Sunday, July 03, 2011

Twistoscopes Forecast for 2011

TWIST-O-SCOPES are published in Twisted South Magazine

Annual Forecast for 2011

Written by Tracey Rizvi


MATING, DATING, RELATING: On your marks, get set, GO! On January 23rd, Jupiter returns to your sign for a visit that only occurs every 12 years. Yes, it’s all about you, so give it your best shot! The next six months can be huge for making an impression and leaving your mark. Doors are already half ajar – you had a glimpse of the possibilities in June-September 2010 – but relationships will continue to throw up repetitive themes that won’t resolve so quickly. You can’t do it on your own Aries, so take the ram by the horns and realise that before you can move on, old karma must be sorted through, boxed up and then stored away before you can feel truly free. If you are looking for a quick getaway, the bad news is this relating theme is there until October 2012! The good news is that if you can get the hang of giving and taking, you will have rock solid backing from others. Older, mature, wiser and more experienced people will be the yin to your yang, pulling you back before you leap. Circle April, June and October as turning points in relationships.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: Jupiter is the bearer of gifts when he knocks on the door of your money zone on June 4th. Open the door quickly and let him in Aries! Once he is there, your patience, doggedness and determination will be rewarded with practical opportunities. You can establish, develop or capitalise on a business venture now, or score a contract, land a role and increase the money flow. What you do in June could be very lucrative but there is no such thing as a free lunch! Think in terms of months rather than days or weeks. You’ve got until June 2012 to invest time, money and energy to pull it off. This means that time is on your side so do it well and do it thoroughly! In the second half of 2011, the desire to build long-term security grows. It will be easier to squirrel away small amounts of cash that morph into one big amount of money, equity or cash-flow to be used for larger ventures. It all hinges on what you value most in life, recognising your own resources and talents and building on what is already at your fingertips. April is a big month for both relationships and money, while October is the month to run a review.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: Big, brash and bold, your attitude is definitely in the right place. You’re an industrious artisan, you work hard, fast and long for your money but, before you know it, the candle has burned at both ends and your famous vitality dims. You may be too busy to notice what your body is telling you but you’re heading toward a lengthy stretch between November 2011 and June 2012 where you will have to slow down and be kind to yourself. It will be the little things that count later in the year. Paying attention to details, being organised and efficient means you won’t blow a fuse trying to feverishly perfect and polish big projects. You’re spontaneous by nature but this year you need to run your life like a spreadsheet. Itineraries and schedules are important so that you’re not manically overworking to meet deadlines. Develop equilibrium between work and play, overindulgence and abstinence all year long so that when this phase starts everything will be nicely balanced. Growth is good, but too much too fast can play havoc with your nervous system. Take a stress-test with the events, people and projects that show up in March and August as they will be connected to your health and wellbeing later in the year.


