Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sun Signs - Scorpio

24 October to 23 November

Rulers: Mars and Pluto
Fixed-Water Sign

When we have Scorpio strongly emphasised in our charts (i.e. Sun, Moon, Mars or Ascendant in Scorpio), we are intense, complex, capable and determined. And even though our presence is initially felt in a quiet, reserved way, people definitely know we are there because we have such a strong energy emanating from us. People can almost touch our aura and they sense our arrival long before our physical body gets there. We extend ourselves psychically with ease. We don’t have to say anything to get the message across. A look, a gesture, a curl of the lip says it all. The saying “still waters run deep” is particularly descriptive of us.

It takes a lot to get to know us, for we never reveal ourselves in an instant, but once we like someone or something, we remain loyal and attached to them. Possessive and obsessive are two more keywords that sum up our style. Learning to trust people could be our greatest lesson though. We have experienced many situations that have taken away this trust. We are the most likeliest to stand at the crossroads, be at a turning point, or starting over for the hundredth time, than any other sign. Our life journey is one of continual crises and catastrophe but it is also one of ultimate transformation. Death and rebirth are the agents of change.

We Scorpio folk are not generally known for taking things at face value or for being frivolous and undiscriminating. When we undertake anything, it is with deadly seriousness, and often we throw ourselves in at the deep end and stay there until we have learned to swim. We have the intensity of the angry sea, we can be relentless and unyielding, destructive and devastating. Yet we can be as calm and collected, serene and still as the waters that gently lap the shore on a beautiful day. The intensity of our emotions and the strength of our minds are so powerful that we can manifest just about anything in our lives, whether positive and negative. We are in tune with cycles but if we work against the tide we can unleash forces that quickly grow out of control. We can heal and hurt, destroy or develop. We must take care with our thoughts.

Because of our probing, suspicious natures, we tend to peer into people’s souls. We are the psychologists, the therapists, detectives, the finders and keepers of secrets. And with our inner knowledge and higher knowing, we have the ability to destroy or uplift. We are the power behind the throne. We know the ropes and will pull all the strings.

People see us as enigmatic and mysterious simply because we do not always open up to them immediately. This holding back creates curiosity and interest in our activities that we would otherwise prefer to keep hidden. We are intensely private people. We have such great depth to our personality, but because we have so much to unravel about ourselves, these depths and our true personality will only emerge through time, experience and periodic crises. As children, our extreme sensitivity to undercurrents, unspoken words and unexpressed feelings would have been more obvious; but as we grow older and wiser, we learn to shroud our vulnerabilities with a tough layer of impenetrability. It is very important that we don’t bury our true self so deeply that we become out of touch with our inner needs. We may need to learn to come to terms with the pain we may have felt as a child if there were many emotional ups and downs. We may need to stop covering it up and allowing it to stunt our emotional and spiritual growth in adult life. We may need to peel back the years of conditioning in our formative years so that we can find what WE truly believe in. We may need to curb self-destructive behaviour and learn what really motivates us. Jealousy, resentment, vindictiveness, vengeance and poisonous thoughts may have their origins in childhood but they must be released with age.

We are extremely intuitive people, however, and we are quick to see people for who and what they really are. We are psychic and sensory. We can make people feel extremely good about themselves or, if the mood strikes us, extremely bad. However, if we manipulate this talent to our advantage by mirroring back only certain points, we will not be building relationships on truth and acceptance. Instead, we may enjoy our power over others for all the wrong reasons and we must take care that this does not backfire. Our subtle style can be that of “getting back” and we may develop a stinging reputation for ourselves. And that’s another thing, we may remember misdeeds that others have done to us long after they’ve forgotten all about them! Harming only ourselves. Letting go of the past may be the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, for then we will truly be free and unfettered.

We have a tendency to “screen” people before we let them come too close. We are often paranoid and touchy. We have it within our means to make people feel highly uncomfortable when we are not taken with them. We are very witty though when we are in the mood, and we have an insightful and penetrating mind that makes people double check everything before they act or say anything. We are compulsive and strong-willed, but most importantly we are catalysts for and harbingers of change.

Our vulnerable body area is the eliminative and reproductive system.

(c) Tracey Rizvi, 2006

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A very good analysis of me.
I am a scorpio ascendent.