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Forecast for 2001 (9/11)

IN 2001

Mars in Sagittarius
The Idealistic Warrior

If you’ve a special pilgrimage to make, a burning quest or a sacred ideal you’ve only ever dreamed about, 2001 could be the year when you are inspired to hit the road in pursuit of your personal vision. With Mars spending an unusually long time in Sagittarius – February to September – it’s time to get out of the doldrums, stretch, take new risks, and explore bigger and better possibilities. Pluto, also in Sag, co-rules Scorpio with Mars, so with these two gutsy planets in the same sign, we’re really digging deep within ourselves for the philosophical. We’re painting broader strokes and looking to other places and wider territories both within and without. Travel of the mind and body is important to many of us now.

Because of this emphasis in the sign of the Archer – the Seeker - there’s a very expansive, idealistic, though somewhat intense, energy around to help loosen our mind-sets away from the dense, practical, and often materially-driven wavelength that permeated 2000. We’ll shift to a much more fluid, airy, almost religious attitude toward whatever we do, even if this doesn’t involve structured worship. And we’ll have the chance to review our actions between May and July before acting decisively, just to make sure we are on the right track. Slow down and ponder the obstacles during these months.

Globally, March, May, July, October and November could be particularly fervent months for world religions and idealistic causes. Our concerns will turn away from work, mortgages and making ends meet to a more seeking, sometimes quite spiritual, approach. Going way over the top in search of meaning and truth could be a contagious trend. Larger-than-life gurus and leaders will appear to spread their particular word, because acting on ideals is what it is all about now. On another level, corporations and individuals who deal in communications, travel, publishing and the law may also dominate our headlines. But it’s a fickle, outspoken public that has the ultimate say.

For those of us who planted spiritual/idealistic seeds during July and December 2000 when we tuned into our personal faith and belief systems, there’s every chance that some of these visions could turn into oak trees by April 2001. This is when big-thinking, high-minded, generous Jupiter vibrates harmoniously with mystical, psychic, believing Neptune. And if we believe in magic and make-believe, the power of faith will almost be enough to turn a dream or two into reality. However, this is a very subtle energy that can easily be missed unless we are truly believe in ourselves or have placed our utmost faith and hope in the higher realms. By the same token, Pluto asks us to rigorously defend or define our beliefs in our search for the truth in May, July, October and November. Facing harsh facts may be tough-going then, but at least we are sweeping away any illusions.

Jupiter into Cancer
July 2001

Family, living conditions, and our emotional lives become much more important from July 13 through to December and beyond, although we’ll have an inkling of this as early as January. We want a personal touch and old-fashioned values by then. July and December will be potent months when an explosion of passionate feeling will be surface (see Eclipses below). And after a lot of talking, negotiating, exploring and thinking in the first half of the year, we will be ready to express “feelings” in a non-detached way in the second half. The ice melts around our hearts and, like a cosy kitchen on a cold winter’s day, a lovely warm atmosphere begins to emerge. On February 13, 1999, Jupiter crossed into Aries marking the beginning of a 2½-year phase when no outer planets would travel through a Water sign. The outer planets – Jupiter to Pluto – and their signs and angles to each other - represent the social climate we may experience during a given time span. The last time there were no outer planets in any of the Water signs occurred between 1971 to 1973.

Because Water represents feelings, emotions, nurturing and family life, these aspects have been rather distorted of late. We could say that money/work (Earth), technology/globalisation (Air), and idealistic ambitions (Fire) have trampled rather carelessly over our sensitivities - the caring, the empathy, and the compassion that is a natural part of humanity’s makeup (Water). Socially, we are finding that emotions and family life have taken a different path than that of our own upbringing, to which we might look to for guidance, and that domestic life may, at times, be secondary to society’s dictates and trends.

When there is a lack of an Element we must strive harder in our efforts to touch base with what this Element represents. Lack of Water during this period may indicate that much of the time we have swallowed our feelings and instincts, put aside our family values, or ignored our roots and ancestry. In other words, our minds may have become steely (Air), we’ve an over-emphasis on providing material security (Earth), all the while struggling to maintain a belief in something other than man-made concerns (Fire). Hence, we can look forward to enjoying a re-discovery of much simpler emotional instincts, and a time when we can self-nurture and care-give from the heart, connecting with our “yin” needs. This may require shedding tears that cleanse before we truly reconnect.

The Eclipses
Letting it all hang out

And not only is there a reintroduction of Water with Jupiter but also with the signs the Eclipses will teeter between. Eclipses indicate months when both social and personal issues are triggered. Therefore, we may find January, June, July and lastly December 2001 to be important months personally and globally. Eclipses signify turning points and crossroads. For the past 18 months the series of Eclipses has fallen between the signs Leo and Aquarius – Fixed signs that are rather slow to change their ways, they hold on to crumbling structures long after they are due for change. Throughout 2001 they will fall between the sensitive Cancer and ambitious Capricorn polarity - action signs that want and bring about change no matter what. Eclipses act as pressure valves for our emotional states. And while we may have to perform a delicate balancing act during these months with the beauty of life’s unpredictability, they are excellent for washing away the debris that has accumulated. We get to deal with issues that have built up in our lives.

The world may continue to move at breakneck speed, with even more amazing technological advancements and wondrous discoveries on land, under water and in the skies. But in preparation for a return to our true emotional homes in the second half of 2001, our jaded souls are looking, even yearning for, something that holds the promise of passion and a deeper meaning that can be felt wholeheartedly on all levels.

(C) Tracey Rizvi. Article written for Rainbow News Jan 2001
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