As 2011 opens, you sense that bigger and brighter things are just around the corner. Though sceptical of feelings, trust this instinct Taurus because Jupiter is about to make a 12-year come-back to your sign on June 4th and will stick with you until June 2012. If you go with the flow of this cycle, you will spend the first half of 2011 finishing off old business, clearing your internal hard drive of the past and readying yourself for a new cycle of experiences. Travelling, learning and promoting yourself will spin you into the weft of new social circles, and if you are single, you may actually enjoy the thrill of variety that being free brings. And even if you fly solo, you will be glad for the lack of schedule and commitment that relationships tend to impose. Married? Your relationship can go from strength to strength with the new viewpoints and attitudes that you are developing. You are indeed lucky if your partner can develop right alongside you in his or her own way. But if not, remember that differences in opinion, beliefs and activities can create an interesting counterpoint. May, August, October and December are relationship months when the ebb and flow of your interactions bring interesting changes.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: Your attitude, actions and abilities will have a huge impact on your income, investments and money prospects in approximately 18 months time. By June 2012 you will be able to capitalise on the personal improvement plans you set out to achieve this year. Be open to opportunity, believe in yourself and also know that once you look at life from vastly new angles, anything is possible. Keep focused on main projects but also keep the skills, tools and knowledge that you are familiar with honed to perfection. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in something, so just as the Beatles honed their skills to perfection in Hamburg, you have the chance this year to sharpen, shape and structure your talents, flairs and abilities during the next year or so. Showcasing and promoting yourself is also another way to gain recognition and imbed your image in other people’s minds and emotions. Your life direction and lifestyle has gone through many incarnations in the past few years but idealism has been the most consistent thread. It’s been a glamorous road at times, disappointing at others. March-April brings sudden changes and by August you will be ready to move into the next chapter.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: If you are going to be spending lots of energy on moving up and onward in the second half of 2011, this is the year to get serious and sensible about your physical wellbeing and to pay attention to long-standing aches and ailments. With creaky old Saturn in your health zone until October 2012, stiffness and lack of flexibility will affect the day to day running of your life. Energising activities can also stimulate your system and help with the lack of energy and though people may think you are just being a lazy Bull, there is a reason for the lethargy! Mind over matter can help immensely and you can combat fatigue by not putting off till tomorrow what you can do today. You need to work at tasks slowly and methodically rather than rushing through chores but procrastination will be your biggest hurdle to overcome and conquer. By keeping on top of it all, you can avoid a deadly pile up which only makes you want to go back to bed. Seek the advice of traditional healers and try trusted remedies rather than going to the far left for cures. April is the month to make secret resolutions to give up bad habits or become aware of your health.


If you are in a serious relationship and you’ve had issues surrounding the realm of children – from pregnancy to adoption to child-minding - this is a year when you can strike a balance and come to an agreement. And even if you have issues other than procreation to work out, compromising and cooperating with each other becomes the sensible thing to do. Intimacy may take on a more traditional slant, no matter how young or old you are, and it’s all a matter of forging bonds that are not related to your sexual life. On the other hand, if you meet someone new, you could feel like you’ve always known them, or, there may be a large age-gap. Watch out for a Libran or Capricorn whose outlook, attitude, knowledge or wisdom makes a huge impression. Your social circle or team, band or club network could also provide a fertile breeding ground for relationships to flourish. One or two of these acquaintances may turn into long term friendships or even marriage. This is definitely a year to sign up to a club or group or even start your own band (or break away from the one you are already in). A year of opposites, friends and comrades are big, bold and very brash.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: The last year or so has seen your career morph from one extreme to the other – feast or famine – but, overall, you will now have a greater sense of how the land lies and which road to take. It’s been a breath-taking ride never knowing what will happen from one day to the next but from January 23rd, your career, ambitions or professional projects will settle into a groove; you may even join forces with like-minded individuals who introduce you to new concepts and ideas. Just when you thought there were no new sounds, scripts or scenes that can possibly be written or explored, along comes someone with a brilliant new concept for an album, movie, book or play. 2011 could be all about taking risks and following your personal dreams and, just like any pioneer, bravery and boldness will be star qualities to develop. January and then, six months later, July, will be wobbly turning points in finances as will March, April and September. A lot of emotional investment will go into the division or sharing of resources, assets or royalties so seek help or advice from an impartial source. Backup plans and or rescue package could be handy this year.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: The health issues that lingered during late 2010 will have all but cleared by the time 2011 begins. Your chart looks clear of any major issues surrounding your wellbeing so you should be in robust shape this year. Gemini folk have a natural inclination toward vulnerabilities in the lungs, hands and shoulder areas as well as the reproductive and elimination system so it’s always worthwhile, no matter how well you feel, to look after your body and conquer cravings for the addictive substances you may tend to indulge in. If you are travelling between mid-January and late-February you will be attracted to unusual foods that can either bolster your health or wreak havoc so if you are in doubt, try to stick to a conventional diet. From late-February to early-April, pushing yourself hard to achieve elusive goals could take its toll so make sure you are in tip-top shape for the long hours ahead. Mercury retrograde times always tend to have an effect on your thinking processes which in turn affect your health. March-April, August and November-December will be when the Trickster goes off air.


