Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Twist-O-Scopes Summer Edition: June to August 2011




Written by Tracey Rizvi

ARIES: Life continues to be full of complex riffs but there’s a very simple tune to listen out for this summer and that’s Super-Jupiter’s entry into your money zone on June 4th. The bringer of plenty, this cosmic gardener will till the fertile soil right up until June 2012. It all depends on what you sow but this is your once-in-12-year chance to plant acorns that will surely turn into oaks. Open the tool-shed and examine the values, resources, talents and connections you’ve made over the last year and then set to work weeding your financial garden to make room for crops that keep will on producing once the hard work is done. Money is often linked to power and confidence and once you start seeing results and numbers stacking up, you will feel so sexy knowing that you’re finally able to direct your own your financial future. Like a sensuous summer afternoon, take life slowly.

TAURUS: This is it Taurus! You may not have been consciously aware of it, but once it starts, you’ll realise that the little itch you’ve been feeling in the soles of your feet has been the prelude to full-blown wanderlust. Look back to the beginning of this millennium to see what experiences, events or situations shaped the cycle that is closing. From June 4th, when Jupiter enters your sign for a whole 12 months, a new circle of events begins and many doors will slip back to reveal gloriously rich pastures that are now on your side of the fence. Your view of the world has been defined by what is around you but now there are very real ways broaden your mind, body and spirit. Take it at your own pace with your super-heightened senses on full alert for physical experiences that invite total engagement, commitment and passion.

GEMINI: Growing from the inside out is Jupiter’s message when he moves into your secret-self zone from June 4th. Over the next twelve months you will be preparing your life from behind the stage curtains that will go up in June 2012 when a new 12-year era commences in your sign. Right now though your flighty nature will be tamed and you will be quite content to work privately on inner issues that have their roots in the past. Yoga, therapy, meditation are just some of the positive ways you can etch deep changes slowly into your life. Developing good habits and routines is another. Since you like to view the world from an intellectual perspective, it could be time to get involved physically and connect your mind to your body and heart. Jupiter in Taurus is an extremely sensuous but practical combination. The eclipses in June will shift many attitudes.

CANCER: With three eclipses in a row (June 1st and 16; July 1st) your nerves may stretched and your emotions spilling all over the place just as your birthday year begins. But with the strong bonds that are being forged within your social circles, a friend, an associate, or even a band, club or team member whose rock-solid presence and broad shoulders is right there, you will make it across the rough terrain. Maybe it’s time to dust off those old dreams and hopes that are distinct from your career because that’s where the biggest opportunities lie now. Look within your social circle for opportunities even though it won’t be until late in the year that you will be able to see results, rewards or reconciliations from what takes place during the summer months. It’s all about your health in June, relationships in July and money in July and August.

LEO: If ever there was a time to capitalise on your fame, infamy, credentials or reputation, June 4th to June 2012 are the months to step into the spotlight and stake your claim or territory, or nail your name on the door. You’ve got 12 months to show the world and results won’t start to appear until the end of the year but there are great things happening on a larger scale, despite the emotional landmines to navigate around over summer. Great results require time, money and energy as well as patience, determination and will but the outcome can be extremely lucrative. What happened back in 1990/2000 that you might learn from Jupiter’s new 12-year spin? As the saying goes, however tall the mountain, there is always a road. Keep this in mind as you strive to rise up and over the obstacles of the past few years.

VIRGO: The next twelve months are about relationships, partnerships, agreements, pacts and deals that take joint projects, promises or positions to the next level. Whether it’s sharing a common vision, ideal or belief, starting up or moving a business overseas or interstate, getting married, or relocating because of your partner’s job, you welcome the sense of expansion. From June 4th, Jupiter moves into your zone of wider and brighter - but more secure – territories. It will be a gradual process becoming accustomed to shifting mental and physical barriers but once you can see the bigger picture, you won’t be able to resist making a move. For single Virgins, there’s just as much desire to expand your knowledge and skill base, or to move to a place where relationships can flourish. Watch for landmines on June 1st, 16th, July 1st. By your New Moon on August 29th, you’ll be ready to move.

