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April 2011

As the sun sets on the closing cosmic chapter that was Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius, a new era emerges so quickly and unexpectedly. With Mercury retrograde in April, it's time to catch your breath and allow Neptune's arrival in Pisces to soothe the soul. Take the middle, balanced road that is Saturn - be mindful and alert while remaining calm in extreme situations.

PLANET REPORT: Another cracker of a month that continues with the high-energy theme we have been experiencing since the end of 2010. With Uranus now in Aries and Neptune shifting into Pisces on the 5th, we must keep in mind that we are entering a new chapter in the history books and that even though we are enduring extreme birthing pains, life will settle down after June. And despite the pain that some people will experience, trusting in life requires a huge leap of faith and nerves of steel. There is no doubt that events will be highly stressful for some and that all we can do is support them as best we can but as we pass through events and obstacles there will emerge a greater sense of the future and what all these changes mean both personally and globally. We can look forward to a new set of values and the need to alter our outlook and the ways we have become accustomed to so that a new order can take hold from which will arise a greater sense of purpose. Preparation, flexibility and adjusting to the speed at which we are all travelling at are the best ways to handle the unexpected deliveries of news, views and events each day. It all starts with Mars not only in his own sign Aries from April 2nd-May 11th as well as a push-pull New Moon in Aries on the 4th but also an electrifying, sizzling union of Mars with newly-arrived but totally extreme Uranus in Aries from April 2nd-5th. Uranus is always revolutionary and unpredictable while Mars is the engine that drives the train to new destinations. Because Mars’ cycle takes two years, this suggests that new frontiers can be eventually be forged out of the chaos. Amidst the tragedy there is also a palpable excitement that we need to grab hold of to avoid being overwhelmed on a personal level. Once Mars leaves unruly Uranus he then meets Saturn in a tension filled opposition. Saturn is the only planet representing law and order and the face of humanity at the moment and he is definitely struggling against the odds in Libra to keep this balance. Between the 11th and 19th we will see evidence of this when the brakes are jammed on. Saturn in Libra is the face of people helping people to restore the foundations of lives that have been overturned and we can see that this is a difficult but ultimately rewarding task. The Full Moon in Libra on the 18th helps bring closure of events that began six months ago and underlines the value of relating to others. The month ends with Mars conjoining Jupiter between the 29th-3rd May. This aspect may act as the lift-off point of our journeys if we are prepared to move on, or an expansion of already existing situations. It all depends on what luggage we are carrying and how much we are prepared to off-load or hold on to. And, last but not least, while our eyes are peeled on global events, Mercury retrograde reminds us to keep an eye on the smaller details. We may be in such a rush to move on or get out of difficulties before we are ready, that we forget to read the fine print, double-check travel arrangements or become involved in new situations without being aware of the full implications.

ARIES: Your birthday year is sure to be full of exciting adventures with your
ruler Mars now blasting through your sign. The tempo, stakes and optimism are
raised now that two new cycles begin in your sign. The beginning of the month
starts with a bang when Mars catches up to revolutionary Uranus bringing a quick
succession of events that will be hard to keep up with. This is a time to take
risks but take a reality check between the 17th and 19th when Saturn creates
speed bumps and obstacles in the form of someone who urges you to slow down and
consider personal changes carefully. The Full Moon of the 14th will underline
this even further but after this you will have a greater sense of balance in
your perception of others. Communication is the key as is leaving major
decisions until after the 23rd, which is another key date. From the 29th you
have a choice of adventures and dreams to follow. Go for it!

TAURUS: Whatever is happening behind the scenes is the focus of your chart in
April. With Mercury travelling backwards through this area, the past, your inner
life, health and spiritual wellbeing takes centre-stage. In June, a
grand new 12-year cycle begins that will help you overhaul your image, looks,
direction in life and your general attitude. This means that as your birthday
month draws near, April is a great month to clean out the closets and get rid of
the stuff that is no longer of use. Less baggage means a better start to the
12-month journey of Jupiter through your sign. Jupiter will be here until June
2012 and is full of the promise of stability and fertile growth. Whether it's
travel, education, a whole new philosophical outlook or a brand new image, you
are about to enter into a much more prosperous cycle that can only take off if
you have dealt with the issues that arise in April. Key dates this month are
2nd-5th, 11th-13th, 17th-19th and 29th-1st May.