The intensity of the powerful internal and external changes that are currently shaping your relationships – from friend to foe, rival to companion – continues into 2011 but by now you will be adjusting, like all Crabs naturally do, to the sea-changes that ebb and flow through your interactions. It’s all or nothing now, feast or famine, in the issues, people or situations that bring you into much closer contact with people who have huge auras. January will be an active time where the balance of power needs to be understood so that everyone feels less defensive and protective. Somehow, the issues and dilemmas that crop up this year will have a flow on effect on your home life (and vice versa) so there is little escape from the pressure to restructure your affairs. If you are thinking of making a commitment in a business or romantic liaison, boundaries and agreements are very important to keep you feeling balanced. While this is a red-hot, passionate year, play it cool. Once you team up with someone, you give it everything you’ve got. Leave neediness, jealousy and insecurity at the front door of the home, office, board room or bar. January, April, June and November will be significant months and new friends and social circles develop from June.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: Now that super-Jupiter has hit the top of your chart and will remain there until June, the sky is the limit as far as your aspirations, ambitions and aims are concerned. January will be the amazing sequel to the opportunities and openings that presented themselves during 2010 and from March, Uranus will move into this area for the next 8 years! Circle January 23rd and March 11th as huge turning points. Give it all you’ve got Cancer to cash in on the publicity you mustered up last year and push your reputation for being quick, decisive and on the ball. Around March 28th, you may need to take a step back and stick to what you know, or to deal with family and domestic issues, but otherwise the world is your oyster to put yourself out there or make dramatic changes to your life direction. Freedom of expression is the theme you will consider first and foremost – free to work the hours you like, free to parent the way you like, or free to express your talents or accept or reject career options as they arise – 2011 is all about your individuality in relation to the bigger world. September- November is when you will amplify your earning potential.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: High voltage experiences and exposure, means that your sensitive system needs low voltage rest and relaxation. Your digestive system does not deal with fast-foods or skimpy meals and if you starve yourself or overindulge in too many rich or vitamin-deficient foods, you will soon feel out of balance. Calming yourself in outdoor environments such as parks, beaches and gardens is the perfect antidote to high stress times. Being around animals can also be soothing. Red alert months for health are January when relationship issues push all your buttons, April when you feel professional issues are taking off, July when you regroup yourself as a new birthday year comes around and emotions swell over as well as October, November and December when a series of eclipses affect you sensitive Moon-ruled creatures. Read the fine print in insurance documents in November. Grounding yourself and keeping sight of your dreams and goals is all you really need to do when the going gets tough. Listen to practical friends between June and December as they have financial know-how or connections that can open doors. A fertile time to plant seeds that will make money for your firm, family or future, or, lay down a new soundtrack for your non-career goals.


The foggy quality of your relationships over the past few years is about to become history. In 2012, Neptune, the dream-weaver, will move out of your relationship zone, lifting the veil so that you can see others for who they really are. Between April and August, you will get a glimpse of how just how the landscape between you and others has changed but it won’t be until February 2012 that this long-running soap will change into something else (such as dealing with the financial side of shared resources, assets and finances). You may just discover that for every sinner, there has been a saint, and that for every saviour, there has been someone who has been saved. It all depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on and at varying times since the late ‘90’s (yes that’s how long you’ve been under the spell of Neptune) played out one of these roles. 2011 is all about communicating and balancing up the karmic sheet between you and others. A brother, sister, aunt or uncle may play a significant role in steering your relationships onto a new path. It’s time to return to the traditional way of thinking about how you mate, date and relate.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: Mercury retrograde times often send your finances haywire wire. Circle August-mid-September when - on the brink of important financial decisions - personal circumstances, your health, your image or attitude will prevent you from forging ahead as quickly as you would like. Use this time to take a second look at facts, figures and folders for a missing piece of vital information. Debts, mortgages, insurances, claims, settlements or tax issues have probably gone through many changes over 2010, with unusual circumstances erasing the slate, or, at the very least, urging you to leap into action to split or consolidate assets or money. From January, there will be less need to panic as you adjust to your new situation. Your ability to look at the big picture will be your winning weapon in work, career or business projects up until June, and scaling and pruning ideas in March will leave you with the bare facts and concepts to begin again. Avoid power struggles in February as you aim for heights that other people can’t quite visualise. But from November strive very hard to streamline your financial life. Until February 2012, you have an extended chance to sharpen financial resources or readjust your values.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: There’s a big emphasis on health as the year begins so Lions will probably have their wellbeing high on their list of New Year’s resolutions. You will be more sensitive than most to what is taking placing in your own body, making this a year to eliminate, cleanse, transform and heal so that bones, teeth and skin can rejuvenate. Some of you may even become obsessed with restructuring and reshaping, whether at the gym or under the knife. Seek expert advice if you are taking drastic measures and check out the credentials, motives and health packages that you are considering. With Mars activating your health sector until mid-February, you are very likely to spring into action as the year begins, even making pledges to stick to it this time! Joining a gym, club or sports team is great for sociable Lions, but others may prefer a solitary place to work out, meditate or diet. For others, tender, stressed spots become inflamed and require attention. Be wary of slips, trips and falls! Your state of mind will also impact upon your body so cultivate positive thoughts and learn to balance intense periods of thinking with just as intense periods of exercise or play.


