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June 2011

On June 5th Jupiter moves into Taurus marking a period where greater stability means we can plan ahead with more certainty. Plot out a practical course rather than expect overnight success.

PLANET REPORT: While June opens with a double-edged solar eclipse in verbal Gemini on the 2nd (NZT), Mercury in its own sign Gemini and Venus in her own sign Taurus, from June 5th the gate opens to those luscious green fields that are always just on the other side of the fence. With Venus and Mars leading the way, this is when Jupiter moves into earthy, practical Taurus. Standing on the brink of this new 12-year cycle, the last time Jupiter sojourned through languid Taurus was between April 1999 and June 2000. Looking back to this time in our own lives as well as historically will give clues as to what type of issues can transpire between now and June 2012. Note to self: how can we do things differently this time round or are we harvesting the results of deliberate actions and plans cast over the last 12 years? On a global level, Jupiter in Taurus is often associated with financial markets and wealth so there will be even more of an emphasis on money and the material world. Jupiter will trine Pluto in sister-earth sign Capricorn three times (July, October 2011 and March 2012) so let’s hope the stability of this earth aspect means that we can set down roots rather than operate in free-fall. Traditional markets where tried and true commodities, stocks and bonds have stood the test of time will fare best. In contrast to its Aries transit, Jupiter in Taurus is about the rock-solid rather the risk-taking or entrepreneurship of the past year. While it won’t be until around December 2011 that we will really feel, see or get a sense of the results of what takes place between June-November, this is an extremely fertile time to plant the seeds of change and of being patient, practical and prudent. Jupiter also sextiles Neptune this month so dust down those dreams and think above the water level. In the meantime, despite the bigger cosmic bookmark, lunar activity this month is tempered by eclipse activity which tends to destabilise. In Gemini and Sagittarius, there is a tendency for discussions, thoughts and ideas to become stressed and emotional. This will be even more so with the Full Moon of the 16th which opposes the communication planet Mercury and emphasises activities that involve commerce, writing or negotiating. Words can splice relationships so use them carefully! It also highlights activities that began six months ago. Carry the level-headed detailing of the New Moon in Gemini on the 2nd through to the Full Moon on the 16th when too many promises provide food for disappointment. The Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun travels into Cancer on the 22nd at 05:18am. This wet-looking chart could bring a flood of ideas that are hard to put into action. Wade through details before acting.

ARIES: Jupiter leaves your sign on June 5th and won’t be back until 2022! Can you look back over the past year and see how much you’ve grown on a personal level even if it’s only ridding yourself of the long term stresses and strains that have made life difficult since 2009. It might just be an inner change such as your philosophical outlook or it could be that you have learned a great deal either on the job, in your daily life or in a formal educational situation. Travel might also have broadened your horizons or provided opportunities, or you may have tutored yourself in a subject, hobby or skill. Jupiter’s arrival in your zone of money, security and what you value in life can help you develop an extremely lucrative plan for the long term after the experiences of the past year. The New Moon on June 2nd and the Full Moon on June 16th will highlight any issues associated with long distances, learning and discussions as well as documents, books and reports. Walk carefully through this month and think everything through before committing on paper. Relationships take a significant turn from mid-month.

TAURUS: Get set, ready, GO! On June 5th Jupiter rolls the dice across your sign providing the people, places, spaces, tools and attitudes to make life changes that will set the tone for the next 12 years. As the closing 12-year cycle fades into history, it’s time to restock the mental attitude and stand aside to let good thoughts and positive resolutions fall into line at your front door. It won’t happen overnight – in fact, it could take six months before you sense any change – but If you are prepared to be patient, diligent and determined, the coming year will certainly see a great deal of positive and optimistic activity. This is a sowing acorns that will grow into oaks kind of phase rather than a get-rich-quick chapter in your life (unless of course you have projects that are about to be launched) but you can do everything in your power to fertilise and tend to your personal patch of existence.

