Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Astrological Report for April 2009

April's menu is full of spice and there's a need to go with the flow as events come out of nowhere around mid-month. Adopt a cautious attitude whilst savouring all the variety that life has to offer

PLANET REPORT: Tension mounts as Mars first opposes restrictive Saturn on the 5th, bringing situations to a crescendo, and then closes in on revolutionary Uranus on the 16th, sparking off a rather unusual two-year cycle. This simultaneously held back but high voltage set of aspects is likely to be very obvious for those people who have mid-month birthdays in March, June, September and December but Virgoans and Pisceans will feel particularly singled out! Have patience dear people as this is one of the harder months of the year but will soon pass. Try to strike a delicate balance when sudden and unexpected events propel us into new directions of activity since it will be hard to know where this change will lead to with Mars in a fugitive, free-floating state in Pisces. From the 24th on-the-run Mars finds a safe harbour in its own sign Aries and that’s when we will see an inkling of a pattern emerging and the results of what has taken place in early April. Enthusiasm and optimism are sure to rise by month’s end. Until then this can be a highly creative mix where we can put an inventive touch on our lives and interests but there is also the chance that we can act without really considering the consequences simply because we are trying to invoke change in the stale situations signified by Saturn on the 5th. And since we are hotwired emotionally and will find it difficult to buffer ourselves against stress, tiredness and fatigue, we can easily find ourselves acting or reacting harshly or rashly. Try to relax and pull back as much as possible. Physical - but carefully undertaken - exercise is a top priority since internal energy can build up and pool too quickly thereby providing fuel for any outbursts or conflicts; there could also be an increase in addictive behaviour and its costly consequences. Like attracts like now and if we are feeling a certain way chances are we will draw people and situations that will provide the outlet so try to mould and shape thoughts in a positive direction despite the adversities. Venus in Mars’ sign Aries moves into Pisces on the 11th and turns direct on the 18th – this signifies that unfinished business resurfaces from the 11th and a turning point occurs on the 18th; however we need to wait for Venus to gather her strength once more. Lunar activity is gentle this month thank goodness - the Full Moon on the 10th at 2:57am (NZT) in the sign of balance and compromise, Libra, trines Jupiter and is supportive of positive thinking and humanitarian ideals. The New Moon on the 25th (NZT) in Taurus at 3:24pm is a very fertile lunation and a great time for planting seeds that will take deeply in the future. The trick is to keep on nurturing and caring despite the upheavals and restrictions earlier in the month.

ARIES: Wow, what a lot of action in your sign as your birthday year takes hold Aries. Happy birthday! And even though a new cycle has commenced with the last New Moon in your sign on March 27th, it will be from April 23rd, when Mars moves into his own sign, that energy and vitality truly arrives. In the meantime, there is a lot of old ground to cover in relationships and your personal health and wellbeing as well as fiscal matters before you can move ahead. It’s all about what you value and treasure in your life in terms of time and energy and of going over issues and putting them to rest once and for all. This will be further accentuated around the Full Moon of the 10th when a delicate relationship issue comes to a head – avoid making too many judgements and long term decisions then but do resolve to find ways to tackle complications. While this month will tend to be volatile and cramped, on a personal level you can afford to be highly creative in your attitude.

TAURUS: The last month of your birthday year has once again arrived and with your personal New Moon occurring on the 25th and the Sun moving into your sign at 10:45am on the 20th, this is the month to work diligently behind the scenes in preparation for the new beginnings that will soon become apparent. Mercury moves into your sign on the 10th and this bodes well for thinking and calculating as well as communicating ideas that have been incubating over the past month. Wait until after the 25th to implement plans but even then it could take until June to really get going as May will be the month to finish old business before money and work matters can truly be ironed out. Leave a wide berth in distracting friendship or group issues around the 16th when disruptions and odd situations arise. Stand back and be reserved in your judgement as there will be more facts that come to light and an unusual twist around the 16th. It’s a time of allowing space and letting people be themselves! A travel issue will take a new road by the 25th.