2010 was a big year for cultivating new relationships with people on all levels from romance to clients to business partners. By sharing the load, so much was lifted from your shoulders. For some of you, relationships have changed completely and the people you now find yourself surrounded by are completely different to the people you have known for years. A sense of separation may haunt you but within the space left by others, you will find a fresh feeling of freedom from the expectations, conditioning and responses that you would normally weigh up your life with. Totally independent and thinking for yourself, you will soon realise that blessings come in all shapes and sizes. For those with relationships that were on shaky ground, 2010 could have been a year for breaking up or making up. From January, the restlessness, wistfulness or longing will become a thing of the past when problems appear to shrink and vanish. Early January, could provide one last chance to reshape old interactions while April-June will be a preview for the mesmerising people who will appear in 2012. Separate reality from fantasy, smoke from mirrors because there’s more to new people than you think!

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: Tightening the old purse strings is a must this year. Working to a strict budget or accepting a slower or lower flow of cash may be the only way to balance debt against credit. Being a master tactician, you will soon adapt to the trickle that can eventually turn into a torrent if you find creative ways to earn, save or use your cash and resources. Working longer and harder is the only way around Saturn’s sensible style as well as valuing the simple, no-frills lifestyle. The big bonus is that your appreciation for the unpretentious will increase and that you enjoy the sense of freedom from not having to own, store, insure or cart around loads of worldly possessions. On the other hand, while you are locked into mortgages, loans, claims, settlements and other financial obligations, sudden opportunities to break the mould will help you fly by the seat of your pants through any difficulties. March-April will be significant months for discussion, negotiation, adding and subtracting but be sure to double-check the fine print and wait until May to agree, sign or go ahead with deals, pacts and arrangements. October could be a month of conclusions so aim to have finances sorted by then. Opportunities lie in distant places or via the internet.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: From April, hazy, hard-to-put-your-finger-on ailments will all but vanish, or you will be able to define, diagnose and then get rid of anything that has sapped your energy or played havoc with your diet, digestion or general wellbeing. As early as mid-January-late-February you can take steps to consult professionals, consider alternatives or concoct a new regime with what comes to light. Over the past 10 years, Neptune has slowly but surely moved through your health zone making your body sensitive to additives, pollutants and substances at one end of the spectrum, vulnerable to dependency at the other. When Saturn moved into your sign in 2007 and moved out in July 2010, some of this may have come to the surface making you very aware of the physical effects of what you have ingested or been in contact with. Being the sign that is most aware of health and wellbeing, hopefully you’ve turned into your own Lesley Kenton and diet and exercise guru, arming yourself with books, websites and remedies to keep your body in tip-top shape. Your work and daily routine, also ruled by the same area, have been anything but routine, and that once employment or daily insecurities disappear, so will all the stress-related symptoms.