GEMINI: Your ruler Mercury is steaming backwards through Aries highlighting all
the bigger change that is occurring both personally and globally. Interesting
developments almost always occur when the planet of commerce and communication
does a U-turn. This month, so that you don't miss the important details that
could unravel further down the track, you need to ease your foot off the
accelerator. Pull over into a slower lane when it comes to friends or the groups
and teams that you are involved with. There is a great shift happening in this
area that will alter your perception of people in exciting ways. Some may show
you how anything is possible, while others may be too radical with their views or
intentions. The New Moon of the 4th will highlight this while the Full Moon of
the 18th will help you find a counter-balance between your social and romantic
life or where your responsibilities lie with a child or children. Of course, you
may also have aspirations that are in direct opposition with these
responsibilities. Neptune now sits at the top of your chart, so a sea-change in
your life direction, a parent or your public persona is now at hand.

CANCER: There is a lot of activity surrounding your sign that may push you out
of your comfort zone in April. Events and people pop up in rapid succession this
month and it won't be plain sailing but what you discover or experiment with
will open your mind up to the new possibilities that are forming with the fresh
era that we have all entered into. The New Moon of the 4th brings an intense
feeling of optimism but there are still obstacles from the domestic quarter of
your life that need resolving. You know that the sky is the limit but until
these familiar issues are dealt with, there will be a feeling of driving with
the brakes still on. Balance is the key. Mercury is retrograde this month and
this is always a good time to take stock, especially on a professional level.
The devil is in the details and the powers that be in your trade, profession or
public life will be active and very real. From the 23rd, anything is possible
and you will enter into May feeling much more optimistic about the future if you
have off-loaded unwanted baggage.

LEO: You are one of only two signs that can actually enjoy some of the hair-raising changes that the world is going through! Caution is always advised in high-tension times, but generally April is a huge month in terms of travel and educational activities. You could find yourself in the thick of things anywhere, anytime. The rock that people turn to, you have the breadth of vision to aid and assist. At the same time, even if you are living an ordinary life, you may find that you are suddenly awakened to possibilities that lie far beyond your usual boundaries. If you are travelling long distances, at home or abroad, be sure to triple check all your arrangements or to have alternative plans up your sleeve just in case things turn a little chaotic. And even though you might find yourself in a strange place at a strange time, the switched on people, the culture, or the atmosphere will make this location exciting. For stay-at-home Lions, there is still the same thirst to learn or expand your mind that on-the-move Lions will experience, and you might be inexplicably drawn to out-of-the-ordinary studies or beliefs.

VIRGO: With Mercury travelling backward through your other people’s money zone, this could be a nail-biting time if you are restructuring, settling or making claims, loans or working on joint property, tax or insurance issues since there are so many wild cards to contend with. Life in this area is highly-volatile but handled with kid gloves could produce some opportunistic gems. Money matters go through an explosive start as April opens with exciting developments kicking the month off. Leave off counting your chickens though until after Mars opposes Saturn, who will want the accounts to balance exactly. Because of the intense scrutiny mid-month, preparation is the key to making the most of the hidden opportunities or for approaching others for loans or favours. By month’s end, if everything is done with caution, practicality and honesty, the world could be your oyster. Watch the fine print and be accountable for everything.

LIBRA: If you could pick a month to stay in bed for an entire 30 days, this would be it! Being on the opposite side of the sky from the explosive line-up in Aries, Librans are going to have to approach life with a Zen-like attitude. Saturn in your sign is currently the only sane planet in the sky during April so stick to the rules and structures that you know best. Other people are the wild cards in your existence right now but trying to make head or tail of their needs, wants, thoughts or ideas will be like trying to find a light switch in the dark. You can make a difference though by remaining level-headed and rational at all times (yes! that could be difficult). The 17-19th is when the brakes go on in situations that threaten to get out of hand. Just when others are charging ahead without a plan, obstacles will slow the speed at which events and dilemmas could escalate so this could be a blessing in disguise. Being mid-way through your solar year, the Full Moon of the 18th suggests doing a mini stock take of the last six months. By the end of the month, communications get a lot easier.

