: As we enter March, life seems very strange, quixotic, distorted and new after the earth-shattering, revolution-inducing cosmic events of February. With no let-up in sight, a new cosmic order begins on March 12th when Uranus joins Jupiter in bold, adventurous Aries for a seven year stay. There is also a palpable tension rising all month as Mars heads toward a spectacular conjunction with Uranus in Mars’ own sign, Aries on April 4th. And just like the flexible new foundations, structures, rules and regulations that will rebuild cities and cultures, we need to flow with the change and build personal foundations that can withstand the jarring - and sometimes abrupt way – our new perspective will be formed in the coming months. The fiery vision of Aries will heat the dying emotional waters of Uranus in Pisces and transform feelings into actions through flashes of inspiration to create a fresh future in the coming seven years. Ideas and mental energy abound on the 9th when Mercury joins Uranus and then Jupiter on the 15th while intense intellectual fervour occurs on the 13th - try not to hold on too tightly to the need to control in this wild times. The heightened lunar activity that the year began with means we need to be armed and prepared right up until June 2011, especially around the New and Full Moons each month. And while our teeth may rattle and our knuckles turn white, it’s a ride that will twist and turn around corners we never dreamed existed. From June 5th, Jupiter will give us practical gifts to work with and from this will emerge patience and stability. In March, circle the 12th, when not only does Uranus transit into Aries but Mars locks into the New Moon pattern that occurred on the 5th. Also highlight the Full Moon of the 20th which is a karmically-loaded lunation that relates back to last September’s New Moon - one day later, the Sun conjoins Uranus. Following new goals and aiming for something outside of our usual comfort zones is the best way to accommodate the shifting landscape. Being thrown together with people who are “good” for us or taken to places where destiny happens, is the signature line of this pattern. By March 31st, Mercury will be retrograde. This means that from as early as March 17th, we need to sign and seal major life changes or avoid beginning anything that is not already in the making until after April 23rd, when Mercury resumes normal direction. Adding to the melting pot that is Uranus, Jupiter, the Sun, and then Mars from April 2nd, Mercury’s to-ing and fro-ing in hot-headed Aries, means that this is unlikely to be a passive time of review but more of a push and a shove to take a second look at decisions, choices, projects and setups. The Autumn Equinox – which marks the tone of each season or quarter - occurs when the Sun travels into Aries on the 21st at 12:22pm. Two planets on the critical first degree of a sign, and especially on the Aries’ first degree, means that once again revolutionary, shattering Uranus will bring lightening-quick events, people and situations. Stressful to say the least, but, ultimately, this energy will loosen and free up the old patterns of relating, mating and creating.

ARIES: Your sign has a very busy year coming up once the Sun slam-dunks into Aries on the 21st. For many of you - but especially those born on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd March - Jupiter is already paving the way for the brave new world that Uranus will surely usher in. This is a generational shift when a new crop of people and events come into being and for those who have early birthdays, you may be part of this change directly. Your personal identity is up for a whole new look, image or attitude, and you will be a magnet for, or be totally drawn to anything that is outside the square and can revitalise and renew your outlook and experiences. By the end of March and into April, try to slam the brakes on and backup a little. Events are happening a little too quickly just when you need to reassess keep an eye on the details. Yes, you are biting at the bit, but act in haste, repent at leisure applies from March 17th

TAURUS: From March 12th, you will shift from an outer friend/group/network-type focus to a bigger inner life of exploration, retreat, healing and an interest in the spiritual, emotional side of your existence. So much has changed in the past seven years with Uranus moving through the social zone of your chart but now you can begin to look back and see that a line is slowly but surely being drawn in the sand that will separate “them” from “you”. This new holistic frontier appeared for a short time last June and July but then mysteriously disappeared, allowing you time to say a proper goodbye to your social set, or a set of aspirations, ideals, hopes and dreams. From March 12th, after this one last encore, you step behind the curtain for good to rebuild a much more therapeutic setting for the amazing inner changes that will form over the next 7 years. Take the time between March 27th and April 21st to make the transition and weigh up all options.

GEMINI: You’ll be glad to hear that the roller-coaster ride that Uranus has bolted you along in your career zone since 2003 is about to pass into the history books. It all tentatively began last June and July, when new faces appeared or events that altered old friendships occurred, and after this glimpse, on March 12th this very social, group-oriented phase begins properly. This is a process of breaking up the existing patterns of forging friendships and meeting people of similar, but also very different, aspirations. Suddenly you wake up with different goals and dreams and this causes you to look at people in a completely new light. Alternatively, the people around you may go through a period of rapid change and this spills over into your life. Mercury turns retrograde at month’s end so from the 17th, you enter into a peculiar phase where life shrinks and expands at the same time. Despite the feeling of urgency, take your time. Late in April, the lights turn green.

CANCER: If you have a Gemini around you, ask them about their career and professional life over the past seven years. This might give you some idea of the great changes that you are about to enter into. If you are born in the first three days of your sign, you are likely to already be experiencing an urgent sense of needing to break the mould and experiment with something new. Others may feel that change is being forced upon you and though the stress is great, in the long run, you will eventually soak up the feeling of freedom to completely change your direction in life. The building work continues in your home and family sector, whether it’s with your house, the landlord or your tenant, because this will be the base that keeps you grounded while the gyrometer swings wildly in your life direction zone. Secure your foundations as best you can while looking forward to a brave new future.

