Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sun Signs - Sagittarius

23 November to 22 December

Ruler: Jupiter
Mutable-Fire Sign

When we have Sagittarius strong (i.e. Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Ascendant in Sagittarius), we are jovial, witty, sociable, expansive, knowledgeable and, more often than not, widely-travelled and worldly-wise. Experience is the name of the game and if we’re not playing we’re miserable and cranky, we rear up on our hind legs and get on our high horse. We exist for the moment, never make plans, and are optimists who can always see the sunny side of life, no matter how dark our troubles. We are fun people to be around for more often than not we are the class clown, the wise-cracker. We are incredibly popular and well-liked. Our friends can overlook our less than desirable qualities – tactlessness, unreliability - in an instant when we flash our smile and turn on the humour; we get away with things other signs would not.

Because of our zest for life, we have a wide variety of interests that makes for great conversation. We are terrific yarn-spinners as we embellish, exaggerate and embroider the actual truth of our experiences. We are the only sign that can go to the corner shop for a pint of milk and return home as if we’ve been on an expedition to another country. We are natural teachers too and if there’s a moral to be imparted or a new twist to an old story, we’ll slip that in as part of our epic tale. We have an exaggerated view because we can see the wider picture, the endless vista, the multitude of possibilities that exist. Life is a blank canvass just waiting to be filled in. We are the painters of broad strokes.

Philosophy, religion and a curiosity in the natural and man-made laws are the hallmarks of our outer style of expression. We live by an invisible code of ethics and strong moral principles, whatever our path. And even if we don’t believe in God or heaven and hell, we will have our own unique theories about the workings of universe. We may come from a moralistic background, a Sunday-school education or we may have parents who have two religious beliefs. We are the people who know the meaning of “east meets west”, even if it’s not in exactly these regions of the world. We may have travelled or moved around at a very young age, giving us our first taste of the larger world. We may have a strange mix-and-match belief system that fits together nicely from where we stand, we simply bend the rules to fit the occasion. We know all about gurus and guides, mentors and teachers but generally we prefer to be our own leader. And even if we discard earlier influences in favour of the new belief systems we encounter on our life path, each of these teachings leave their indelible mark on our personality. We may secretly believe in guardian angels, karma, dharma or destiny whatever our beliefs, because Jupiter, the lucky planet, is our ruler. We are karma charmers, we tempt fate, and we are often rescued in the nick of time when we are close to the edge. We meet just the right people at just the right time. There are signposts all along our life route to point us in the right direction and usually these signs offer more than one destiny. And if one path isn’t right we’ll put it down to experience and simply head in another direction. We live and we learn. Our life may be a magical, mystery tour, we make feel like Alice in Wonderland, small one moment, big the next; but this is all part of our inherent ability to look further than our current territory for life’s possibilities and probabilities. We can always make bigger, better; there’s always someplace new, someplace better.

Because we are students of life, we are on an eternal quest to gather as much knowledge and experience as we possibly can. Our maxim is that we can never know enough and we are the ones who study harder and travel further. Some of us who have a strong dose of the Earth element seek higher education in the formal sense, perhaps in the legal or justice field, while others travel the seven seas in search of wisdom. Others still gather their knowledge by mixing with a wide variety of people and experiencing an amazing assortment of situations. The term “globe-trotter” was invented solely for those of us who have Sagittarius strong in our charts; after all, the symbol for Sagittarius is half-horse, half man and he is aiming his arrow at the stars. We are cosmopolitan in the true sense of the word and international may be our middle name, jet setter our last.

Sagittarius is a Mutable sign indicating fluidity of nature; therefore, change is the most obvious constant in our lives. Other people might become infuriated with our revolving door type of personality, perceiving our change-ability as impressionability, fickleness or superficiality. And because we are so receptive to what is going on in the outer world, we pick up on trends and fads so quickly we are always changing our style, our belief, our country or our circle of friends as often as we change our socks. We must be “in-the-know” and if everyone else can’t keep up then that’s their problem. And because we are so restless and free we often promise things on the spur of the moment (with all good intentions mind you) and forget about it in the next. We are not particularly reliable, we are often late. The line “something happened on the way to the office” was probably coined by a Sagittarian type and chances are what he says really did happen, well, in an exaggerated fashion. Although if we are true centaurs, we’re unlikely to be found working in such a cooped up environment as an office, such is our love for freedom and the great outdoors. And because horses are meant to run free, with the wind in their mane, one half of our type is sporting mad while the other half needs to frequently touch base with nature, to get away from the maddening crowd.

Because we are concerned with truth, we are frank and outspoken and we sometimes speak before we have had time to consider the impact of what we are saying on others. Others may regard us blunt and forthright and as children we were the ones who answered back and questioned the lawmakers and authority. We were often labelled “know-it-alls”. We were the unruly ones who disrupted the class.

We enjoy hot spicy food from a wide range of countries (and restaurants), especially from the countries we have been to or would like to go to. We usually have favourite cafes and coffee houses where we can observe the passing scenery. We are adventurous not only in our worldly experiences but in our culinary tastes and we probably love food we can eat au-naturel – with our fingers. The great bbq is also one of our favourites, especially if there’s plenty of scenery to accompany it. Cooking on a campfire really appeals to our sense of adventure too. And this brings us to Jupiter’s tendency to do too much of a good thing. Remember that other well-known phrase “eats like a horse”, well, guess who that was written about? Yes, we are the people most likely to overeat and drink too much, we need double the weekly food, and drink, shopping than everyone else – we simply love it and often our friends will stash their goodies when we’re on our way round. As a result of our no. 1 hobby, we may be prone to putting on weight around our hips and thighs, especially in our middle and later years, though we usually start out life like a thoroughbred, mean and lean. Our liver is also a sensitive spot and we need to curb excesses if we are to minimise the chance of damage to this area.

Physically we are medium to tall stature with a long, open face that looks as if the breeze is blowing across it. Our nose tends to be long and strong and our flaring nostrils may give us a “horsy” look. We often toss our hair around just like a horse too.

(c) Tracey Rizvi, 2006

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