SCORPIO: If you’ve got work projects that require rocket propulsion or a unique flash of insight to get started or finished, April is the month to plough through as much as you can on existing tasks. This applies to jobs that have already been planned for rather than those that are brand new but this can a great time to make rough outlines on paper for future use. It’s a busy, busy month on a daily level and you may find that what you set out to do in the morning flies completely out the window by lunch. Try to prioritise so that if you get side-tracked by the unexpected the important jobs have been taken care of. The area of your chart that rules pets, your health and the general maintenance of your life is brightly lit up with some very active planets including your ruler Mars. High-energy, there’s a tendency toward impatience and frustration when Mercury throws red herrings across your path but you could be grateful for the delays that prevent you from moving ahead prematurely.

SAGITTARIUS: With Neptune moving to the lowest point in your chart, the area that rules your home and family is about to enter into a sea-change that will be that much softer than the sudden changes and unpredictability that Uranus has brought over the past seven years. A flood of feelings will begin to emerge in this area that makes it possible to relate to others on a much more spiritual level. Having said that, your romantic and creative life is about to move up a notch or two during April and you will actively pursue exciting avenues of self-expression, whether it’s a hobby, social event or a passionate meeting with someone new. The internet or technology could play an important part in what you are doing now. There could also be exciting new developments with a child who suddenly excels in leaps and bounds, or you may strike a breakthrough in a situation that has been stuck for some time. For others, there may be news of a birth, pregnancy or adoption.

CAPRICORN: Like Aries, Cancer and Libra, the planets seems to be conspiring to make your life unusually active and exciting. From all directions, you are face-to-face with important decisions, events and people who can change the layout of your life permanently. In April, your domestic life will be highlighted in so many ways. For some, it will be living arrangements that will go through a rearrangement with the addition or subtraction of a family member, flatmate or visitor; while for others, renovations, a shift or some other situation will disrupt the flow of routine while this change-over occurs. From the 17th-19th, your ruler Saturn coupled with a Full Moon will bring your life direction into clear focus and this is a good time to take a reality check on where you would really like to be in a few years time. If you can hold off making firm decisions about home or profession until after the 23rd, you will be in a position to make the correct choice.

AQUARIUS: Travel could be on the agenda this month but it is likely to be for business or relationship issues rather than for pleasure. It all starts from the 3rd and culminates around the Full Moon of the 18th, which highlights distant places. For others, your knowledge base and worldly experience comes to the fore and there is certainly a huge amount of planetary energy in your zone of thinking, writing and communicating throughout April. This is an unusual cluster of planets so if you’ve got reports, letters or even a book to write, this is the month to put pen to paper. Because Mercury, the planet that rules communications is off air until the 23rd, try to wait until after that date before processing this information or sending it off to your recipient. While life is thrilling in many ways, there are also hidden details that will emerge as the month wears on and you will want to wait for this knowledge to emerge before signing off the final copy.

PISCES: There is a major sea-change for all Pisceans this month! Neptune, your modern ruler, will enter Pisces for the first time in 172 years! That’s right, we’ve never experienced this outer planet transit in our lifetime and hopefully this transit will arrive just when we need a little spirituality the most. Those of you who are born in the very early days of Pisces will experience the soothing waters of this mystical planet in a much more heightened way and you may feel the urge to retreat into an emotional, spiritual way of living. Remaining here until 2026, each of you will gradually experience Neptune during the course of the next 15 years. In April though, the focus is squarely on your financial life where sudden and quite exciting changes are happening that can’t always be planned for. Sudden changes could be disruptive but they will also free you up to earn money how and when you like.

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