Monday, October 12, 2009

Missing People Astrology: Aisling Symes Last Seen Chart

Rather than ask a horary question, I wondered what the chart for the last sighting of poor little Aisling would reveal. I am putting my neck out here but astrology has proved very accurate for other purposes and there is so much that can be read from this chart so I will give it a shot.

Last Seen Chart for
Aisling Symes, aged 2 years
Disappeared 5th October 2009, 5:15pm, Henderson, Auckland
Wearing green jacket, blue jeans with flowers and white tennis shoes

Mysterious, watery Pisces rises at 15 degrees at the time Aisling disappeared. The Ascendant signifies Aisling and it is a relief to see that it is only mid-way through rather than at the end of the sign – to the astrologer, degrees higher than 27 are one of many warning signs that it is “too late”. Saturn is in the 7th House and acts as a warning to whichever astrologer looks at this chart that something may be amiss – not quite right – that there is something that the astrologer is not aware of and to tread carefully when interpreting the chart. With 15 degrees Virgo on the 7th, my Sun is exactly at this degree so I will proceed despite this warning and put my neck on the line because I would love to be able to be of service to this poor family!

A water sign, mute Pisces along with Uranus in Pisces in the 1st trine watery Mars in the 5th aptly describes what Aisling was doing at the time she disappeared into thin air: watching her mother trying to fix the tap on the washing machine in the wash house at the home of her deceased grandparents. This home is where her mother lived as a child. Even though they were not at home, something I read said that the family also lived near a creek where her mother would watch her play with her sister from the house. This stuck out in my mind as I am not sure I would let my child play near water unless I was within arm’s reach as drowning happens so suddenly. The ascendant represents Aisling as well as her location at her grandparent’s, which is the mother's fourth house in the turned chart.

Compare her disappearance to a child who disappears at a bus stop when by themselves, curious Aisling was right there with her mother (Jupiter ruling 1st and 10th Houses). Lightning-quick Uranus in the 1st House and Jupiter in Aquarius near the 12th house cusp describes this sudden - and very mysterious - disappearance of Aisling – one minute she was there, poof, the next she is gone. Her mother was amazed at how quickly she disappeared because she had been glancing around to make sure she was okay but when she looked back a second time the child had vanished. Pisces could describe an almost magical disappearing act.

Jupiter, ruler of Pisces and therefore Aisling, is in Aquarius and looks like it is about to enter the Twelfth House of secrets, secret enemies, secluded places, bondage, prisoners and confinement suggesting that it is no wonder that it is so hard to find her. However, Jupiter is retrograde and therefore moving away from this house and therefore this situation, and remains in the house of friends, associates and people in the community. Jupiter turns direct on October 13th - 8 days after she has disappeared - making a return to the degrees it has already traversed – could this be a good sign that she will return. Both Aquarius and Pisces describe her as being squat, thick corporature or of a strong, well composed body, large face, pale complexion, sandy coloured hair – in reality, Aisling’s description fits the bill in that even though she is tall for her age she has light brown hair and pale complexion. Jupiter parallels Sirius the Dog-Star - see below!

Jupiter in Aquarius on the cusp of the 12th but moving back toward the 11th where it has protective influences shows that her location could be near water (Pisces) and/or somewhere high up, airy, hilly with uneven ground, quarries or places that have been recently dug up (but not in the sense of a grave, rather a place that has been mined or tilled). She is not at a distance as would be shown by planets in the 9th house of great distances. Inside, it would indicate being in the upper part of the building as opposed to being close to the ground. Jupiter being on the cusp could indicate that she is at the edge of somewhere – a room, a building or she could be on the border of one neighbourhood, region or place to another. She might also have been taken to somewhere other than where her captors originally intended given Jupiter's movement away from this kind of place. Jupiter’s direction is West by North. Mars as dispositor of the Moon, her co-ruler, suggests somewhere watery but where pleasurable events take place, places of enjoyment and entertainment...could her abductors have taken her somewhere like this initially. The Moon in Aries could indicate a hiding place such as where sheep are kept, isolated, newly ploughed land (Olivia Barclay). Again, once inside a building, high up rather than low down.

