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October's Astrological Forecast

A lavender field that we recently visited in Provence, South France

OCTOBER PLANET REPORT: The opening weeks of October reveal that Mercury has settled into a retrograde motion that began on September 24th through Libra, the sign of balance and correction. A Libran New Moon followed on September 29th further highlighting the theme of adjustment, co-operation and compromise that will culminate in a Full Moon on October 15th in decisive, take-charge Aries at 09:03am (NZST). Keeping in mind that life is always about personal circumstances and what one has been doing, New Moons are a great way to kick-start the month as they almost always guarantee that something will shift so that a new six-monthly cycle can begin (culminating in April 2009). Having begun its three-monthly retrograde motion on September 24th Mercury will again loop-the-loop and turn direct on October 16th - mark this date as a forward-moving pivotal point when things can begin to return to an even keel – best to leave any major decision-making until then as information will surface that changes our perceptions. With Mars also travelling through Libra until the 4th, it is little wonder we are so indecisive and keen to seek out other people’s opinions and comments in an effort to weigh the pros with the cons. Once Mars moves into deep-meaning Scorpio on the 4th, however, the mood changes and we will become more guarded about those personal affairs that require a single-minded approach, preferring to work stealthily and in private. We might also react with more emotion than usual to perceived threats. The natural secrecy of investigative Scorpio gives us a chance to dig deep and draw on all our emotional resources and attributes so that situations can be turned around and changed into something substantial. Despite Venus moving into open-minded Sagittarius on the 19th and bringing a little joie-de-vivre and carefree abandon, the Sun moving into Scorpio on the 23rd at 2:10pm (NZST) brings back a further cloak of secrecy and intrigue - best to read between the lines, peek behind the curtains and trust your intuition when dealing with important people and situations. Great changes can be made but action taken needs to be transparent and fair. Avoid promising in the heat of the moment more than can be delivered. At month’s end, a New Moon on October 29th at 12:13pm also in Scorpio signals an intense cycle of emotional activity that needs channelling constructively as November begins. Up until October 16th, remain on the sidelines and use the chaos of Mercury retrograde time to get personal affairs into order before the Christmas rush. Plan and budget and keep to realistic goals this year. Jupiter promises some stability if we are practical, prudent and pragmatic.

ARIES: Mercury is out of sorts in your opposite sign Libra until the 16th making this a time of indecision in relationships. Sit tight Aries and wait for the pieces to fall into place from mid-month. Rein in your impatience and instead review, revise and reconsider your arrangements so that a plan of action can be implemented in the last months of 2008. The Full Moon of the 15th (NZST) signals a time of culmination, and events that began around your birthday month will reach a peak. Shared assets, resources and finances are undergoing a period of intense scrutiny too but by mid-November you will once again be moving upwards and onwards. Try to keep your perspective around the end of October when the New Moon makes intense feelings and situations even more intense.

TAURUS: Work and health issues are up in the air with a multitude of options, decisions and arrangements to make. It’s a good thing you have Jupiter and Saturn on your side to even out the turbulence and with practical hindsight you can make informed choices. With so many planets moving through your opposite sign Scorpio throughout October you will be a veritable Jekyll and Hyde as you work through relationship issues with someone who is magnetic and charismatic but also capable of moving and shaking your life in no uncertain terms. If you are relying on workmates or tradespeople, you may find they are harder to pin down than usual so agreements can tend to come unstuck now – get everything down on paper. Somehow, delays can stop you making the wrong decision.

GEMINI: Despite your ruling planet Mercury being out of action until the 16th, you can enjoy a little respite with the younger members of your household or social circle. You can also take time out to enjoy yourself and have a little fun. Movies or get togethers, art trails or taking a short courses with like-minded people are great ways to satisfy your intellectual restlessness. Expressively and creatively, you are onto a winner when you grab hold of insights and ideas - which come thick and fast - and actually apply them. Might be a good idea to carry a notebook or camera around with you so that when you find yourself in a busy situation, you won’t forget the details later. Underlying this, day to day affairs and routines are subject to the volatile and intense nature of the people you meet. Someone will have their own way of doing things that will tend to dictate your schedule.

CANCER: Between now and November, try to rethink the way your home runs or how your family communicates – make lists if need be. Something is out of kilter here but with the benefit of hindsight, you can get on top of unbalanced situations if you look for the opposite approach, response or action to what you have been doing up. Your love life looks promising from the 4th when passionate Mars moves into the most expressive area of your chart. If there has been a burning issue between you and a loved one, now is the time to gently broach the subject or to let things go for the time being. Mars can be extreme so we all need to remain open and flexible but willing to follow a charted course. Your creativity is also boosted now so channel your deeper emotions into a positive expression or extension of yourself.

