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May 2011

There are fresh fields to explore in June when Jupiter, the planet of abundance, moves into fertile Taurus. May is the month to sow seeds and prepare for a new 12-year cycle

PLANET REPORT: As we turn the calendar over to May, there are six planets excitedly rubbing shoulders with each other in Aries, an extremely lush New Moon in Taurus on the 3rd and an exact Mars/Jupiter conjunction on the 1st making it a right royal start to the month. Rising one by one before the majestic Sun in the morning skies, the procession of Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter up and over the horizon just before dawn each day promises more activity and purpose than usual. Just as the Queen’s Guards lead the way for their royal entourage, the parade of planets that escort the Sun provide a protective guard over getting our affairs into order – from relationships to finance to bigger projects it’s the preparation, people and particulars that count. For those people whose birthdays fall in the early days of May (and even babies born during this time), this will translate into a feature of the coming year. Aries is always an active, pioneering sign so we can push through and get things achieved all while the fecund New Moon promises stability and fertility. The first to leave the Aries platoon will be Mars, whose energy will slow dramatically when he transits into Taurus on the 11th – after the frenetic activity of Aries, this provides a very deliberate, purposeful energy but there is also a tendency to run out of steam just as projects and situations are taking root. However by the 16th, Venus moves into her own sign Taurus to fill the treasure chest with riches that enhance our love or material lives. On the same day, Mercury also moves into Taurus providing practical ideas and better judgement to the subjective Venusian attraction to material and physical desires. May is a highly sensuous month and from the 16th, music, art, socialising, spending money on luxuries, eating, cooking and love top the list of favoured activities. As we get closer to June though, if we are alert we will catch wind of changes just up ahead that can take us unawares if we are too distracted by the mundane. A series of eclipses, that begin on June 1st and end on July 1st, means that we can’t become too complacent. Use the practical, down-to-earth energy of May to plan, prioritise and prepare for unexpected events. Jupiter moves into Taurus in June heralding a period of abundance until June 2012 but there will be speed bumps to contend with until July before this becomes apparent. The New Moon points the way forward to Jupiter's entry into Taurus on the 3rd while the Full Moon on the 17th at 11:10pm brings a six month phase to a close. Intense and passionate, it's time to dig deep and pull out the weeds.

ARIES: When Mars moves out of your sign on the 11th and Venus and Mercury on the 16th, the pace that you have been trotting along at will definitely slow and you will almost feel the air go out of your sails. Coasting along on cruise control, if you are midway through an important project or situation that requires a lot of physical input then get stuck in before the 16th. After that the energy becomes lazy and you will be less inclined to react with urgency. Moving into your money zone, the emphasis shifts to purchases, sales, spending and saving. If you have been investing your energy into work or business, this could be a time when you start to see returns or it might be the right time to ask for a rise. There is also an inclination to treat yourself to something beautiful or luxurious.

TAURUS: Happy birthday Taurus! On June 5th, Jupiter rolls into town and into your sign for the first time in 12 years. This is a significant new cycle so listen up! Prepare your mind, body and soul because over the next 12 months resources, people and opportunities will be at your disposal if you are willing to put as much positive energy into your life as you can. This is the year to set down roots in a big way! From as early as May 11th, you will get a sense that something big is just around the corner and from the 16th, people could appear who will either be there over the coming year, or who can offer an idea, a solution or a suggestion that could impact strongly on your attitude – this can be anything from advice or material assistance to building a strong network system. A turning point, this is the year to make connections, visit places or set down, or set about putting knowledge or a philosophy to practical use.

GEMINI: The last month of your birthday year has arrived and this is always a time of reflection as another year passes into the history books. This year there is a parade of planets passing through the very reflective zone of your chart that represents people from the past, confidential issues, your health and wellbeing as well as large institutions. From the 16th, Mercury, your ruler, will enter Taurus and encourage you to take a practical perspective on the revelations that come to light – and there are bound to be plenty of skeletons rolling out of the closets over the coming 12 months because from June 5th Jupiter will be pass through this area like a bull in a china shop. If you have delicate situations that require a delicate touch, then confide in people who are discreet and practical. Your birthday year begins on May 21st at 9:22pm (NZT).

CANCER: If there was ever a time to move mountains it has been in the last couple of weeks and right up until May 16th when the urgency of a professional or highly public situation will die down. With five planets all passing over the highest point in your chart, your attitude toward the wider world you live in matters now and what you do will be important to others. Whether it’s an audition, an interview, presentation or public speech, an official, boss, future employer or someone else who can open or close doors will be extremely interested in your attitude, demeanour, history or experience. The trick is to come across as confident without being cocky, knowledgeable but open-minded, experienced but flexible. From the 16th a whole new world of friends, interests and ambitions will come into being that are a preview of the fertile connections and ties that will develop during the next 12 months.

LEO: What a big emphasis there has been on your zone of travel, higher education or in the world of legal issues, publishing, beliefs or philosophies over the last 12 months. It’s been an extremely interesting journey of the mind. And whether you’ve sought legal advice, joined a spiritual group, travelled the world, read your way through the library or enrolled in a course, you know so much than you did 12 months ago. On June 5th Jupiter moves out of this zone and into your career sector, where you can apply some of what you have learnt in a hands-on manner. Up until May 16th it will be like cramming everything into one package or taking a crash course before you embark on this bigger journey that will mark a turning in your life direction. With Jupiter sitting at the pinnacle of your chart, you have a once-in-12-years opportunity to present yourself to the world in a brand new package.