GEMINI: Happy birthday dear Gemini! On June 3rd your ruler Mercury will create a stir when he slips into his own sign followed by Venus on the 10th and Mars on the 21st. Despite Jupiter moving into the more reserved area of your chart where you are preoccupied by private, internal matters over the coming year, June still promises to be a lively, communicative month that fizzes over with ideas, feelings and thoughts. The whole month kicks off with a solar eclipse at New Moon in Gemini on the 2nd and despite the volatility that eclipses sometimes bring to our lives, this one is tempered by sober Saturn who holds the ropes while the winds buffet your sails. Keeping you on a steady course through to the Full Moon in Sag on the 16th, Mercury’s involvement with the lunar eclipse could topple the cards if you are deep in negotiations, conversations or disputes. Choose words wisely and choose your advisers with even more care. Leave emotions at the front door and let logic rule.

CANCER: The last month of your birthday year is here and with three eclipses flinging themselves across June and early July, it’s best to throw open the doors of your private life, health and work zones and let the dusty corners be swept clean. Being Moon-ruled, eclipses tend to punctuate Cancerian’s lives when they take place as regular as clockwork each year and this means rolling with the waves and rearranging the contents as they spill. Putting the wind in your sails and buffeting your emotions across the month, you just have to keep in mind that a lot of positive change is taking place with Jupiter’s crossing over into Taurus on June 5th. Very soon a whole new world of friends, acquaintances, teams and group activities as well as a new set of personal ambitions will stroll into your life as if they have always been there. It’s your attitude and ideas towards these encounters and activities that make the difference.

LEO: Like Cancer, who is Moon-ruled, you are under the guardianship of the Sun. Being of a less volatile nature than Cancer, you are still affected when eclipses and lunar activity make life wobbly. With three eclipses in four weeks splashing some colour into your cheeks, for you it will be the social networks, romance and children who will turn up the volume on issues that need to be addressed. There are greater things ahead with Jupiter reaching the pinnacle of your chart on June 5th kicking off a new 12-year cycle your life direction, career, trade or parental relationships sector of life. High profile, there is no place to hide as this is a highly public transit that will draw on your talents, resources and connections. It’s time to bathe in the spotlight Leo, stand up and be counted because the coming 12 months will be full of VIPs who can provide a stable platform to launch yourself from. Your domestic life will go through intense change too but then it is all part and parcel of the new you!

VIRGO: Being born under a Mercury-ruled sign, Virgo folk love to learn new things! For that reason, you will be very pleased to hear that from June 5th the bountiful Jupiter will jet into your zone of higher experiences bearing exotic gifts for your mind and soul. This will lead to an opening up of your world that lies beyond your everyday boundaries. Spread before you like a magical carpet, in hands-on, practical, sensate Taurus, what you see, hear, smell, touch and experience will not only add to your soul-life but will weave itself into your tool-kit of facts, skills and expertise. This in turn will lead to greater career changes from June 2012. It is very important to realise that this is a year of gaining experience and knowledge to take you into the future. Even your dream-life, belief system and armchair thinking will contain nuggets of gold and food for thought whether you travel or not. Before this becomes obvious, the eclipses over the next four weeks will bring mercurial, quickly-changing situations that makes the barometer of your professional and home life swing from one extreme to the other. Communication is the key.

LIBRA: Look at June as a new financial year and make resolutions to slowly but surely tick off all those fiscal issues that have been yapping at your heels for the past few years. Wherever you have become stuck in an economical rut, whether it’s a matrimonial, property or business matter, or a loan, credit card, insurance or tax bill, once Jupiter moves into this area of your chart, you will begin to see that there are indeed ways to get out of the mire and wipe the slate clean. It will take dogged persistence and a new determination but once you start whittling at the bigger debts, it will be surprising how quickly you can tunnel through to the other side. Opportunity will come to those of you with the right attitude – you just have to be looking at life from the right angle to see where the gems are buried. Renewed faith and optimism are your greatest inner resources, as is working in with the people, corporations and departments who have an interest in how you juggle the books. Even if you don’t have major issues to sift through, there will be financial surprises in the coming months that will help you up the ladder of success if you use resources wisely.