Never mind the New Year fireworks, with super-Jupiter blazing into Aries in January (with Uranus following closely behind) and into your zone of courtship, collaboration, contacts, comrades and clients, the people you consult, meet, hang out with or love will ensure you have a cracker year all around. In contrast to the serious, worried face that Saturn is carving out over in your personality zone, other people are like the Keith Moon to your Leonard Cohen - wired and ready to go. While you are cautious and deliberate, ponderous and deep, other people will be the drummer that drives the rhythm of your song. Welcome them, because without them, there is no beat to urge you to keep moving. While you might want to stay in your comfort zone and stick to the groove that you know best, there are new frontiers to conquer that can fit very nicely with your attraction to the traditional. Breakthroughs can happen! While February will be intense and March a real test of the bond, attraction, friendship or agreements you have between you, by June you can consolidate and cement shared assets and resources. October’s Full Moon will be the ultimate fireworks display though as events and situations from April reach a spectacular conclusion.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: Lady Luck can only invest in you if you are waving your lottery ticket, displaying your talents or showcasing your work or products. The people who say they have never won anything in their life are usually the ones who politely decline to take the odd punt. Commonsense will tell you though that you can’t win if you’re not in! Once Jupiter moves into your zone of financial co-dependence, corporations, departments and relationships, life turns a corner. If you know what you want, then you have upped the ante by 100%. Then again why wait for fate to find you when all you have to do is invoke your inner Warren Buffet. Think big, think better, think how can I alter, develop and influence shared resources, assets and finances? From June, you can begin to nurture and grow joint projects that involve shrewd, thoroughly researched borrowing, lending or the use of equity. For others, collateral damage can be avoided by visualising working solutions to debt such as slashing spending and increasing repayments or savings. For others still, Lady Luck could pay a visit in the form of a neat little parcel of money from an insurance claim, a tax return, an inheritance, windfall, bonus or payout.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: Putting off today what should have been done two weeks ago is a favourite Libran tactic! But Saturn in your sign urges you to stop giving yourself so much slack and get serious about your wellbeing, peace of mind and ease of spirit. Even if you spent a month living with Deepak Chopra as your personal guru, it is up to you to practice, perfect and prepare yourself for each day of nourishing living once you return home. And while it’s always about sleep, food and exercise, it’s also the company you keep, the hours you work, the thoughts you think and the activities you do in your spare time. For every hour of couch surfing, spend two in the garden or taking a walk, or look up from your work from time to time and actually be conscious of the moment. You will be amazed at how many of us are programmed to live life on automatic rather than authentically. Think positive, uplifting thoughts, cut back the hours at work and while the daily chores will always be there, instead of resenting, putting off or stressing out, take delight in how you carry out your duties or provide for family and friends. Balance is the keyword!


MATING, DATING, RELATING: The second half of 2011 is huge for Scorpions across all relationships. Legally, morally, ethically, emotionally or physically, from June there will be a large question mark hanging over the issue of commitment. Since Scorpio is the sign that is most loyal, long-lasting and lethal when it comes to the object of your affection, or the investment of your time and energy, then chances are high that it will be you who is seeking everyday reassurance from the person or people you collaborate with. 2010 was the year to meet, date, get to know or have fun with others but from June one of you will want to push the boundaries to see what the future holds. This could very easily lead to marriage vows, a declaration of friendship or the signing of a partnership. And while you may not rush off to India and celebrate your wedding in a tent surrounded by guards and tigers, you can make practical arrangements to sign, seal or symbolise your feelings, intentions or commitment. This zone also rules the opponent, rival, competitor or challenger and some of you may find that a final clash of wills, conflict of interests or compatibility issues brings things to a head.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: Whether you are a financial magnate, fashionista or out of work actor, being on-the-ball and up-to-date with skills, procedures, technology and trends will super-enhance your day to day routine and work prospects. Introducing the new and innovative will speed up efficiency, and will definitely put you up a notch or two in the pecking order or queue. Think like Superman because a swift turn-around and change of clothes can save the day whether you are employed, in business or looking for openings. You got a glimpse of these new methods, ideas, trends, fashions or changes in 2010 and in January, be open to novel experiences as possible. January is a last chance Texaco situation to take the opportunities on offer and you can’t afford to be too fussy, indifferent or in procrastination mode as the year begins. Take a pit stop in August and check under the hood so that in September you can take the credit or claim the kudos, awards or recognition that you deserve. Your stature, status or standing will be large and very much on display then and one little prick can blow your cover if are not prepared. Expand with caution in November and December 2011 and rethink financial strategies then.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: 2011 is also a year to wind down the old and reflect on what is passing into and out of your life. In October 2012 a significant 29-year cycle will begin in your sign that will be gruelling and intense. 2011 is the year to build strength, preserve health and increase personal knowledge. In contrast to the periods of great activity there needs to be periods of great introspection and quiet to allow yourself space to digest your experiences and put them into context so that you know exactly what areas are most important in the for the future. When it comes to your wellbeing, the danger lies when the call to reflect on your life and replenish your mind, body and spirit is ignored. March will be one of those months when events conspire to draw you into a place of solitude and peace unless you set aside this month as a time to draw in your horns socially, professionally or romantically. If you find that you are investing too much in other people and that their actions, words or feelings are not compatible with your own, then you may need to rethink how much time and energy you are willing to waste. Empower yourself!


