Monday, February 13, 2006

Sun Signs - Libra

23 September to 24 October

Ruler: Venus
Cardinal-Air Sign

When we have Libra strongly emphasised in our charts (i.e. Sun, Moon, Venus or Ascendant), our approach to life is fair and balanced. We are cool, detached, paradoxical and diplomatic. We are team players and net-workers. We are concerned with justice and equality, and we always take the opposite view into account. Because we have a contradictory though complementary nature, we can be compliant yet aggressive, cooperative yet argumentative.

Harmony, balance and peace are important to our well-being and play a large part in our life journey. This is especially so when we have experienced turbulent childhoods, witnessed intense situations, or have been placed in the role of mediator between parents and siblings, bosses and co-workers, children and partners, partners and friends. Our journey through life is not particularly smooth, and it usually has a lot to do with relationships, but our ultimate aim is to establish peace. We are sharing and caring, courteous and conscious. We smooth the wrinkles, weigh up the situation. We desperately want people to get on together and we will use everything in our power to match-make, referee or establish social harmony. We cannot stand it when our favourite people fall out with each other. We cannot stand cold silence, violent atmospheres, brooding resentment, so we learn how to bring people together, to diffuse tense situations. And because we are often piggy-in-the-middle, our experiences qualify us to be universal diplomats, whether for our country, our clan or our company. We are THE Public Relations experts. We are the receptionists, the coordinators, the counselors and the ambassadors. We know how to please, cajole, charm, persuade, manipulate, flirt with and attend to others. And because Libra is the relationship sign, our life is often spent searching for our complementary half or doing things in doubles and couples. We feel safer in a unit, we feel funny alone. Something is missing if we row the boat solo, and we need an arm to link with, a shoulder to cry on. In short, we need others.

We may have a well-developed ability to look at things from all sides of the coin but this can lead to chronic indecision too. Sometimes we are too even-handed and may need to learn to be more assertive, to make definite decisions AND stand by them! People may accuse us of sitting on the fence otherwise. We may spend so long making up our minds that opportunities and chances pass us by and the decision is taken out of our hands. We may spend too much time weighing up the pros and cons, the good and the bad points. We Libran folk can sometimes be a little lazy and hazy when it comes to acting decisively, unless it’s all out war against injustice and then the world had better watch out because we can be very tough when the situation calls for it. Because Aries is the sign on our relationships house, when others become demanding, self-centred or pushy, we have to stand up for ourselves in no uncertain terms. We are unsuspectingly strong and courageous, defensive and defiant. We cannot abide imbalance, too much giving and not enough taking. We always strive to integrate opposites and we always need constant reassurance.

With Venus ruling our outer personality and physical appearance, we take great pleasure in clothes, accessories, makeup and adornments. We like luxury and the feel of rich materials and fabrics. We are sensuous in the sense that things must be appealing to the eye, easy on the ear, pleasant on the nose, delicate to the touch. Colour and coordination has a great impact on us, even if we are not concerned outwardly, and we take great pains to dress ourselves well, enhance our environments and cultivate manners because of this sensitivity. We may start out in life doubting our attractiveness but soon we bloom and glow. Often we cultivate an inner beauty that is indefinable.

Like our sister-sign Virgo, we tend to dislike bad hygiene or ugliness, but warm to beauty and softness. We are sticklers for detail and are fussy to say the least. Art and music, conversation and camaraderie top the list of things that calm us down and make us feel better about the world. We dislike vulgarity and violence, but at times we can be strangely caught up in it, for how else would we learn our balancing act. Our approach to life is fair and level, taking into consideration the thoughts and feelings of others.

We are probably good looking, having fine, sculptured features. We certainly have class and style. However, in later years we may be inclined to put on weight, especially if we have overindulged in those sweet, gooey, delicious foods that we love. The kidneys are Libra’s vulnerable body areas.

(c) Tracey Rizvi, 2006

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