Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sun Signs - Taurus

20 April to 21 May

Ruler: Venus
Fixed-Earth Sign

When we have Taurus strong (Sun, Moon or Rising Sign), structure, stability, practicality and reliability are the cornerstones of our lives. Our mode of self-expression is sensual and sensuous – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste are so important to our aesthetic well-being. For this reason, it is important that we have the right colours and accessories in our homes, offices or work environments, especially if we are prone to moodiness or when we are susceptible to negative energy in our environment. Natural, traditional, classical or olde-worlde is our favoured style, and if we live or work in an artificial environment, we can perk ourselves up with pictures that remind us of the natural world. Beauty and grace should be part of our daily lives. From the scenery from our window to the clothes we put on our bodies to the food we put into our mouths to the music we listen to, we are at the mercy of the sensory world. And we may not realise just how much any or all of these things affect our state of mind.

We are pleasant and easygoing, and perhaps at first glance appear quite placid. We cannot be hurried by our impatient friends and will even dig in our heels when pushed, much to their detriment. This is an admirable trait when we are faced with an issue that requires thought, patience, time and counsel, but sometimes we may need to balance stability with flexibility, for opportunities can pass us by if we take too long. And just like our Libran counterparts who share indecisive Venus as their ruler, we are often stressed if we have too many choices or options, and so the easiest way is no change at all. This can lead to staying in situations that have become outworn and stale. On the other side of the coin, we may be the envy of our less than stable friends who flit in and out of jobs, homes and relationships. We have the staying power and the patience to establish a solid reality for ourselves. We are the realists and the builders of the zodiac and for this reason, real estate and investments that will secure our long term future are important to our practical and security-seeking natures.

Our friends appreciate our stability and dependability, and we can be counted on in times of trouble. When we give our word on something, we will always follow through. The finer material comforts in life appeal to us, and we are eager to share our bounty with others. As a friend, we are relaxed and undemanding. Some may describe us as the "strong, silent type," but in reality we are very sensitive and have deep and strong feelings that we protect with our deep reserve and occasional belligerence.

Out of all the signs of the zodiac, we are most responsive to gentleness and affection. We want our lives to be harmonious and comfortable and may ignore potential problems in the hope that they will vanish. Security is very important to us - both emotionally and physically. Therefore, we tend to throw ourselves into our work and can be very creative. Although we enjoy indulging in the finer things in life, we are also practical with finances. Persistent, once we have set your mind on something, we are not easily side-tracked or discouraged from pursuing our goal. We are known for our staying power and tenacity. And if we don't want to move in a certain direction, no amount of persuasion or urging will change our minds.

When pushed, we become nervous and irritable--and perhaps even physically ill. The best life for us is one of stability and a regular, predictable schedule. We may need to remember to enjoy life and appreciate ourselves no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. In love relationships, we offer our partner undying loyalty and devotion. Because of our dislike of conflict or of situations that push us out of our comfort zone, we deliberately avoid personal confrontations and, if hurt, simply ignore who or what has caused the problem. We don't usually resort to feelings of hate; rather we become cold, forgiving and resentful.

Physically, we have a broad physical structure. Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, is the sign of beauty. Those of us who have Taurus strong in our charts are often short and stocky (unless there is Gemini or Sagittarius in our chart). Our chin is rounded and we may have dimples. And because the neck and throat come under Venus, we either have a beautiful swan neck or a very strong, determined one. Either way, it is likely to be one of our “sensitive” zones. Our features are usually symmetrical and our eyes round and prominent, we may be quite photogenic. We move slowly and at a regulated pace. Our body language is that of “all the time in the world”. Often we have small ears and teeth and luxurious hair. We like to dress in style and take great pride in our appearance, and again, natural fabrics are better for us than man-made. Jewellery and perfume appeal to our aesthetic sense. Physical weaknesses include problems with the throat such as laryngitis or tonsillitis. We often have a soothing, even quality to our voices (like a radio announcer) and we may even have a talent for singing or speaking. We may need to be careful not to overeat or indulge in too much rich food, a lot of us would be quite happy to spend our days in cafes watching the world pass by (remember the Bull who likes grazing). However we should not be overly concerned with our health as we can worry ourselves sick. Although we are usually healthy and have a strong constitution, we may recover slowly when we do become ill.

(c) Tracey Rizvi, 2006

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