Friday, February 17, 2006

Sun Signs - Gemini

21 May to 22 June
Ruler: Mercury Mutable-Air Sign

When we have Gemini strong (i.e. Sun, Mercury or Ascendant in Gemnini), other people see us as free-spirited and extremely talkative, bright, inventive and witty. Communication is our driving force. Mentally, we are clever and always on the go, and often we have bodies that are just as flexible. As children we were very quick to learn and probably spoke and walked at an earlier age than others in our eagerness to learn and discover. Our elasticated bodies may indicate that later we were wonderful at gymnastics or dancing. As adults we need a multitude of diverse and stimulating interests to keep us alert and interested; if something or someone else catches our attention we will be off in an instant. We are quick to boredom and may need to learn that there can be times when we sit still and do absolutely nothing with our overactive, imaginative minds and wired bodies. We often like to flit around from one place to the other in our daily lives, and we definitely cannot stand being cooped up in the same environment for any length of time. We are the people who stand over the back fence or at the front gate chatting to our neighbours. Often we know our shopkeepers, milkmen and posties by their first names. We are fascinated by people who can impart information on a local level.

On a personal level, we may be particularly creative in our use of words and we respect those who weave a magical spell with theirs. We may possess a fine writing or speaking style that titillates, amuses and entertains others; we can hold people spell-bound for hours. Glossy magazines and catalogues appeal to our fleeting nature just as much as a technical textbook, and if we are absorbed in a good read, we can’t put it down until the last page. Often we have diverse libraries in our homes that are filled with DIY, “How To (fill in the subject) In One Week” books, epic tales and sweeping sagas. If someone wants to know what our interests are all they have to do is scan the titles on our bookshelf. They might not build an accurate picture of us, for we go from one subject to the next in a matter of months, but they will be amazed at how much we seemingly know. We would never discard a book we haven’t looked at in years just in case there’s a time when we are seized with the need to read it again.

We may exert a lot of energy in our spare time gathering information that can then be relayed on to others. We may know lots of bits and pieces about lots of different subjects because trivia and obscure pieces of information have a habit of sticking in our minds like post-it notes; and there’s no doubt that this makes for interesting conversation starters, crosswords or for playing general knowledge games. We may have completed a dozen short courses in our bid to improve our minds but we are in danger of allowing ourselves to become a “Jack or Jill of all trades, master of none” simply because we find it difficult sustaining our interest in any subject for too long. We may need to cultivate depth by sticking to and mastering one particular subject from beginning to end. Repetition and consistency may sound like anathema to our free as a breeze souls but is so very necessary for our growth.

Because we tend to skim the surface, we may tend toward superficial, gossipy talk rather than anything too deep and meaningful. With the duality of Gemini we are suited to a couple of interests at any one time, and indeed we may be multi-dexterous. Variety is the spice of life and because we have short attention spans, having more than one job or interest keeps boredom and restlessness at bay. Being able to switch from one to other when we’ve had enough of the first also helps to keep our continuity going in projects that require concentration, energy and discipline.

Mutable-sign people love variety and change. Travel, or at least changing scenery, is particularly attractive to us. We understand that the only constant quality in life is change. Mercurial, quick, intellectual and communicative, we were born with a silver tongue. Words, ideas and plans spill from our mouths and flow from our pens. We are the people who make lists and more lists. We also love to finish off other people’s sentences. We are most interested in gaining and imparting knowledge, no matter how trivial or complex. If we have a piece of news, we pass it on quickly, and in one respect we make a great reporters, but in another we are not great secret-keepers and our friends and family would do well to keep personal information to themselves. We may fall out with family and friends for this very reason. We are on this earth in the capacity of messenger and most of the time we are totally inspirational with our ability to create wonderful and lively conversations, often embellishing and embroidering the truth. But at other times, this can make us annoyingly talkative if we don’t let others get a word in edge ways. We may have a reputation for being notoriously bad listeners too!