VIRGO: From refinancing to making deals with a second or third party to reviewing your insurance, mortgage or tax position to making a claim or settlement, there is such a big emphasis on other people’s money up until the 16th that it is worth doing and re-doing plans or proposals. If you look back, you will see that it has been a work in progress over the last year and that you are nearly there. Once the inner planets lead the way for Jupiter, who moves into your zone of travel, education and the wider world on June 5th, you will enter a completely different head space altogether. This means that if there are any lingering financial loose ends that need to be tied up quickly, the first half of May is the perfect time to sign, seal and deliver. By the end of the month, it gets tricky and despite the storm clouds in June the long-term outlook is for fair cosmic weather.

LIBRA: By the 16th you will be able to relax and let down your guard where other people are concerned. The past few weeks have been a time of going over and over the details, plans or issues of a particular proposal or problem and hopefully you are now reaching the stage where you can move forward into the next stage. While other people have been pushing, prodding and poking you into a decision or agreement, you have been erring on the side of caution and that can only be a good thing because it will in the early weeks of May that you have a clearer view of the long term future. In June, the emphasis moves to joint finances or restructuring your whole setup with other people. From the bank to marriage settlements, the next 12 months will be a very productive time in terms of balancing up your debits and credits and creating more stability on a day to day basis.

SCORPIO: If you have been experiencing an overload in your daily schedule, you will be pleased to know that from the 16th things settle down somewhat. With the complex and varied tasks that you’ve been put on notice to achieve, you’ve covered a lot of ground and now all this should be coming together in a nice little package. Between May 11th-16th the inner planets will go before Jupiter to clear the space in your relationships zone where a brand new 12-year cycle begins on the June 5th. This will be the beginning of a very important phase in your life (the last time it happened was 12 years ago) and for some it might mean getting married or going into a business partnership with someone who may even be born around May. Whatever the case may be, other people are going to become increasingly prominent in your life and May is the month to prepare the way forward. Your annual Full Moon occurs on May 17th and marks the halfway point of your birthday year.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s been a lot of fun with so many planets in your party zone but from the 11th it’s back to reality! That’s when Mars moves into your zone of daily grind and projects, tasks and assignments will start to appear in your in-tray. Mars in Taurus is not a particularly fast-mover so use the high energy of Aries until the 11th to make a start on anything you know will be hard going later in the month. And while this might be tedious for a sign who likes to move around or work on multiple tasks, it’s not all bad because from the 16th both Mercury and Venus will move into this area too bringing lots of exotic distractions while you work. Your ruler Jupiter will be moving into this area of your day-to-day routine on June 5th and will remain here until June 2012. This means there will be a huge chance to develop skills and refine sustainable work practices and systems that will produce results over the long-term. Secure your position by up-skilling and using your knowledge.

CAPRICORN: If you have had major situations going back and forth within your home and family zone over the last four weeks, you are now on the open road and the way is clear for negotiations, contracts, agreements or settlements to take place, or perhaps you have workmen who are working to a deadline. There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in April, offers and counter-offers, and between May 11th-16th the cosmic energy changes completely. If still have a last minute assignment to complete in any of these areas, act as quickly as you can while the energy and ambition is high. From the 11th, your attention will turn toward children, love, socialising and generally having fun. There could be a celebration or special party that everyone is planning for and talking about. What takes place in the second half of May is a preview of the great gifts that Jupiter will bring in the next 12 months.

AQUARIUS: You’ve had so much to think about over the past four weeks so if you’ve been involved in conversations, negotiations or have writing assignments to complete, or have been tied up with sibling issues or travelling around a lot within your town or city for various reasons, you’ve got until 11th-16th to add the final touches. After that your energy and focus shifts to the domestic area of your life – a move, a visit, a parent or a family member – and the mental adrenaline that you have powered yourself with - will all but disappear. You are on the cusp of a brand new 12-year cycle that will begin on June 5th and this means that even greater changes are waiting in the wings as far as your private life is concerned. Some of you may even move or shift due to professional issues. May is the month to prepare for this turning point. The New Moon points the way on the 3rd and the Full Moon brings professional issues to a climax.

PISCES: With a loaded money zone up until May 11th-16th, now that Mercury’s on the straight and narrow, the first fortnight of May is a great time to channel energy into the financial side of your life. For some this might mean asking for a rise, while for others it might be purchasing a big ticket item that you have been putting off. There’s an urgency surrounding your business affairs so try to wrap these issues up by the 16th. After that, you will be pleased to know that you can slip into a more rhythmic state of mind. What takes place in the second half of May is a preview of the great mental expansion that can take place from June 5th when Jupiter moves into your thinking, writing and speaking zone. Jupiter is knowledge and combined with practical Taurus, this could mean using your own resources to connect with other people who are keen to learn from your hands-on experience. Publishing ideas and working on drafts could lead to something you can’t even imagine possible right now.

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