Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sun Signs - Pisces

19 February to 20 March

Co-Rulers: Jupiter and Neptune Mutable-Water Sign

When we have Pisces strongly emphasised in our charts (i.e. Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Ascendant in Pisces), we are enigmatic, mysterious, beguiling, selfless and self-sacrificing. We’re the ultimate romantics who have rosy ideals and glamorous images. We are impressionable to a fault and want to see the good in everyone and everything. We are true believers in the old-fashioned kind of magic and make believe; often we feel we come from another time, another place. We may spend our lives unconsciously yearning for a lost world. We love movies that tug at our hearts and bring a tear to the eye. We revel in poetry and prose, magic and music that sends our spirits soaring. We are often musical and creative ourselves. We are always highly imaginative.

We are so sensitive to our environment and other people that we've developed this curious ability to act as a mirror to others and to see our own reflection in their eyes. We unconsciously take on the persona of whoever we are in the company of; and we may not realise that our natural reflective abilities, which are much like the chameleon, are the stuff that great actors are made of. Often we idolise people, we have heroes and role models and our whole identity becomes entwined with theirs. The outline of our identity may become blurred at times, and we may find it difficult to distinguish where we begin and others leave off.

We are so compassionate towards others that we can almost feel their pain, joy or sorrow. We excel at sympathising with others and so counselling comes naturally to us too. We are the people who wish that hurt and injustice would disappear off the face of the earth; and for this reason, we often have very strong escapist tendencies, especially if we have experienced great pain. We may drown our sorrows, numb our feelings, blot out our disillusionment with mood enhancing substances. Life is viewed through the realms of fantasy and sensitivity, and others may not always share this ethereal view, therefore, we can have difficulty fitting into the everyday world of “reality”. More practical people sometimes find us difficult to understand, and the irony of this is that we are often dependent on these very people to keep us grounded and safe. Throughout our lives we find ourselves orbiting with people who accuse of us being “untogether” and not in focus. But, if the truth be known, we are often wiser than they think, especially to the misery and suffering that plagues mankind. We understand pain and suffering so well that we sometimes think it better to avoid it altogether and usually this means choosing a completely different path to everyone else. Some of us enter into helping or religious professions in an attempt to do our bit, while others disappear into the underworld. Other’s still portray their visions through film, acting, art, photography, music, literature and dance. We may have a tendency to swing from being high on life to plunging into the depths of despair. This occurs mostly when we have been idealising someone or something, and are then let down when a person or situation fails to live up to our high expectations. We are certainly two fish swimming in different directions, and we would do well to develop our creative, spiritual and/or artistic abilities so that we have a healthy, expressive outlet for our vivid inner life. We can reach other people through creative or religious means much better than ordinary words or actions can convey. We need to keep sight of our inner visions and aim as realistically high as we can. We can lead the way for other people by sharing our visions.

We may have large, dreamy, watery eyes that have that faraway look in them. Our fertile imagination means we can easily become engrossed in our own thoughts and fantasies. As children we may have appeared angelic to adults (whether we were or not), as if we had a halo around our head, almost fragile. We may be agile on our feet, we may be good dancers, footballers or great at some other activity that involves this part of our body. Our feet are our potentially sensitive or vulnerable areas. Being near water is soothing to us too during times of chaos and change, and in fact many a sailor or fisherman is likely to have Pisces predominant in their chart. Others work with liquids in many different forms.

We really do need to protect ourselves from other people’s moods and feelings. Psychically, we are like a sponge, we are extremely receptive to the unseen “vibes” other people give out. If we observe ourselves enough, we may notice that if we have been around negative people or involved in a negative situation, a feeling of depression may hound us for days after. Similarly, if we have been around happy, positive people, we remain on an emotional high. When we are feeling down, we may need to sort through our feelings and decide which ones belong to us, and which belong to other people. We may need to learn to cut our ties literally. And because we are so receptive to the psychic atmosphere around us, we need to pick our companions with care, choosing only those who uplift and inspire us.

We are extremely intuitive people; our sensitivity and gentleness mark us as people who are receptive and sympathetic in our approach to those in need. We may discover that we are particularly gifted healers once we have started our own journey of healing. We could possibly be suckers for a good sob story too, and we may try to save people from themselves and their misfortunes. We may need to take care in this respect because we are likely to attract all sorts of people who wittingly or unwittingly take advantage of our generous natures. Perhaps we have already learned this through experience and so are generally guarded about ourselves until we get to know them. We always have a soft center though for those who are not as well off as ourselves.

(c) Tracey Rizvi, 2006

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