Looking at how she disappeared. There are three planets or significators – therefore three people (Mercury, a young person; Venus, a woman; Saturn, an older person – note Saturn is at the degree of Venus’ fall) - diametrically opposed to Aisling’s Ascendant. Mercury is the strongest of the three as it is in its rulership, Virgo, in an angular house - the 7th House of open enemies. Mercury in Virgo describes someone young, studious, quiet but bright intellectually. However, since all three planets are in Mercury’s sign, these people are bound closely together and are very similar in outlook and intellectual abilities – they are conservative, inconspicuous with analytical, strategic minds. Are they a family unit? Venus is exactly inconjunct Jupiter and this shows discomfort between Aisling and her situation/captors. The Ascendant will oppose these planets within two days, nine days and 12 days of her disappearance. Since Mercury is the strongest planet, nine days would be most significant.

The last person to be seen talking to Aisling was an Asian woman aged 30 plus walking a black and grey dog. She was wearing a black polo with blue jeans and so far has not come forward. Mercury rules the Fourth House of Aisling’s father, physical home and family suggesting that there could have been a young playmate who has come to visit who is connected to these people, or a prospective teacher or medical person or someone youngish that the family has gone to for advice or they may even have been at the family home at some point. I would be very surprised if this were a complete stranger to the family but they could be someone who is not really well-known and so they are out of the peripheral vision of police and the family – not someone they would think of immediately. Mercury is sandwiched between Venus – an efficient, stern woman – and ruling the Third House points to a connection with siblings, schools, teachers, neighbours. Saturn – an older, traditional, stern person - rules the 11th House of friends, associates. Again, this shows a connection to the family via networking and social circles. Jupiter is also late in the 11th House and rules the 10th of the mother – again her parents have probably come in contact with this person before.

The Moon – Aisling’s co-ruler – is in the 2nd House of possessions – in Aries, which describes her headstrong, stubborn nature – and is in Mutual Reception with Mars in Cancer in the 5th. Mutual Receptions can be considered a saving grace so let’s pray that this part of astrology works! They show that the person is honoured and protected as long as they are in the home of the person receiving them – there is an emotional protection in this case despite the trauma of separation. The second house becomes the turned 2nd House of the mother’s parent’s possessions and the Moon here reflects that they were physically working at the house of her grandparents – obviously, the washing machine would become a moveable possession. However, her mother said that the child was not easily diverted so what was it that made her move away from her mother in the impulsive way that Aries and Uranus in the 1st would suggest? The Moon ruling the 5th and with the Mars’ connection to the 5th house of pleasure, was it a toy or some other emotionally appealing thing that tempted her? The Moon is square mysterious Neptune in the 12th – another connection with water – but also the strangeness with which she disappeared.

Having a dog involved in her last sighting, we look to the 6th House of animals and its ruler. We find the Sun –ruler of the dog – in the second house of possessions of the last person to be seen openly with Aisling. The turned 12th becomes the 6th of this lady. Because the Sun will oppose first the Moon, then Mars, then the Node, I feel this dog will be the clue to finding Aisling. Clues may also lie around the last Full Moon, which occurred the day before she disappeared – 4th October. The Sun, representing the dog, is weak in Libra and because it relates to the last person to talk to Aisling, the dog could be the x-factor that they cannot control and somehow, some way, it could give the game away. There is a period of 11 days, 12 days and 15 days from the date of her disappearance that this may come about.
The Arabic Parts often show up as being significant so I have checked the dangerous ones. Mars is exactly conjunct the Part of Treachery and the Part of Land Journeys. The Sun is conjunct the Part of Inheritances - did her mother inherit the house? Jupiter in opposition to the Part of Faith means the family need to pray and believe. Otherwise, the Parts of Fatality, Death, Danger have already been recently aspected so hopefully point to her returning alive during the time frames given above.


Tracey said...

Poor little Aisling was found down a drain, verdict drowned, just before 8pm on Monday 12th - 8 days after she went missing. Foul play is suspected but rather the council are being criticised for not fixing the manhole lid that would lift off during heavy rain. It is presumed she fell down this drain even though it was searched four times. RIP Aisling.

Tracey said...

Sorry, that should read foul play is NOT suspected.

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