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Uranus In Pisces

From March 2003 to March 2011

On another threshold of change, February 2003 will be an interesting, highly critical and cosmically historical month as Uranus travels through the last degrees of its own sign Aquarius before entering Pisces in early March (11th) where it will remain until 2011. Uranus won’t be back to Aquarius for another 76 years (2079) so we’re climbing over the turnstile of a major transition in both our personal lives and of global consciousness.

Witness the rapid changes that have occurred since 1995 when Uranus entered Aquarius – we have seen major advancements in technology and science and the resultant impact it has had upon our lives – so much information at only the push of a button. We have cell-phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, handheld computers, globalisation and the metaphorical shrinking of the world through high-speed communications. Not only that but science has pushed the boundaries and come closer to perfecting the ability to clone and produce genetically modified food during this time. The younger generation are growing up much faster than we ever did, and appear to take it all in their stride, but to the older folk of the Pisces Age all these advancements are both startling and shocking. We’ve had to make enormous intellectual leaps to keep up with the incredible speed of a constantly changing world. Whether these issues are right or wrong, that is what Uranus and Aquarius is all about!

Increasingly, we will become more familiar with the hidden terrains of our inner maps. Rather than living on automatic pilot we will seek emotional sustenance from our activities and from the information we absorb from the world around us. Our senses will be wide open and extremely receptive. This means that the psychic noise will initially be deafening, that at first we will feel disorientated and highly sensitised, but that we will gradually develop ways and means to personally sift through what we are exposed to. We will need to balance an overwhelming amount of emotion and intellectual overload via practices that encourage us to be grounded and centred. And, as with any change, we may have to pass through a phase of initiation where differences of ideologies and beliefs structures break down – this also applies to those of the same belief systems where clashes between the old and new are evident. We will also become more aware of the “unseen and unknown” and the greater plan of life that is outside the domain of science, defies rational explanation and of which we have little knowledge and therefore control over. Unusual cults and spiritual leaders may emerge who insist they have all the answers but the more questions that are asked the less we realise they know. Since Pisces rules the dubious, some of us will have our illusions shattered during this 7-year timeframe since progressive Uranus breaks up anything that is part its use by date or that is not progressive.

The shadow or unconscious side of Pisces is Virgo - its opposite sign - a discriminating sign that desires wholesome and healthy input. Our psychic antennas, though gullible at first, will also gradually learn to detect insincerity and untruths, and as a consequence we will grow less believing of the propaganda of our times. The down-trodden and less privileged will gain a status of their own, but how inequalities will be balanced remains to be seen. By the same token, what we believe is what shapes our future so it is time for everyone on planet earth – from rich to poor - to take a good look at how subconscious programming determines what lines our lives travel along. We can only be victims of other’s actions for so long and after that we must harness the power of belief in ourselves to regulate what we accomplish or want in life. We are all a product of our own beliefs and it’s time to believe big and grow big on a spiritual level.

Pisces rules water and liquid, so from the oceans to the rivers to the water that comes out of our taps, over the course of the next seven years we will become increasingly conscious of the purity and quality - again Virgo keywords - of this very precious God-given commodity. Marine life and oxygen levels will also be cause for concern along with extremes in weather patterns and the melting polar caps. Sudden events – both natural and human - that shock and astound will constantly draw our attention and dissolve our indifference or laissez-faire attitudes toward our waterways and the creatures that are sustained within them. Saturn in Cancer – also a water sign – for the first 18 months of Uranus’ transit through Pisces suggests that costs associated with water usage or spoilage will skyrocket in a valiant backlash against spiralling destruction. Saturn represents the established structures, along with shortages, while Cancer is protective; in an attempt to preserve what is quickly diminishing, strict controls will be put into place before contamination of our waterways spreads to food chains, which then overstrains the health system. Spoiled water or liquid or technology that filters and distributes water could be one of the major sources of the spread of new, indefinable virii. Pisces is the last sign on the zodiac wheel and therefore contains all the experiences - the joys and the despairs - of the other eleven signs. In this respect, we have reached a critical juncture, a turning point in the natural history of the world where anything is likely. Pisces also relates to drugs and addictions and substance abuse will become of greater concern before it gets better.

© Tracey Rizvi, December 2002, Rainbow News Article
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