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Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio
From October 2005 to November 2006

Synchronous Swimming Event:
Jupiter square Neptune
January, March and September 2006

On October 26th (NZT) Jupiter, the largest and most gaseous planet in our solar system transited out of Libra and into Scorpio. Often known for its positive qualities of bestowing good luck, great fortune, travel, learning experiences, and growth on whoever is experiencing its effects, we look forward to Jupiter transits with relish. However, what needs to be kept in mind is that it is the self-sown seeds that are most likely to sprout now and that without a good dose of Saturn’s realism, we would be less in a position to benefit from Jupiter’s magnificent presence; yes, we might be showered by wonderful gifts but what are our coping mechanisms and strategies? Can we keep everything in perspective? Can we contain the growth to manageable levels?

Jupiter takes 12 years to travel around the Sun so given there are 12 signs, Jupiter will spend approximately one year travelling through an individual sign. Each year, the celestial wheel turns, and for 12 months one sun-sign gets to be an honorary Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules. For most of 2006, Scorpio people are slowly but surely given tickets to the fair and get to ride the ferris wheel of life. October marked the commencement of a fresh 12-year cycle for Scorpio folk and by casting your mind back 12 years you might be able to paint a better picture of what will take place now. What began back then that has woven a thread through these years? What parallel experiences can you spot? Having Jupiter transit through your sign means you are given the opportunity to survey the land from a much higher vantage point than you normally would, for Jupiter describes the sweeping vistas and the wider panoramas of our lives.

WHO DOES THIS AFFECT? The effects of any planet in a sign generally influences everyone at the same time because the energy describes the current state of play of the world at any given period; however, those people such as Scorpio sun-signs (born late October and November) will experience Jupiter travelling over their Sun at some point within the above time frame (the earlier you are born in Scorpio, the earlier you will experience Jupiter). Then there is another level of astrology that goes much deeper than column astrology. We all know our sun-signs, but how many of us know that all the other planets are present within our makeup too and that you might not necessarily have to be a Scorpio Sun to enjoy the feeling of altitude that Jupiter brings. But, to determine this, you need to know of an astrologer and hopefully have an accurate birth-time. Failing locating an astrologer in a hurry, you can access a good website like to find out if you have qualifying planets that occupied Scorpio at the time of your birth.

No time, or it’s too complicated? Here’s a very rough way of discovering if at least one other planet, no other than Jupiter itself, was there when you were born. It figures that if Jupiter takes 12 years to go right around the Sun and back that if it is in Scorpio this year, by counting back in 12-year intervals you will almost certainly discover that you do indeed have Jupiter in Scorpio. People born approximately (remembering planets do not observe a strict man-made calendar) during 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934, 1922 and a little bit each side of these years will be experiencing what astrologers call their Jupiter Return. The ride then can be even more breathtaking in more ways than one because a whole new 12-year cycle is closing and beginning.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN: In October 2005, Jupiter transited into Scorpio to take up tenancy until late November 2006. Jupiter is travelling through Pluto’s sign and Pluto is travelling through Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius) making what astrologers call a Mutual Reception. This strengthens the influence of both transits and especially underlines what Pluto is all about - having been in Sagittarius since 1996 - shaping, developing and instigating whatever is taking place now – life does not happen suddenly and world issues have been brewing consciously for the past ten years, obviously a lot longer unconsciously. To understand the significance of the concept of Mutual Reception, think of two countries agreeing to terms they have negotiated that are both satisfactory and of advantage to each country, they then form an alliance pledging to back each other and give support. There may fewer border controls because of agreement, making the flow of trade and travel much easier than relations between tense neighbours. Jupiter and Pluto remain steadfast in their pact and while Jupiter is in Fixed Scorpio and means that we are currently sticking to our guns and artillery no matter what, Pluto in Mutable Sagittarius decrees that life is an ever-changing process during which we must vary our thinking, alter our beliefs, expand our mindsets, and redefine our world-view.