GEMINI: April is a wobbly month with all sorts of potholes within your family and career sectors. Use this time wisely to sort the wheat from the chafe as unexpected factors wash your carefully laid plans into the sea of confusion that is around this month. Try to be as clear as you possibly can rather than leaving others to second guess; by the same token make sure you are on the same page as others and have clearly understood their intentions or needs. And above all count to ten when reacting to people who orbit within your career or parental spheres as this is very much a short-fuse month and yet things need to change for the better. It’s the way the change occurs that is of significance and around the 16th there will be evidence of what and how this will take place. The biggest dilemma now is that we may all tend to react to restrictive situations in a revolutionary way thereby undoing all the good work that has taken place so far, even if this is not evident on the surface.

CANCER: A sea change happens this month with regard to publicity ventures, travel, an educational pursuit or your beliefs and ideologies when unexpected events occur in the lead up to the 16th that shake your worldview. These events, people or situations that appear - seemingly out of nowhere - will be a learning experience that could lead to a career turnaround from the 23rd. You will certainly be reassessing your values and trying different creative approaches from the 11th but it may be wise to wait a little bit longer before confirming a course of action. A brother, sister, aunt, uncle or close neighbour could bring news that changes everything around the 5th; or it could be that everything hinges on an important letter, email, text, fax or phone call at this time - better to prepare for the most practical of responses to a pressing issue than expect everything to fall into place easily. Life is very complicated now so easy answers are few and far between. That’s why it is important to take the adjustments around the 16th very slowly.

LEO: The world of travel, education, publishing and publicity is very important to you now as that will be your key to the future but after the 11th you will need to revisit a property, business or finance issue that has even longer term repercussions. Ever so slowly you are building or rebuilding your fiscal life but this month there are other people or parties to consider so agreements and bargains need to be struck with great care. It’s all in the details Leo so take your time and read the fine print as there is too much room for confusion when situations take a sudden turn. At the same time, concentrate on the opportunities that could arise from the people you meet during the course of your professional life because by the New Moon of the 25th life will take off in fertile directions both professionally and in your public life. After the 24th you can return to the bigger picture.

VIRGO: Like Pisces, your sign is in the direct firing line of the restrictive but disruptive qualities that Saturn, Mars and Uranus will play out between each other during the first half of April, especially around the 5th and the 16th. It’s been a long haul having sombre Saturn trawl through your sign since September 2007 but the end is in sight and there are only six more months to endure before he moves into Libra (though there will be some unfinished business to tie up between April and July 2010). This month it will be very important to keep the longer term picture in mind as April will be one of those months where turning points and realities will seem to become obvious. But because there’s a danger that you are developing tunnel vision due to the length of time you have been involved in a certain project, situation or relationship it is important that you accept nothing at face value if you sense something is not quite right in an important liaison. It could be that the people you are involved with are shaping your perceptions from their standpoint or agendas or simply because of the stresses in your life and either way it is important that you proceed with cautious steps.

LIBRA: You are at the half-way point of your birthday year already Libra so this is the ideal time to take stock of how life has been shaping up since last October. Your personal Full Moon occurs on the 10th and this brings many conclusions to personal situations as well highlighting the state of play of your health and well-being. For some of you, the workplace will be the area where dramas and conflicts reveal the weak spots that we are all discovering at some area of our lives, and you may be taken by surprise at just what is happening here. Some developments could purely be a reaction to the stresses of big work loads but in other cases there may be a real reason to work through issues as calmly as possible. For stay-at-home Librans, the daily grind could prove just as exhausting as a full time job but without the pay, appreciation or kudos and for either scenario – work or home - it is important now to take time to simply “be” without doing. Step back and look at the confusion from a distance.