LEO: The world is your oyster from March 12th, when Uranus joins itchy-footed Jupiter already in your zone of learning, travel, beliefs and publishing. Your thinking and beliefs are about to be exposed to totally new concepts that open up many ideas, experiences and cultural diversities. From the Bible to Baghdad, the diversity on offer in the coming months is going to extend all the way to 2019 and the urge starts right now. But! Because Mercury turns to backward motion on the 31st, from the 17th you should really take a step back from packing bags or enrolling in courses until all the variables assemble themselves into some kind of crazy pattern. This will save you plunging headlong into something that appears exciting and just what you need but may not really be what you want in the long run. If tickets are already booked, then prepare yourself for a journey of a lifetime where anything can happen. Double check everything, especially around the end of the month. By late April, it will be all systems go!

VIRGO: A rush-rush month when the peculiarities of other people steps up a notch or two before the hot and cold atmosphere of the past 7 years in relationships settles back into a regular rhythm. From March 12th, Uranus moves into your zone of property, cash, settlements and finances where a diverse range of experiences will change your thinking about money forever. Of course, this involves other people or organizations such as banks or insurances and what you will experience will require a huge leap in your knowledge base. Anything can, and probably will, happen, and quickly! Start preparing for a future that will be radically different. At the same time, you need to keep in mind the rebuilding that has already started in the way you earn money and that earnings need to keep in line with expenditure. If you can get this formula right, you can make amazing profits or investments with the coming opportunities. The Full Moon of the 20th will bring a brush with fate but with Mercury, your ruler, going off air on the 31st, you need to step back and take stock of what you are getting involved with financially.

LIBRA: Life is big right now. So big, we cannot keep up with the rapid changes that will continue to bombard us all for a few more months yet. For Librans, (along with Aries, Cancerians and Capricorns) you are already going through your own personal scaling down, and just when you had given up the ghost, along come people and relationships – from romance to partnerships to friendships- that tip your view to the opposite end of the scale. This person or person may have appeared last June or July and has been coming and going, blowing hot and then cold, until January when their orbit came closer to yours. Accepting diversity is the deciding factor in this crazy liaison as well as the issue of freedom – either yours or theirs. Take it slowly despite the feeling that you need to make a decision. There are so many more variables to come to light that you would be wise to avoid commitment until late April. Take note of what happens around the 20th.

SCORPIO: If you have a child who has been up and then down and then back up again, or a love life, that has been crazy, erratic but extremely stimulating, then you will be glad to know that all the unpredictability of the last seven years is about to become at lot more settled. With Uranus moving out of this zone and joining Jupiter in your work and health sphere, this area of your life will soon go through a major revolution. Up-skilling, finding hours that free you from the 9-5 shackles, taking up new technologies, or simply forging a completely new health regime is what is in store in the coming months and years. Mind, body or spirit, it’s time for a change for the better, especially if you had a preview last June or July of what could happen if you allow things to continue on in the same old way. Uranus is all about inventing a new role for yourself, whether at the gym or in the workplace – now is the time to kick it all off. Having said that, there are snarls up ahead where insights flow thick and fast so wait until late April to dive into the next era.

SAGITTARIUS: Since 2003, your home life has been as vague and as unpredictable as the weather is in spring but from March 12th, chaotic, quixotic Uranus moves out of this area for good. And while it will take a while to steer a straight course, the world of children, fun, creativity and romance comes alive in an extremely unique way. Whether you are a parent with a child, about to have a child or you are looking after other people’s children, there are some amazing times ahead with opportunities to enter into competitions, travel or achieve a sporting award. Some may even adopt or meld your own family into someone else’s. Romantically, you don’t get any more exciting than this! Single or married, the next few months are like that old jingle about gingernut biscuits, or an extra hot curry….so spicy! For others yet, there are some astounding opportunities to invest in something that is so far off your radar, you would never have thought it possible. The only glitch is waiting until late in April to seal any commitments of time, energy or money. By then, the facts and variables should be plain to see.

CAPRICORN: With a whole heap of planets at the nadir of your chart, and most particularly Uranus’ shattering arrival on the 12th, your home, domestic and family life is about to enter into a revolution. From rebellious children to wayward parents to eccentric visitors or flatmates or landlords, you will never know what or who is going to land on your doorstep next. Find a Sagittarian and ask them relentlessly what has occurred in their home life since 2003 and you will get an idea of the phase you are about to enter into. Go with the flow dear Capricorn because hidden amongst the chaos is a beautiful opportunity to free your life up in ways you never dreamed possible a few years or even months back. Expansion is the key as is breaking up old patterns so that your life is that much more authentic. Late April is when you can pass Go and truly put your heart, soul, signature or endorsement on the dotted line.

AQUARIUS: Say goodbye to wayward finances that go up and down like a bad day on the stock-market and welcome a unique way of approaching life on an intellectual level. If you are a writer, or have always wanted to write, or be a mouthpiece for the masses, your mind is as wide open to unique, out-of-the-box ideas as it ever will be. Jupiter has already been expanding your thoughts and communication style since late January but from March 12th, Uranus carries them beyond the ordinary and into society. For others, there may be unique situations to think about each day and this could range from your local neighbourhood to a brother or sister who is involved in something that is extreme but exciting. Others may find opportunity comes via technology such as the internet. You may doubt that this is possible in the closing days of the month but the roadblocks then are simply a test of your ideas. Venus in your sign from the 2nd helps you immensely.

PISCES: With Uranus about to chuff off out of your sign after carving an erratic but immensely satisfying path since 2003, you are about to leave behind a once-in-a-lifetime era that has seen you establish your identity in a unique but authentic way. From March 12th, the focus shifts to your financial life – the way you earn, save and invest money – and with Jupiter already in this area, you will now begin to see equally unique ways to attract cash and put it to use. Saturn has been working hard in the area on the other side of your chart that involves other people and your joint interests i.e. mortgages, loans, credit cards, insurance etc since late 2009. And while this has restrained you somewhat, or at the very least made you extremely aware of your responsibilities from their point of view, you now have the opportunity to invest in yourself and what you truly value in life.

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