SCORPIO: With Jupiter setting up residence in your other people zone for the next year, June promises to be a big month for Scorpio folk. It’s been 12 years since he was last here so this marks an important milestone in all relationships. Whether you are getting married, saying goodbye to a stagnant situation, confronting an opponent, entering into a partnership, or meeting new people (possibly born around May), your whole world will be measured by others. You will slowly see the value in moving on, making pacts or working persistently together to make a project successful. And even if you know that it is time to move on from old situations, you will seek out qualities in other people that complement your need for change – and growing, learning and developing are extremely important. For the next 12 months, working in with people who have a wealth of practical experience will be your passport to personal expansion in the coming years. June is punctuated by financial issues too making this the perfect month to sort through joint money matters before moving on.

SAGITTARIUS: Your ruler, Jupiter, is making big changes in June and these changes promise a much more stable work life if you are prepared to dig your heels in and work steadily towards developing a practical routine or system. Jupiter in Taurus has a signature written across it that says success comes to those who are patient and determined. It’s not about being the first off the block but about being steady, reliable and practical. Despite your futuristic, impatient nature, you will truly come to see the value in the slow but surely mantra. Health is also a big issue and the same building blocks apply to a leaner, meaner you; and despite working doggedly you will need to balance long periods of inactivity with steady exercise and a diet as far away from fast foods as possible. June is a big month not only because of Jupiter’s move into your health and work zone but because the eclipses of June 2nd and 16th demand that you clear out the communication blocks, stale ideas and opposing philosophies of friends and foes alike.

CAPRICORN: Your rescue package from the relentless pressure of Saturn in your life direction zone comes in the form of Jupiter moving into your realm of children, romance, hobbies and creative self-expression. That’s right, from June Jupiter will expand these topics to the point where you slowly realise there is much more to life than ambition, career, status and making a name for yourself. That will come of course with the right amount of work toward a goal but there are sub-issues too that may involve asking questions about the children you already have or want to have in the future. It could also be about a creative project, hobby or sport that proves to be so much more satisfying in terms of personal growth. You are also entering into a new 12-year phase that will put you in touch with your sensual self and whether this is in the form of physical intimacy or pleasurable pursuits such as cooking, dining and wining is a matter of personal choice. What is important now is that you devote equal time to the pleasurable things in life. The eclipse on July 1st brings attention to a relationship that requires communication.

AQUARIUS: When Jupiter knocks on your door on June 5th, your home and family is where a grand new 12-year cycle commences. It’s been 12-years since he was last in this neck of the woods and this means it’s time to explore a new way of living that nurtures growth and sustenance. Whether you physically decide to move to a bigger space to bring up a young family or to take in a member of the older generation remains a personal issue but the focus on stability and an investment in the here and now is the same for all of you. If you are younger and single, you may decide that you need an organised living arrangement and that routine, warmth and good meals is a much better way to live if you are to achieve your bigger life goals. In May, there were events that led you to the decisions that will soon become apparent in the coming 12 months. For others, selling or buying a house becomes much more viable and will allow you to move into the next phase of your life. Setting down roots is important even if it means returning to your town or country of birth.

PISCES: On June 5th your ruler Jupiter will quietly slip into Taurus and for the next 12 months work his magic on the way you think, study, teach or communicate. Steadily you will come realise, and appreciate, the wealth of information that you have tucked inside your head and that there are very real and practical ways to get this dialogue and experience out and onto paper, your hard drive or to pass on in a verbal form. You have 12 glorious months ahead of you to plot and plan a strategy and because it will take at least until December for the cosmos to make the path clear and the outline to take shape, setting goals for 2012 is a wise decision to make now. Without a plan or goal you are in danger of letting this once-in-12-years opportunity to express yourself pass by. With dream-weaver Neptune also in your sign, there is no shortage of creative imagination however Neptune also knows no boundaries and this is where Jupiter in Taurus will excel. The eclipses in June open up a minefield of family and domestic issues but this will soon be a thing of the past.

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