SCORPIO: If you are involved in an on-going situation with a child, an investment or creative project that hinges on a group effort - or even sports or leisure activities - then you could find that April brings unique twists and turns that throw you off balance. Proceed with caution rather than laying down one set of rules after another in an attempt to control a situation that is quickly turning to custard. It will be hard – especially around the 5th and the 16th - but pulling back and allowing a breathing space will be much better than charging in full steam ahead as this will only result in the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. This is an insecure month for a lot of signs and it may not always be obvious what is going on in people’s lives and minds. You can find out so much more with good communication and an open mind. From the 18th the tide will slowly begin to turn so that by May life will be that much more transparent. The New Moon of the 25th will also be significant and a relationship, pact or agreement will head off in a new direction.

SAGITTARIUS: You walk a fine line this month between domestic and professional life but it will be home where your attentions should be concentrated as this is where the major disruptions will come from. An on-going issue with a family member, boarder, tenant or landlord - or if you are selling, buying or renting - will come to a head around the 5th and the 18th when a very wobbly set of aspects threatens to upset the apple cart. Being the outspoken and direct person that you are, you will need to muster a heap of self-control to ward off any collisions with key people. With all the astro activity arising from a Water sign (Pisces), take care with anything around the home that has to do with water. From running a bath to using the pool or if there are plumbing issues, forgetfulness could lead to expensive repairs or be the icing on the cake when you are already stretched for time as deadlines and other pressures loom. Keep an eye on the big picture as this will soon pass just like any other crisis; and this is actually a great time to end matters even though emotions will run high. The Full Moon on the 10th will be somewhat helpful but the New Moon of the 25th will bring new activity at work or in health.

CAPRICORN: You have a lot to consider when it comes to a property sale, a house move, or a tenant or boarder issue, and the dynamics this month will be turned up a notch or two. Take especial care if you want to give someone a piece of your mind, especially if it’s in the written form since there could be unexpected repercussions. Take your time or take a walk before you commit anything to paper now and if you must do it, then word your thoughts carefully. With the stifling aspects that are affecting all of us, it’s hard to keep an eye on the bigger picture but all this tension will eventually pass and that’s when you will be glad you held back. By month’s end the New Moon of the 25th will shine a light on the realm of children, romance, creativity, or on a leisure pursuit or hobby that could prove productive so inject as much energy then into any or all of these areas then.

AQUARIUS: Money, money, money! It’s what makes the world go around but this month it is what will drive you to distraction if you continue to try to push square pegs into round holes. Stretched to the max, this is definitely a time to pull back and conserve your own resources while you wait for a second or third party to give their opinion, verdict or offer around the 5th. A claim, settlement or offer may have you dangling by a thread. By the 16th sudden changes will propel you in new directions anyway freeing up space on your financial hard drive so that fresh beginnings can take hold, especially at month’s end when the New Moon highlights property, home and family matters. It’s all a matter of compacting situations that have been dragging on too long but this requires a delicate approach and implementing strategies in a carefully balanced manner.

PISCES: April will be a very interesting month for all of us but most especially for Pisceans and Virgoans! Mars in your sign until the 23rd will bring a series of events, people, feelings or situations that will be both challenging but life-changing. The first challenge will occur around the 5th when a friend or foe will figure prominently and it will be very important to strike a balance between the pair of you; at the very least keep back judgements until more information comes to light. By the 16th the picture will change dramatically and you may find that a complete breakaway to pursue your own course of action is what you really want to do. This will be an extremely testing time in all relationships but most especially the intimate one to one connections that make your life what it is. It is important for everyone to allow space to work through issues otherwise the tension will increase. There is unfinished business to attend to from the 11th so financial affairs will have to put be on the back burner as you attend to health and wellbeing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey,
Just want to thank you for all the effort you must go to in order to put this site together. As a few issues have reared their heads this month, referring to your site has helped me through and I send you my love for that.
What more can I say - 'go Kiwi'!
From an ex pat Kiwi in Oz.

Tracey said...

Hi ex-pat Kiwi. I am very pleased that you got something out of my column. I do it as a labour of love and it's always nice to get feedback. Hope all goes well for you. Tracey