LIBRA: The swift turn-around of long term setups and situations that you had with other people prior to June, will shift again over the summer months. From the 4th, sharing the spoils of business, financial or property-related ventures or agreements becomes easier to do. The start of a big new 12-year cycle in your zone of shared assets and finances means it will become easier to view the bigger picture in a practical, no-nonsense way. The fact that you are wasting money, energy and time fighting over the division, handling or future of what you own or share with others becomes crystal clear and this makes it easier to let go or simply agree with each other. On the other hand, exciting new partnerships go from the first flush to setting down practical agreements with each other. It’s a big time ahead for joint ventures so take practical advice where you can.

SCORPIO: A marriage, a pregnancy, a birth, the signing of a document or an extra-special announcement could be in the stars for Scorpios over the next year. As the summer months gently bathe you in Jupiter’s special glow from your relationship and partnership zone, a casual liaison can develop into a duet where you cover everything from philosophies, politics or parties to being totally passionate about a creative or financial project with great potential to grow. Whatever the circumstances, it’s the sealing and cementing of a relationship that will make the rest fall into place. It could also be a very creative collaboration where you can bounce ideas off each other, or perhaps one of you is the banker and the other is the baker.

SAGITTARIUS: Life is about to get a whole lot busier so tune your guitar, practice your scales, update your resume, or whatever talent you may possess, and take to the streets! From June 4th, it’s time to make your dreams a reality. Jupiter will be the cosmic talent scout who holds the key to work opportunities and savvy connections in whatever industry you work in right up until June 2012. You can’t afford to sit back and wait for life to knock on your door though – it can happen but only if you have put in the groundwork and the right people know where to find you. Your health is so important too because Jupiter is all about the big things in life and as a lover of everything that can be consumed, can easily expand the waistline. Work hard to resist temptations and keep yourself in tip top shape.

CAPRICORN: Let’s get the party started Capricorn! When Jupiter moves into your party zone from June 4th, it’s time to lighten up from all those career and life direction decisions and take to life’s dance floor. It’s all about balance and putting the song back into your heart! If you are single, you can suddenly find yourself face to face with your future partner – whether it’s at the art gallery, a play, a friend’s party or at the club – you just never know unless you are there. For others, there are still as many reasons to celebrate in the coming 12 months – a pregnancy, a birth, a creative coup, a sporting achievement, an investment, or even a son’s or daughter’s graduation into the next level of their life. Yes, the bigger, life-changing dilemmas will still be there but somehow it all becomes that much easier to win friends and influence people.

AQUARIUS: Life continues to be a learning curve that will bring rewards in the long run. Saturn’s presence in the bigger picture zone of your chart means it’s easy to keep your eyes on those distant horizons. You know now that short term thrills are a thing of the past but you’re happy about that because you can see the progress that patience and determination brings. Big Jupiter moves into your home zone from June 4th so this means larger and brighter spaces on the domestic front. Whether you upgrade, renovate, decorate or extend your current premises to make more room, home is where the heart is in the coming twelve months. And if you can’t go to the party, then bring the party to you! Your home swells with visitors from distant places, extended family visits or reunions with people from the past. You are the perfect host this summer.

PISCES: The floodgates are opening and you’ve bucketfuls of inspirational ideas to write, sing or talk about in the coming 12 months - it could feel as if you finally know why you have been put on planet Earth! With gentle Neptune coming back home to your own sign, you are now in a very mystical and mysterious phase that you will quickly adjust to even if it feels slightly psychedelic to begin with. Go with the flow and let the purple haze wash over you. Couple Neptune with Jupiter in practical, patient Taurus cruising through your thinking zone from June 4th, you have a potential-filled, inspiring combination that is yours for the taking. The power of thought can also heal the surfacing wounds of battles past as you enter into this new age of magical thinking. The trick will be separating fantasy from fact and recognising which ideas to run with.

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