Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sun Signs - Aries

21 March to 20 April

Ruler: Mars Cardinal-Fire Sign

When we have Aries emphasised in our chart, the world is viewed as a competitive arena that constantly challenges us to exert our energies against others. We are vital, vivacious, charismatic and fresh. Our mode of expression is active, spontaneous, pioneering, optimistic, dynamic and assertive. We seek independence and freedom of expression so we possess an outspoken, direct and spontaneous style. We are full of attitude. Impatient to a fault, our greatest task is to learn patience and restraint. More than anyone else, we need to realise that Rome wasn’t built in a day. We are always in a hurry, charging from one situation to the next, hardly stopping to catch our breath, and for this reason, we rarely finish anything off. Most of the time (unless we have a lot of Earth or Fixed in our charts) we are highly motivated, enthusiastic and fired-up only in the initial stages of a project or until the novelty wanes; and when it does, we restlessly look around for the next mountain to conquer. We are famous for starting things we never finish, for leaving others to pick up or put together after us.

By the same token, we are the fearless leaders who are not afraid of trying something new. We set the pace and break the ice for others to follow. We are ground-breaking, barrier-pushing, risk taking champions. We are heroes in all senses of the word, and if we are the first to initiate, establish or try something, then that’s even better. We often tread where angels fear to go, and if someone hints at competition, we’ll be on our marks and set to go. We thrive on rivalry and pitting ourselves against the odds. We may have many false starts but that’s why we’re known as pioneers. Trial and error may be the only way we learn. We will always look for opportunities to increase our personality power and physical vitality.

Because Aries is a visionary, conceptual sign, we dislike practical details and tedium, and our temperatures rise when the computer crashes, the phone is engaged or we’re at the back of a long queue. We are the drivers who honk our horns in traffic jams while tapping our fingers on the steering wheel as we look at our watch for the hundredth time cursing ourselves for taking that particular route. And when we are not driving fast in our cars we walk hurriedly with our head jutting forward, just like our symbol the Ram. We push our way forward in life butting anything or anyone who blocks our path. We will always take the quick way around, through or under anything; and if the truth be known we probably dreamt up the concept of shortcuts. We might get the job done faster than anyone else but we could also make so many mistakes that we end up on the circuitous route round the mountain.

And when a brighter vision flickers to life on our mind’s screen, we drop everything to pursue it in our excitement. We never look back, only forward. We quickly forget last week’s arrangement or this week’s engagement, and we also overlook the feelings that get hurt or the inconvenience that is caused when we are on our way to greener, brighter pastures. We are not particularly sensitive people, we are always impulsive, and we never like admitting we are wrong. We are proud people to say the least, and because of this we can be accused of selfishness, arrogance and haughtiness. People often see us as bombastic. Our saving grace may be our terrific sense of humour and the promise to make amends.

As children, we were probably tear-aways, never sitting still and always on the go. Our parents had a difficult time indeed keeping up with us. They were probably exhausted by the time we left home, which was probably at an early age. If we are female we were more than likely little tomboys. It was, and still is, important that we have a wide variety of interests available to us, especially those that hint at challenge, danger, excitement or adventure. Tree climbing, football, walking, carpentry sets, skating, rugby, fencing, karate and bike riding suit our energetic, lively natures. And because of an underlying need for inspiration, activities such as dance, art, knitting, athletics, drumming or guitar playing would have been, and probably still are, very satisfactory outlets. We are seldom, if ever accused of laziness and we full of a compulsion to move.

Physically, we are happier when we are active. Sports or hobbies that involve using our bodies or working with metals is complementary to us. Because Aries rules the head, impatience or recklessness can attract injuries to this area. We may also find we often trip up on or bump into things. We may have eyebrows that arch and meet in the middle. It is very important to have a physical outlet for our never-ending energy, otherwise it becomes dammed up and results in irritability and short temper.

We are winners in the game of life. We are idealists in the true sense of the word.

(c) Tracey Rizvi, 2006

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