Friday, March 06, 2015

Virgo Full Moon, March 6 2015

Today’s Full Moon is in Virgo at 14’50 at 07:05am (NZST +13hrs GMT). It’s an edgy, nervous Moon that gives rise to all sorts of free-floating anxieties and places a huge strain on our nervous systems. The celestial energy is zinging and pinging all over the place and it can be very difficult to know which road to take off the roundabout. Opposite the Sun in boundless Pisces, worries skitter across the mind like clouds across a dark night and, like a scene in some dramatic horror movie, we may be fuelled by all sorts of creaks and groans that, in the end, was just the house settling down after the heat of the day. We may need to work hard now to keep grounded in reality so keep your road-map firmly in hand knowing there is more than one route to get to the desired destination. Yes, we may feel like we are going around in circles achieving very little but we are midway through many journeys now and this is where the roads converge. Pull off the road out of the way of all those erratic drivers who threaten to run us off the road; take a coffee break, Zen out by taking deep breaths every time some thought threatens to cloud logic; focus on grounding the mind by dragging erratic mental energy back into the here and now. Rather than float up and out into an ethereal wilderness, we may need to come back down slowly through the body until we can feel our feet standing on solid ground. Nourishment, physical or spiritual, is what Virgo needs. This way we can calm the rising waves of fear, anxiousness and worry and plan the next leg of the journey so that we do indeed arrive safely.

Another way is to focus on the facts rather than the what-if scenarios that replay over and over again in the dark of the night. Build on small details that fly in the face of the illogical; enter into your own power source and keep yourself contained in that rather than leaking energy and draining your personal battery. For instance, if we are having conflict with someone we may then summon up all the people we are or ever have been at odds with instead of focusing on this one particular situation. Doing this could save a lot of needless worry and all that strain that can be placed on our bodies and our nervous systems during this time of high mental stress. Letting go and trusting is a big ask but if we are aware that Virgo is the sign of the worry-wort, then we have a better grasp of why we feel anxious about real or imagined issues.

Indeed, some of us are very sensitive to the energy that is building in other areas of the sky. Impatient Mars, the planet of assertion and physical acts, is now firmly in his own sign, Aries, and because he is connecting with the South Node (that which is not good for us) and moving rapidly toward Uranus (an even more highly-strung planet who has his own problems with Pluto), there could be a sense of our pasts catching up with us. This can be disempowering. We want results quickly but there are too skeletons or too many variables, too many loose ends to allow this to happen in a calm, orderly fashion. Full Moons are times of release and culmination, and the various threads of cosmic energy are interweaving to bring many things to a conclusion. But it is all highly frustrating with so many planets at awkward angles to each other. We can see where we wish to go but we keep encountering detour after detour, obstacle after obstacle. Some outcomes may be spectacular, some may turn abrupt corners into unknown territories, some require more time than our patience is willing to allow; however, because the Moon is connecting to Pluto in a positive way, as Uranus and Pluto make their last connection in the coming days, we can tap into our own personal power sources and resources. The trick is to avoid forcing issues and instead come back to our own desired goals knowing that there is more than one way to reach them. Know that in the light of the day the end result may simply be very different to how we imagined in the dark of the night. With Jupiter in the Sun’s sign at this Full Moon and at the trailing end of the planetary patterns, truth, justice and the laws of nature will prevail.

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