MATING, DATING, RELATING: Like a sultan of swing, prepare to have your emotions set into motion when your zone of romance, dating and socialising come alive with amazing, unusual and totally new people, places and creative projects right up until June. What a magical potion: love, lust and passion will touch your creative nerve but can you sit still long enough to translate feelings into art. Probably not, so if you rely on real life experiences to create songs, scripts or stories, keep a log of ideas, visions, influences and thoughts so that when your life slows down, you will have a wealth of material to draw from. New liaisons may be temporary but you will pack enough into your hours together to make it feel like a life time of experience. Avenues of pleasure such as cruising markets together, or visiting clubs, theatres, restaurants and bars can breathe life into established relationships. At the other end of the spectrum, settled Archers may find themselves suddenly involved in the activities of children, or the question of commitment, parenting and activities surrounding your own or someone else’s children. A new addition to the family may even be on the cards or perhaps you are very proud of the achievements of your son or daughter!

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: Donald Trump would be proud of your ability to spot an opportunity, capitalise on an investment or put your time, money and energy to good use. You are in a speculative phase up until June and taking a gamble can certainly pay off but, like a good magnate, do your homework thoroughly. Gut instincts are great but you need firm facts and figures when getting involved with people, corporations or new streams of income. Everything has to be on a level playing field so if the scale of power is tipped too far in one direction, think twice before signing on the dotted line. It could be more trouble than it is worth. If you are alert, you will see clues that arouse your suspicions as early as January when there is a build up of cosmic energy in your financial zone. Restructure your affairs around that time anyway so that you are in a good position to capitalise on lucky breaks, which are really the result of your hard work and canny sixth sense. Collaboration with a friend, group, band or cause may also be financially-based but again examine the details, question their credentials and clarify intentions, especially in March, which will be reality-check month.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: If mung beans and alfalfa sprouts have not been at the top of your shopping list, you can be forgiven for being sceptical that 2011 may be the year when you discover organic, earthy nutrition! And if fast-foods have been your menu of choice for far too long, from June – for health reasons or simply because you feel like a change – the world of home-prepared food becomes your secret delight at the end of the day. There is nothing like coming home to a warm, fragrant kitchen and delicious food to melt the stress. And after the hectic social, romantic or creative whirl of the first half of 2011, you will sink into routine, everyday activities like a comfortable armchair. It’s been 11 years since Jupiter cruised through your health and daily routine sphere, and even though some of you are older and have different needs and attitudes, there may be some connection to Y2K. Pets and vets are another feature of 2011 for some Archers. This could be the year when you fall hopelessly in love with that doggy in the window or you are adopted by a loving stray. If you already have a furry or feathered friend, then pay special attention to training, nutrition and general health.