As 2006 gathers pace, the current world headlines are very much about religious hatred and racial bigotry from all quarters of the globe, along with the inability to tolerate, accept or live alongside each other. Since October we have seen the ugly side of this transit manifesting in the hate that is crystallising on the actual streets we live in. Pluto in Sagittarius is a sure sign that the self-destructive tendencies of belief systems that are taking place now are actually issues of power and control (whose God or Prophet is bigger and better than all the others) rather than that of God’s will, and that because of the unconscious motivation behind current issues will turn in on itself leading to a total breakdown and then resurrection of beliefs by the time Pluto transits into conservative Capricorn in 2008. A new order will be in place by then with a radically different set of universal guidelines that will be enforced by God and nature. In the meantime, we must pass through this stormy phase before fear and loathing subsides enough that we can once again be objective and tolerant.

Let’s get personal: Along side the ferris wheel image, there’s a parallel symbology of Jupiter in Scorpio, a Water sign, that is like a huge plug at the bottom of the sea. There’s a thick chain attached to the stopper and now that it’s been discovered as Jupiter weaves its way through the months, we are gradually prising open the trapdoor with as much power as we can muster. What lies beyond the trap-door? We can hardly discover treasure if we avoid looking for it so we will be attracted to discovering what lies further down. As this process grips us with a ferocious intensity - another Scorpio trait - the slush, gunk, flotsam and jetsam that weighs the door down, that has taken years to settle and build up, is disturbed, polluting the water and making it extremely difficult to exist comfortably. Scorpio, being the sign of regeneration, means we first have to cleanse ourselves of the toxic waste before we can discover anything. It gets stirred up so much that we have to get rid of it somehow.

Jupiter in this fathomless sign is all about dipping into the inner well of emotional and imaginative resources. It’s of divining the vast store of knowledge that has built up over the years and of being able reclaim the precious pearls that are borne from our unique experiences and encounters over the course of our lifetime – of course the older we are the more knowledge that is stored. But even so, we can update the files, flinging out what is passed its use-by-date or, in the case of younger generations, learn from what has gone before.

Scorpio is said to be “deep”, while Jupiter expands the qualities of the sign it is transiting, emphasising all the relevant experiences that arise out of this great reservoir of energy. It will magnify what Scorpio means in our personal charts since we all have this sign somewhere. So, what does “deep” and “mysterious” (another keyword for Scorpio) actually mean? Take being a writer for instance, once upon a time in some place we now forget, we heard or read a phrase. Thinking that it was very clever, that whoever uttered it must be witty and intelligent, we recorded that phrase on our inner template. The phrase resonated with that part of us that was receptive to its intent or meaning, the phrase kind of summed up what we were thinking, feeling, doing at that time. We recorded it but never really used it because it disappeared down this plug-hole and we forgot its significance. But where did that clever piece of writing, witticism or work disappear to? Come to think of it where does all that stuff that we’ve ever read, heard, been impressed by, experienced or seen disappear to? Could it be that Jupiter in Scorpio opens up a deep, damp well of knowledge and that we are given access to it during its 12-month tenure in this sign? The exploration of this would be a very positive use of Jupiterian energy.

Scorpio is all about the unplumbed depths of our inner selves, while Jupiter is looking at life through a magnification glass. Look hard enough and open oneself from the bottom up and you should be able to tap into your inner resources bringing them to the surface for use in your daily living. Suddenly that phrase comes to mind, that action becomes a habit, or we see in our mind’s eye a vision of an insightful thought, long after we had forgotten where we experienced it. After all, Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, we have to dig deep to shift the roots to make way for knowledge. Suddenly, after a lot of rehashing, the regeneration happens when the right time and place arises to use it. It’s fresh, it’s original, we thought of it! In this respect, there really is no originality, there is no one thought, feeling or experience that someone, somewhere, sometime hasn’t experienced. We are all part of the mystery that is Scorpio. Let Jupiter in Scorpio bring about an epiphany that gurgles up and completely swamps us so that regeneration can take place. When this occurs, only then can we be passionate about life, have something to live and die for, make our life an experience that we will take with us proudly. Only then will feeling return. Let’s make that experience a great one says Scorpio. Enjoy the surge of power, purpose and passion that makes a great life no matter how big or small the achievement.