LEO: There will be a build up of energy in the family and domestic zone of many Leos charts from the 4th and if you can allow your feelings to dissipate before tackling intense situations, you can divert the likelihood of dramas. Being aware that you may be more sensitive than usual to people’s vibes, actions or moods means you can anticipate which areas will push your buttons and create problems. Going for kill could have repercussions so put on your big pussycat act and see how the attention is lavished on you. There are many ways to skin a cat and now is the perfect time to shed the old layers and bring about a fresh start. Communication projects that involve writing, speaking or listening will take a turn for the better after the 16th. In preparation for this, work ideas through and reach a balanced perspective.

VIRGO: Like Taurus, despite the appearance of difficult global financial times, there is an underlying sense of stability with the Earth signs that won’t become apparent until further down the track. Work to consolidate and straighten out, taking a loss or making a profit with the view that you could be looking at a worse-case scenario than you are. It’s all in the structuring and keeping within sensible guidelines that will see practical people through the current turbulence. From the 16th, facts and figures will be more reliable and financial issues will straighten out or, at the very least, you can conduct open discussions with the information that has come to light. October is the month to tidy up, sort out and basically get life into order so that you can enjoy the end of year wind-down without the usual panic.

LIBRA: With Mercury currently retrograde in your sign there is every reason to take a back seat as events and situations will unfold in their own good time. Why struggle against a tide that will turn when it is good and ready (Mercury goes direct on the 16th). At the moment, there’s every reason to review your lifestyle, appearance, physical health and public image rather than forge new inroads or assert yourself in the way you are used to. It’s been hard to rein yourself in but after the 4th it will be easier to apply the brakes and slow right down. Assertive, and occasionally aggressive, Mars moves out of your sign then and this will release the pressure you have found yourself under. Be kinder to yourself during your birthday month despite the desire to keep moving in the same direction.

SCORPIO: Mars moves into your sign on the 4th, a place where it feels very comfortable. Use the sense of ease, confidence and passion that is available to your sign to tackle those seemingly insurmountable heights or to plumb the depths of your feeling life. The delays and obstacles around you have meaning so it would be wise to pause and sense out what lies at the back of situations before pushing through the challenges. The seeds you sow now will show fruit in the future, especially after the 16th when the lines of communication begin to clear and you emerge from the darkness of the cocoon you have found yourself in. Your birthday time begins on the 23rd at 2:10pm marking a time of strength and renewal so clear the decks in the first part of October.

SAGITTARIUS: Mysterious October sees you ducking out sight to attend to confidential matters that you are keeping under wraps for your own reasons. Being the outgoing person you are, the people who know you well will notice this subtle change in your demeanour so be prepare yourself for inquisitive comments from them. There’s a tendency for someone somewhere to keep needling and digging for information. Friends from the past may reappear on your doorstep with interesting news. Financially, you have a subtle kind of luck on your side but it’s the sort that comes from having put in the hard yards at an earlier stage or of being able to capitalise on your talents and skills. As rusty or rough as they may be, work to polish and refine your capabilities or knowledge. From the 16th, you will be juggling children and friends, lovers and colleagues and by the 29th all will be revealed.

CAPRICORN: Directly applying your experiences and knowledge will be the best way to use the power of Jupiter in your sign. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding your trade, profession or career until the 16th but underlying all of the turbulence will be a stability and confidence that comes from knowing your stuff. Because of the new 12-year cycle that began last December, you have been out there in the world meeting people and getting first hand experience from life, but with four months left before Jupiter moves on, you still have time to put as much effort as you can to learn and experience even more. Now is the time to secure your place and put yourself firmly on the map. If you still feel you need something to round it all off, then book that course or take that trip.

AQUARIUS: From the 4th your professional life, goals and aims will be ignited and become increasingly hot issues as the month wears on. After the travel or educational aspects of September you are passionate about what you want to do with your time, energy and public profile and what better way than to channel your experience and skills into shaping and defining a new career or furthering a current one. After the 16th, you can rework and revise anything that has come unstuck or that needs to fit. With Mars powering through your career, lifestyle and life direction area, it will be the obstacles that people in authority put in your path that will prove the most interesting. With a little determination and lots of flexibility you can move mountains while avoiding reacting to the trivial and unnecessary comments, actions or ideas of others.

PISCES: Relationships have formed a big picture in your life over the last year. Whether it’s an on-again/off-again pairing or a long term liaison that is going through the mill, the next two months should bring some sense of stability or even a breakthrough. Listen to friends or the people in your groups as their age, experience or knowledge can offer a sound advice. In the meantime, keep going over the fine print in financial or material matters that you have in common with other people. Signing on the dotted line is best done after the 16th when our thoughts will be back on track. Do your homework and arm yourself with a balanced viewpoint until then. The New Moon at month’s end will bring some illuminating information with regard to travel, education, publishing or your belief system. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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