MATING, DATING, RELATING: We Are Family may be the signature tune as 2011 begins but by May you are sure to be singing We Gotta Get Out Of This Place! And if it’s not your family that is the main repetitive theme this year, then living arrangements become the focal point of activities, dramas and major turning points, especially in April. Look for surprising visitors, an unexpected addition to the home, extreme flatmates or outrageous relatives. You may even find yourself moving to a new address for employment or health reasons (just as you might have done in Y2K when Jupiter last hit on this zone). Despite the stress, a psychedelic domestic life can turn your lifestyle around in a way that might not have happened otherwise. From June, all the turbulence and domestic mayhem could lead you into the arms of a lust-filled romance, a passionate love affair with a creative idea, or a passion for the theatre or a sport. A son or daughter may do extremely well under the new conditions too, or you may find you yourself in the position of mentor for someone else’s child. February is the most intense month, while March will stretch your nerves, money and patience to the limit.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: The dubious, doubtful or debatable condition of your financial world will soon be a thing of the past. For many years, nebulous Neptune has been coasting through this area creating ripples of uncertainty or times when money has slipped through your fingers. You may have experienced a dream run of financial luck that was hard to define, repeat or hold on to, but at other times some of you became involved in scams, stings and swindles, while others simply made bad decisions. In May, Neptune briefly moves out of this area giving you a taste of things to come, but it won’t be until 2012 that you can kiss goodbye to the ambiguous nature of your financial life. June 2011-February 2012, you can lay down new dreams for the future and level the playing field – the only requisite is to do this without using your own or other people’s assets, cash or valuables in a risky way. Take your resources and talents, cultivate new values and cross the great divide. Career-wise, you will in full view of VIPs who will observe, monitor and study you. There may be a lot of red-tape, big-wig decision-making but if you can pull it off, you will be set up for life.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: There are worlds within mysterious worlds with Pluto moving through your sign like a stealth bomber. Planting landmines in the form of people, events and places is his way of helping you move from one world to another and it will all eventually make sense. Since 2008, life has been intense for Goats but that’s because you are experiencing it first-hand, you are the hero or heroine of your own story, not just reading other people’s accounts. And not only is it about the changes and challenges that family, friends or even foes present, physically this is a time when your body morphs into a totally different shape or size. For some, this may be through health issues, giving birth or conscious decisions to change hair, body or face, but it will also be because the experiences you are going through are becoming part of your character. January will find you restructuring, reforming or reorganising your image, outlook or environment. Getting back to basics and stripping away unnecessary stress will ease the pressure and get you ready for the year ahead while July plays havoc with emotions. It’s natural and earthy all the way this year for Capricorns from the food you eat to the activities you do.