Despite the tension in our shoulders, the weakness of our limbs and heaviness of our hearts, we must cling to the sense of hope, as we open the lid of Pandora’s Box that an adventure is at hand, that good times are just around the corner. Jupiter is the planet that opens our eyes, helps us grow, desires experience and welcomes being taught or teaching others. It’s about being mutually receptive to others.

JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE – January, March and September 2006: As planets transit they make certain angles to other planets that creates an effect. This is called an aspect. Some aspects are soft and easy, while others are hard and difficult. It’s the difficult aspects that promote the most growth. During January, March and September Jupiter will square Neptune producing a very vague sense that all is not quite what it seems. It will square Saturn again in June, the first square being in December 2005. September will be a particularly significant month because Saturn will also oppose murky, nebulous Neptune creating a polarisation between having our structures undermined while ourselves being too structured to dream and allow imagination and creativity to heal ourselves and then society.

Jupiter with Neptune can be quite a tricky combination because we can be seduced by the glamour, the fun, the free ride, the lucky stroke, the charming newcomer, the great deal or the too-good-to-turn down/or be-true offer. Yes, Jupiter does offer all that and much more, because he IS the planet of opportunity, but he is also the teacher, mentor and guide. He is the jovial benefactor who can be deadly serious when it comes to getting an education, earning our keep, seeing the world, debating the point or gaining wisdom. He likes us to stretch intellectually, spiritually and physically. He will withhold whatever he is “benefacting” if he feels we’re avoiding the inner depths and allowing ourselves to stagnate. We are here to learn the truth about ourselves whether we like it or not. As with the ride on the ferris wheel, Jupiter transits are as much for viewing the layout of our life as they are enjoying the fun and laughter which can quickly turn to tears if we have avoided all responsibility. We can quickly become victims as a result of our own inertia or complacency. As a result, some of us can end up with altitude sickness or agoraphobia as we reach the top of the wheel, since Jupiter’s effects can greatly expand the fears, insecurities, anxieties or inhibitions that we’ve managed to keep in check (see the Saturn Return article for more on that). Suddenly, the laughter turns to terror and we can go weak at the knees as we realise we’ve bitten off more than we can chew or turned a blind eye too often. Our knuckles can turn white as we grip the safety rails, which suddenly seem ridiculously ineffective given how far we have to fall!

Remembering that Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, it doesn’t always follow that only the biggest, the best and the most beautiful will come our way during this 12-month stint in life’s university. Some of us may have eaten too large a lunch before climbing aboard the wheel and with Jupiter’s side effect being too much of a good thing is bad for you we soon discover where we have over-indulged on life’s gourmet fares. Too much of anything - in this instance associated with Neptune and Scorpio because that’s the town the fair is visiting – sex, drugs, gambling, financial problems, or even game playing and control – can be thrown back at us when the updraft makes the seat sway and rock. We want to shut our eyes for the rest of ride, which now seems to be taking forever. There is no such thing as a free ride, we have to travel on the wheel of life as lightly and as calmly, as ethically and as “educatedly” as we can, we have to earn the smooth ride and expanded viewpoint, it doesn’t come as an add-on or extra – on the wheel, we can feel so afraid, weak or sick that we barely even notice what’s out there, the possibilities or promises.

When Jupiter squares Neptune (January, March and September) and Saturn in June we will experience a strange, quite spooky, effect that is known as reflection. Just like one of those shaving mirrors that have two sides – one side revealing how we like to think we look and then the side that magnifies our open pores, wrinkles, pimples, crooked teeth and hairy top lip - we will encounter people, situations and experiences that reveal our supposedly ugly side and not just in a physical sense. Before we turn the mirror back to normal view, or push those people and situations away in order to avoid what we always suspected, take a good look and learn to love those shadowy flaws. That way, you can avoid having to learn over and over through other people who possess exactly what we dislike about ourselves and attract only the people who are good for us, who support without claiming our power, who open up in a truthful way without conditions.

