Thursday, October 15, 2009

Astrologer's Warning: Saturn in the 7th

This chart is an example of Saturn's presence in the 7th house - a traditional consideration before judgement that warns the astrologer that they should proceed with caution. In this case, basing the judgement on the facts provided by the police - that this poor little girl had been abducted, that an Asian woman was last seen with her - threw the whole analysis off course.

If the media reports of police "facts" had not been taken into account, the chart would clearly show that Aisling was near water, in a dark, confined place, fell from a height (Air sign which are high places), that her significator was retrograde meaning she would return "damaged", that she was still within her community and not outside a three km radius of where she lived. That she would be found when her significator, Jupiter, turned direct, exactly 8 days after she went missing, that she was near a boundary of some sort. Mute Pisces describes how she was there within the vicinity of her home and yet no one heard her.

It is very sad and her parent's grief must be immense. God bless you little Aisling. I feel for the police too who did a great job in difficult circumstances. their job must be very stressful and sad.

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