Logical, we don’t pay too much attention to feelings, we are strictly interested in facts. We don’t arrive at conclusions by how we feel about something, rather we tally up the figures, match up the facts. Here, there is a tendency to appear superficial, fickle and too changeable for more down-to-earth types. We don’t tend to settle in one place for too long or hitch up with one particular person for any length of time either, other pastures always look much greener. We are attracted to social gatherings, witty people and stimulating environments, but once the party is over they may not hear from us again till the next time. Our detachment and emotional coolness may be our biggest hurdle to overcome in this lifetime, especially in relationships. Learning to put down roots and cultivate permanence is another.

We have a great need to mix and mingle with lots of different people and as a result we enjoy having visitors or visiting other people. And if we can’t be with people physically, the telephone (or the email) is the next best thing. This addictive piece of modern technology is like an extension of our bodies; we think it is the best thing since sliced bread and our ears may be flattened because of it. Certainly, our phone batteries run flat in the course of a day.

When we are in the mood we can be the life and soul of any gathering, and we often have our finger on the pulse of the “in group”. And even if we aren’t part of this group, we will soon create our own crowd. At the very least, our chatty, easy, breezy style brightens up any gathering, and networking and making contacts is a snap with our sparkling nature. We know how to charm and cajole, but sometimes we can be a little insensitive to other people’s feelings. Our wit and sarcasm can be astounding at times and often we are known for our bantering and bickering. We know how to put people in their places with just the right words; sometimes we can be condescending or even patronising. Being fickle and restless by nature, we may discard friends when we are bored with them, and often they may wonder why they haven’t heard from us in ages, especially after we’ve had such a good time. Out of sight, out of mind may be our unconscious motto and we may need to take care that this doesn’t appear standoffishness or snobbish.

Our secret fears are that we don’t know enough, so sometimes we clam up when we are with people who are our intellectual superiors. We would never like to be thought of as stupid or dull. We are highly imitative of others we admire. Often we take on their thoughts and ideas as if they are our own, we seem to absorb information through audio osmosis. We may learn through copying what others do and then we give it our original touch once we have thoroughly absorbed it. By the same token, slowness which appears as stupidity in others may bring our critical tongue to the fore, we are often impatient with people who take forever to get to the point. We may be known for verbally haranguing others too. But by the same token, this gift for language may indicate a bi-lingual tendency. While travelling we pick up phrases and develop accents during our first week. Because we enjoy stories and reading, as children we loved to hear the childhood stories that our parents have stored up. We are likely to ask many questions because we are so inquisitive. Often we keep diaries and journals of conversations, thoughts and ideas – who knows one day we might need it for that book we’ve always wanted to write.

Our choice in a life partner may be someone who can show us how to take our knowledge to a higher level and who doesn’t in the least mind our flitting, flirting and fly-by night friends. We enjoy the company of philosophical, learned or well-travelled people, and once they have our intellectual attention they are well on the way to capturing our hearts. We respect fine minds and intellectual acumen, even though we are a bundle of contradictions ourselves. We enjoy freedom to express the many sides of our personalities.

Brothers and sisters may play an important part in our lives too, and often there is one in particular who fulfills the role of the missing twin we are forever searching for. If we don’t have siblings, this will be just as big an issue than if we do and often we will choose a best mate or partner who fulfills the role. On this basis, we are capable of having purely platonic relationships with both men and women.

Physically we are likely to tend toward leanness and we have a wiry, taut look. We may have hazel eyes. And, just like Peter Pan, we are still youthful in our later years. Health wise, we can, at times, be highly strung and nervous, and if the mental stress becomes too great, we are prone to hysterics and verbal outbursts. When we are agitated we may gesticulate wildly, swing our legs, click our pens or twirl our hair. Hands, arms, shoulders, lungs and the respiratory system are our vulnerable areas.

(c) Tracey Rizvi, 2006

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