If Jupiter is a measure for growth on the celestial wheel and Scorpio represents the depths within, or the passion we imbue into our activities, relationships, careers, or the ability to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes to the top of the wheel or to plunder the depths of despair like Persephone, then we might want to examine which side of the up/down we are on. Whatever lies in either direction – bottom or top - is going to be amplified, expanded and exaggerated. If we’ve cultivated, nurtured and harnessed our power over the years then we’re likely to discover that the strength of our convictions, the power of our character and the force of our confidence is genuine and, best of all, sustainable. It will now come naturally, there’s little need to defend or define ourselves to others, least of all to ourselves. But we will jealously guard against intrusion, being undermined or knocked back. Our strength simply emanates from us like the warm and welcome glow of the lighthouse on a stormy, shipwrecking kind of night. There’s little need to steal or smuggle what we need from others like pirates or highwaymen, it’s provided within the two-way, respectful exchange that healthy relationships are based upon. We can leave self-sabotaging terror tactics in the past or at the entrance to the halls of our power, we can embrace success, welcome love, give up harmful habits, support the emotionally needy without taking on their problems, because our well is full, our path is clear, unfettered by guilt, jealousy, resentment, bitterness. This then means we are in a beautiful position to cultivate, nurture and help others to harness their own power without taking it from them.

If we find ourselves suspended on one side of the wheel or the other, neither up nor down, neither too high nor too low, but safely poised like a tightrope walker with his arms out, then at certain points during this transit, like January, March, June and September, we will eventually realise that this is the most precarious position. The graceful stillness of the great wheel, as it patiently holds us, represents our indecision, our fickleness, our fear of failure, our avoidance of commitment, and our lack of faith or belief in anything, or our grip on security. One day we wake up and realize that the all powerful circle of life has degenerated into the treadmill, the rat race, that we have lost touch with our inner treasures and that we’ve allowed ourselves to be robbed by the pirates who lay claim to our soul. We realize, as Jupiter squares Neptune in January, March and September, that we’ve been quietly, subtly seduced by the material offerings of the greedy or the controlling. The wheel has snatched back the power that we reject, ignore or turn a blind eye to. It can throw us high or fling us low. We might want to question our lack of motivation, direction or ambition before we get to this point because riding the wheel with perfectly balanced symmetry means that we are the least likeliest to grow in the character-building sense and the most likeliest to get thrown off balance in the slightest gust. We are not pushing ourselves to delve, dip and discover the mysteries of our emotional life. Without passion to fuel our dreams and desires, we are at loss in the spiritual sense. Tapping into our deep well of inner philosophical wealth without having to watch what others are doing, competing with them, comparing ourselves to them, or blaming them for our own misfortunes, and of watching what we do with our financial and emotional resources is vital around the middle of this transit because what we do, feel, think, invest in or instigate in the first half of the year will determine how the second half of the transit (from the point that Jupiter turns direct on July 7th to November 25th) will pan out. Other people, with their assets, their feelings, their knowledge, their financial reserves or their emotional support or lack of, are the agents of change as our energetic being clashes, collides, colludes, collaborates and compromises with theirs.

Life and death is an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly process of pushing against the forces of nature from the time we are born to the time we die. All along the way there are little deaths, endings and beginnings as ever so slowly our vitality mellows, softens and finally turns inward until, in the end, the physical body breaks down, the spirit is released and we rise once again from the mystery that our personal beliefs dictate we will return to.

© Tracey Rizvi, February 2006

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Gina said...

What an inspiring article, Tracey! I love the analogies with the ferris wheel, the plug-hole and the shaving mirror – all so original, and so apt.

I, too, have been stirred recently by the uncovering of buried knowledge from long ago, which is so descriptive of Jupiter in Scorpio. It’s both exciting and somewhat unnerving, to fossick around the depths of the ocean, tugging at the plughole while trying to avoid being sucked down to an uncontrollable oblivion.

As you infer, this is where we need to put things into perspective. And Jupiter squaring Neptune refers to a different kind of perspective, doesn’t it. Perhaps a distorted one – like the reverse side of that mirror. Still, blemishes are, if nothing else, part of what makes each and every one of us unique.

You have woven some insightful images on how best to approach these messages from the deep.

Thank you for bringing to the surface and sharing with us these pearls.