Friday, March 20, 2015

New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Equinox

The Sun Total Of Who We Are (Pun intended)
A Story About A Story
The other day, I came across an old box of folders and books. Dusty and gritty, they had been sitting there for a long time. Inside one folder, I stumbled across a story I had written at least 25 years ago. Currently in a writing phase where nothing gets completed, I wondered where that story had gone to. Apart from school, it was the only story I had ever completed. Ideas and plots run thick and fast, even the conclusion to the story, but threading all the details together to make a whole, is a monumental and complex task. All those threads that must be woven together and remembered as the story progresses. It can and will be done, I tell myself. This story, The Lunar Lady, was written as an exercise for a writing course and at a time when great changes were taking place in my life. It was a defining point that significantly contributed to the sum total of who I am today. It was also a finished piece. No loose ends, a satisfying finish. But, like life, it was still full of mystery with not a detail revealed.
Discovering this story on the eve of a solar eclipse – when the Lunar Lady is passing in front of the Sun in very close alignment - in the very last degree of the zodiac, Pisces 29, was no coincidence. It made me think of all that had gone before and all that had gone since. In a nutshell, it made me think of the sum total of who I am today.
There’s no need really to write a big long dissertation on what this eclipse means. Suffice to say, the last degree of the zodiac contains the energy of all the degrees before it. It is the sum total of the great universe and our gone-in-a-flash lifetimes. It is the sum total of who we are. Both the Sun – our core being – and the Moon – our emotional and psychic being – are conjoined – this is a wonderful chance to examine our complicated layers, to peel back the thick and maybe tough skin we have grown through our lifetimes. And yet we forget sometimes why that skin had to grow so tough. All those threads that have become knotted and frayed, broken or forgotten can be picked up. Our Lunar Lady gracefully brings to the attention of the great Sun what we feel at this time in our lives, at this time of the planet’s evolution. She blocks the ego so that we can feel, instead, all the hurts, the wonders, the love or the bitterness.
Given that we are also in the midst of not only an intense New Moon and an eclipse but also the Equinox, when day and night are equal, with great consciousness and intent, perhaps we begin to work with these energies in fresh ways. While we are summing up, we are simultaneously moving forward, we are on a level playing field where the dark inside is equal to the light both metaphorically and physically. Can we pack up the baggage and put it in the attic or better still throw it into the sea and watch it float away, or can we simply read our life stories without having to live through it all over again. Can we finish off the stories we have created with our lives up until now so that we can turn the page and begin writing another. It can be done!
With the beautiful auroras many places on the globe have been witnessing so unexpectedly, I think the Sun is very happy with the Moon.
The New Moon is a solar eclipse at 29 Pisces. It occurs at 10:37pm (NZST +13hrs) tonight.
The Autumn/Spring Equinox occurs when the Sun moves into Aries at 11:46 am tomorrow, March 21st.

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