Yes! Neptune is on the brink of leaving your sign and packing up the confusion, masquerades, elusiveness and blurred edges of the last 13 years. Instead of being beamed up, you will feel yourself beaming down and becoming more solid by the day. Less likely to be blown around by your own or other’s whims, emotions, abstractions, distractions, addictions or ambiguity, your relationships will grow stronger as there become fewer reasons to save or be saved. You are in this together, as a unit, and together you can work toward mutual goals. You can call it another lonely day but you’re certainly not going your own way because the loner in you suddenly needs other people in a positive way! January-April, August-February 2012 are when you can build strong bridges instead of swimming through feelings never quite knowing what the other is really thinking. From the world at large, arrive gurus and guides from the realms of academia, publishing, the internet, and from the four corners of the world. Learning is what it is all about this year and well-travelled people are available to offer their perspective or knowledge until your own is completely in balance via your own experiences. January-February your charisma, drive and sex appeal shoots off the radar.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: January provides the last gateway where sudden swings of fortune propel you into the stratosphere of your financial life. Put in final proposals and pitches that you have been fine-tuning over the last six months. Relying less on your fiscal resources in 2011, from February, it’s your ideas, thoughts, communication style, originality and vision that will bring you “luck” as well as being mobile, on call and accessible – you never know who you will meet simply by answering a knock, call or invitation. And even though the first three months of 2011 will be full of potholes, January-June, you’ll find yourself hitting the road or pounding the sidewalk closer to home. Whether you are on tour, shooting, interviewing, researching, promoting, selling or delivering goods, your vehicle becomes your workplace as you roll through your town, city, community or neighbourhood. Wherever you are, and in spite of the obstacles in February, keep the ideas flowing and the lines of communication open to keep up the momentum of building and capitalising on the earlier breaks, backing and boosts of 2010. February’s Full Moon is both challenging and contrary while March is reality check month in the Ministry of Ideas but by April you can power ahead.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: There’s a song by Gerry Rafferty about giving up the booze and the one-night stands and while this might not apply to all Aquarians, some of you are aware that old habits that die hard now need to be slaughtered for good. In 2011, you will become more empowered to get to grips with your inner demons and to break the cycle of habits and patterns that began long ago. Key events may make you aware of the physical damage that repetitive vices can have, not just on your system but also within relationships or family. And whether it’s the fags, booze, one-night stands, food or relationships, most habits are based on emotional patterns that can be eliminated with the right mindset. Just like your clothes needs to be revamped from time to time, look at 2011 as the year to update your inner wardrobe so that what you wear spiritually reflects the modern, wiser person you are now. Someone born around October-November, December-January, perhaps on a professional level, may be able to help you unlock the door and sort through the pile. Working with dreams, or strengthening your philosophical or religious belief system may be all the hooks you need.


Now that rule-breaker Uranus is about to leave your sign after a seven-year gig of shattering, shaking, energising and turning your whole life inside out and upside down, mystical Neptune steps in between April and August to soften, relax and tone down the hard edges. You have been through one hell of a ride since 2003 and this has changed just about everything in your relationships. We need other people, or events and situations, to help carve out new responses, attitudes and ways of looking at the world so this means that the people you have known, loved or befriended might have all manifested, from time to time, the radical Uranus qualities that you are becoming. If you have needed to maintain your individuality, freedom and authenticity, then you will have met with people who challenge you by acting out neediness, inhibition or of being unsure of who and what they are. From March, this pattern alters and breaks up, leaving you free to enjoy, accept and integrate your own and other people’s qualities. January will be a key month that sums up the last year of amazing change both within yourself and your relationships while August and September will test the maturity challenges of 2010.

FORTUNE, FATE, FINANCES: With Jupiter shifting into your money zone in late January, 2011 could be the year when you wipe the slate clean and establish your credibility in the financial world. Make the most of January to tie up the amazing opportunities of 2010, however, skip February and March to begin changes, sign documents or negotiate the fiscal terms of contracts, employment terms or deals. Instead, use the obstacles of these months to examine and modify so that you can safely tick the reality checklist in the all right places. You may just find that what you really value in life has nothing to do with what’s on offer and this steers you in new directions of independent management, employment or the production of ideas. If you have cash stashed away, after March you are free to invest, buy or establish money-producing assets, shares or deals. And if you tend to change directions for a living as you search for that ultimate lifestyle, you can now grab hold of the ideals and goals that can eventually set you free. You learn best from direct experiences in life and travel, academia and the philosophical are part and parcel of how you gain this. All of this and much more is on offer now!

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: August is the month to review memberships and health policies, and to take a second look at nutrition and exercise, or to check out alternative practices and practitioners. 2011 is the year when the George Harrison in you emerges as you develop an interest in mystical studies and an increasing attraction to quiet, contemplative activities. It’s a wise Pisces who can see that reclusive and reflective activities are the antidote to the high-wire activity of the past seven years. Things may seem strange or disorientating but that is Neptune’s watery qualities washing over you as he gently melts away the old and opens you up to the new, quieter you who was always there. Of course, this requires large chunks of time and big spaces to put into practice so you may find you are attracted less and less to the bright lights of the city and more to creature comforts. Physically, the last seven years have been exciting and refreshing, but tense and stressful, and so in the past! Go with the flow of the cosmic change taking place in Pisces after March, and get your mind, body and spirit to an elevated place, even if you can’t make it to the top of an actual mountain.

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